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What is best for art?
What is best for those who want to enjoy
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13/09/2010 14:43
Artglass™ offers the purest
art viewing experience
Art is light. The more light that passes through glass, the more art you see.
Artglass has the highest art-to-eye ratio™.
Here is why Artglass delivers 100% Art:
Artglass™ is optically pure
Artglass offers the most neutral and uniform reflected
color available ensuring maximum enjoyment of
the artwork behind the glass. Our anti-reflective
coating is designed to never disrupt the art-viewing
experience — its optical purity ensures maximum
enjoyment from any viewing angle.
Artglass™ is easy to clean and
If there is dirt or dust on the glass, your artviewing experience is compromised. But when
you clean Artglass, there is no risk of scratching:
our glass will remain pristine even after multiple
cleanings. That is one reason so many framers
choose Artglass: it cleans effortlessly and with no
risk of scratches which diminish viewing pleasure.
Regular anti-reflective glass
Artglass™ by GroGlass®
Artglass™ strikes the perfect balance
in UV Protection
Artglass offers the highest possible UV block
without image distortion. For most applications,
Artglass offers standard protection of 70%, but
for high-value and archival applications, our
92% UV protection still offers a superior viewing
experience. We also offer 100% UV protection
in our laminated products designed to be
shatterproof against splintering or vandalism.
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13/09/2010 14:43
An Artglass™ product for every
situation, for every consumer
Artglass™ UV
Artglass UV uses the Water White substrate and boosts UV protection to 92%.
The coating has a neutral/green color in reflection which ensures there is no color
shift into pinks and reds. It is scratch-resistant and ultra-cleanable. It is an ideal glass
to preserve your treasured family photos or artwork that might fade under harmful
UV radiation.
Artglass™ Water White
This premium-quality glass uses a Water White substrate and a multi-layer coating
that results in minimal reflection. Artglass Water White’s reflection color is neutral/
green and stable under low viewing angles. It is scratch resistant, and ultra-cleanable.
When you want to bring out all the qualities in a piece of art, Artglass Water White
brings you 100% Art.
Artglass™ Clear
Artglass Clear is the workhorse of Artglass products. It is manufactured with unbeatable optical qualities, yet its float glass substrate makes it the most affordable
product offering normal UV protection and a low value of reflection. It is highly
scratch resistant and can be effortlessly cleaned.
Artglass™ Protect
When protection of artwork or an important document is the priority above all else,
Artglass Protect fits the bill. This laminated product is shatter-resistant and blocks
UV at the highest levels. Artglass Protect is ideal for priceless heirloom photos or
rare documents. Artglass Protect guarantees the unparalleled optical quality and the
peace of mind knowing your valuable artwork is thoroughly protected.
Glass specifications
Artglass™ Water White
Artglass™ Clear
up to 99%
Artglass™ UV
Artglass™ Protect
*CRI - Color Rendering Index
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13/09/2010 14:43
Who is behind the glass?
Artglass is manufactured by GroGlass, which also makes glass for architectural, display, and photovoltaic
applications. In addition to loving art, we have 45 years experience in the aerospace sector.
Visit www.groglass.com for more information.
The Artglass advantage
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Most neutral reflected color
Truest transmission of color
Minimal reflection (~0,6%) and maximal transmission (~99%)
A variety of UV protection – 60%, 70%, 92%, and 100%
Easy to handle, cut, and clean
13/09/2010 14:43