What is the United Way Emerging Leaders program?

What is the United Way Emerging Leaders program?
United Way Emerging Leaders is a group of early to mid-career professionals that are committed to making a
difference in our community. Members come together to connect with other peers and leaders in the community,
build leadership skills, and learn about the issues in our community and how to make an impact. As an Emerging
Leader, you grow both personally and professionally as you discover your philanthropic passions. United Way
Emerging Leaders contribute a minimum of $500 to become a member.
What are the benefits of becoming a United Way Emerging Leader?
As a member of United Way Emerging Leaders, you have the opportunity to build leadership skills, network and
discover where your passions lie through:
Invitations to educational and networking events – connecting you to peers and other leaders within the
Opportunities to volunteer with peers from across the Twin Cities at various non-profit agencies
Leadership development trainings/forums
Committee work opportunities
Monthly communications that share community information, United Way poverty solutions, upcoming
events, and more
How has United Way’s Emerging Leaders’ program been enhanced?
United Way worked with Emerging Leader volunteers to determine what benefits are really important to
professionals in their early to mid-careers. As a result, we refined the definition of who an ‘Emerging
Leader’ is and are working to develop events, communications, and leadership skill building engagements
to meet their needs.
We have implemented a $500 minimum giving level so that Emerging Leaders can truly commit to their
community work, and help tangibly inspire other millennials to join them.
United Way Emerging Leaders is now an opt-in membership, or Giving Community. Members need to
indicate each year that they want to be a member (previously members signed up once and then stayed
on the list continually).
Why did United Way make the changes to the Emerging Leaders’ program?
United Way Emerging Leaders was launched in 2001. Since then, the needs of Millennials have changed, and many
people signed up to be an Emerging Leader over the years that don’t necessarily fit the profile of an Emerging
Leader. The Emerging Leaders’ committee members and volunteers wanted to put more meaning and value
behind the membership, creating THE Emerging Leaders group in the Twin Cities region.
Why should your company hold a United Way Emerging Leader campaign?
By 2015, Millennials will outnumber the Boomers in the workplace. Companies have been asking for help around
developing strategies to engage their Millennial employees in philanthropy. By holding an Emerging Leaders
campaign within your United Way campaign, you support corporate goals as you help invite Millennial staff to:
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Engage deeper in our community year-round
Build leadership skills to improve the work they do
Offer opportunities to network with peers and other leaders in the Twin Cities region
Build your company’s reputation as your staff are networking and making a difference in our community
Why United Way?
Giving to United Way is the most effective way to make the biggest impact on our region’s most pressing
poverty issues. United Way:
o Mobilizes the community to create systemic change through our focus on basic needs, education
and health.
o Convenes partner agencies, corporations, community leaders and public policy makers like no
other organization can on its own
o Enforces rigorous review and outcome-based evaluations of programs – ensuring that you are
making a quality investment
o Proves the results of our work through our annual Scorecard that tracks our progress on 10
community goals
United Way is the largest non-governmental health and human service funder in the Twin Cities region—
raising more than $87 million annually. When you give to United Way, your gift goes further.
Your gift goes further. Our administrative cost of 12 percent is far below the Charity Navigator standard,
thus helping us earn our 4-star rating.
Although the Twin Cities is the 14 largest market, Greater Twin Cities United Way is the 2 largest
United Way in the country.
What if someone fits the Emerging Leader profile, but isn’t ready to donate at the $500 level?
United Way’s goal is to engage Millennials and help them move into leadership giving. If a person is not ready to
donate at the $500 minimum, they can opt-in to receive the Emerging Leaders newsletter and invites to volunteer
activities and other events that help them understand the value of continuing to build their contribution to
philanthropy as they prepare to become an Emerging Leader member.
What if an Emerging Leader donates at the $1000 level?
Once a donor contributes $1000 or more, they are automatically recognized as a Leadership Giver. They can still
choose to be an Emerging Leader in addition to the Leadership Giving recognition. People need to sign up to be an
Emerging Leader annually. They are invited to remain an Emerging Leader for as long as they are benefiting from
their Emerging Leaders membership.
What if an Emerging Leader wants to join an additional Giving Community?
United Way has three other Giving Community options – Women’s Leadership Council (with a focus on early
education), WINGs (Women Investing in the Next Generation – with a focus on financial stability for women and
their families), and Arise Project (with a focus on homeless youth in the LGBT community). An Emerging Leader is
welcome to join other Giving Communities but will need to donate at the minimum giving levels for each Giving
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