What is QEC? • Qualified Electronic Certificate

Qualified Electronic Certificate
What is QEC?
Which information is found in QEC?
• Electronic signature created based on
a QEC is “secure electronic signature”.
According to the Electronic Signature
Law no 5070 “secure electronic
signature shall have the same legal
effect with that of handwritten
• Indication about being a Qualified Electronic Certificate,
• Identification information of the certificate holder,
• Information of the ECSP issuing the certificate,
• Signature verification data,
• Validity period and serial number of the certificate,
• Electronic signature of the ECSP that verifies the information
• QEC helps determining a person’s
identity on electronic transactions.
With which applications can you use your qualified
electronic certificate and electronic signature?
• Only real persons can have QECs.
• Certificate holder’s identification
information verified by electronic
certificate service provider (ECSP) is
held on QEC.
on the certificate.
• Banking operations and other financial applications,
• Various applications towards and operations of public
• Electronic correspondence and contracts,
• Electronic communications,
• Insurance operations,
• Legal operations,
• Enterprise resource planning applications,
• It is enough to have a QEC in order to be
able to use
e-signature within e-government, e-commerce, and
e-business applications.
Qualified Electronic Certificate
Technical Specifications
• Qualified electronic certificates that are produced by
TURKTRUST are compatible with ITU-TRec. X.509V.3
and the other standards that are specified by the
Communique published by the Information and
Communication Technologies Authority.
• On-line
Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and
Certificate Revocation List (CRL) support.
• On-line certificate revocation and suspension services
are provided continuously for usage security.
• 1 (one), 2(two) and 3(three) year certificate options.
• Qualified electronic certificates of TURKTRUST are
being issued under high information security and
physical security conditions in accordance with the
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
Product Features
• Quick and effective application process.
• Free of charge telephone support for application, installation and
operation phases.
• Application
phases can be followed through TURKTRUST Call
Center or [email protected] e-mail address.
• Product of a reliable, strong and national company.
How to get a TURKTRUST QEC?
• Make an on-line application over the TURKTRUST website at the
address www.turktrust.com.tr.
• Go to a TURKTRUST office or a notary public that is closest to you
for face to face identification operations.
• If you make your application at a TURKTRUST office, leave your
application documents to TURKTRUST registry officers. If you
make your application through a notary public, then send your
application documents to TURKTRUST by post.
• You can reach our Call Center through 444 0 263 or send e-mail to
[email protected] to learn our special procedures applied
to companies or volume purchases.
• TURKTRUST Qualified Electronic Certificate will be delivered to
you on a secure smart card or token according to your preference
along with the card reader hardware and necessary software.
TURKTRUST Information Security Services, Inc.
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Phone : +90 312 439 10 00
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: www.turktrust.com.tr
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e-mail: [email protected]
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TURKTRUST is an Electronic Certificate Service Provider (ECSP) and
R&D company established to provide electronic signature and time
stamping services according to the Turkish Electronic Signature
Law (No. 5070) and to create national technologies in the area of
information security.
As an ECSP authorized by the Information and Communication
Technologies Authority of Turkey, TURKTRUST supplies electronic
signature, qualified electronic certificate and time stamping
services being the leader organization of Turkey since the date of its
Software development, project and integration services are also
provided by TURKTRUST along with the ECSP activities. Additional to
the off-the-shelf products used widespread within Turkey, integrated
information security solutions are also provided by TURKTRUST
through turn-key projects.