Congratulations on taking the first step

Congratulations on taking the first step in combating sex trafficking by registering to undertake a DIY Campaign.
Education and awareness will see an end to this serious crime against humanity, and you are now an active part of this
campaign. Asking for donations can be a daunting task, especially if you have not done it before. However we have made
it easy for you with the PROJECT FUTURES DIY Fundraising Kit.
Before you start we ask that you remember these three key motivating factors that will contribute to a successful event:
1. Have conviction for what you are doing. A firm belief in your actions will see you through any DIY fundraising
2. Support is just a phone call, e-mail or Facebook message away. PROJECT FUTURES started through a social network
of friends who wanted to have fun while making a difference. Get your mates involved and make your event a social
activity – if all else fails the PROJECT FUTURES team are here to support you.
3. Above all, remember the victims and survivors – you are giving them a voice.
PROJECT FUTURES is a not for profit organisation run by a passionate network of socially engaged professionals. Our
aim is to empower and engage our generation in raising awareness and funding to combat sex trafficking globally. We
run innovative events and campaigns with a primary focus on raising awareness about this global problem. Fundraisers,
parties, concerts, video and film campaigns, school and university presentations, and media stunts are just a few examples
of activities that are led by our expanding network.
Where does the money go?
PROJECT FUTURES assists anti-trafficking organisations by identifying projects that are in need of funding and support, and
facilitating sustainable opportunities for victims and survivors of trafficking. We support local and international initiatives.
Current projects we support:
1. Salvation Army’s ‘Survivor Advocacy Program’ – a program that gives survivors a voice and encourages and empowers
them to become part of the solution by advocating and sharing experiences.
2. Salvation Army and PROJECT FUTURES ‘Social Excursions for Trafficked Persons’ – a program that assists survivors
of trafficking in Australia gain confidence, self-esteem and feel socially included by organising social excursions and
outings through our network of volunteers.
3. Childwise ‘National Awareness Campaign against Child Sex Tourism’
1. Somaly Mam Foundation –Founded in 2007 by trafficking survivor, Somaly Mam, the Foundation is dedicated to ending
sex slavery around the world with a results-oriented, three-step approach: Action, Advocacy & Awareness.
2. AFESIP – Founded by Somaly Mam in 1994 and based in Cambodia with centres in Laos and Vietnam, AFESIP provides
centres for rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children forced into the sex industry.
What is sex trafficking?
Sex trafficking is the movement by force or coercion of men, women and children into commercial prostitution. Once in this
environment, these victims are bound by the rules of their captors – they are modern day slaves. Victims of trafficking are
subject to rape, forced abortions, torture, starvation and threats to family members. Victims will at times have very few days
off and be forced to cater to between 10- 25 clients in a day. Contraceptive methods are optional and in many instances
victims do not have a choice of whether protection is used.
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Your Role
PROJECT FUTURES is speaking on behalf of those who don’t have a voice. We believe that each and every person has a
vital role to play in bringing about education and awareness for this issue. We are reaching out to you, as someone who
has a strong voice in their own community to play your role.
Whether you believe your role is to raise funds, awareness or both, we all need to work together to nurture and build a
country of activists which will eventually lead to the downfall of the sex trafficking industry.
The action items below are suggestions. We encourage you to be creative and come up with your own fundraising and
awareness ideas.
Before you get started, you MUST inform PROJECT FUTURES of your activity with the following information.
Your name
Contact number
Email address
Date of activity
Type of activity
Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.
1. Organise a movie night and screen one of the following films:
a) CALL&RESPONSE b) The Jammed c) Taken d) Trade e) Not My Life f) Human Trafficking (Mini-series)
2. Get your friends together and organise a social event. Use your imagination, we have listed a few examples here:
a) Party/club night b) Band night. c) Trivia night d) BBQ e) Lawn bowls f) Sports competition g. Triathlon
3. Educate yourself on the issue by reading the following books:
a) “The Road of Lost Innocence” Somaly Mam b) “Not For Sale” David Batestone c) “Half the Sky” Nicholas Kristof
d) “Disposable People” Kevin Bales
4. Become an advocate for this issue and organise a talk at your school, university, workplace, and church or
community group.
5. Get involved as a part of the PROJECT FUTURES talent pool to help with events and other activities – fill out your
details on our website.
6. Keep up-to-date with us and subscribe to our newsletter on our website.
7. Contribute to the PROJECT FUTURES blog, see the BLOG section on the website for more details.
The next step is to download our online resources available on our website.
These include templates to use, videos to show, our logos, letter of authority and our style and branding guidelines for you
to get started.
Once you have completed your event, please contact us at [email protected]
Charity Fundraising Authority Licence Number CFN/21397
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