Project What it is What is needed St. Andrew’s

What it is
What is needed
St. Andrew’s
Thrift Shop
Sells used clothing and uses the proceeds to
benefit St. Andrew’s outreach and many local
philanthropic organizations.
Clean, gently used clothing appropriate to the
Volunteer time working in the shop.
Kris Jamieson
Jackie Thompson
The Friendly
Luke’s Mission,
KREM (Kearsarge
Community Food
Provides dinner bimonthly for 100-120 homeless
and needy in Concord.
Funding of a pediatrician’s salary for a project to
save infant lives.
A consortium of area churches providing funds
on an ad hoc basis to area needy in crisis
situations when no other assistance is available.
$$ and help preparing and serving food.
Judy Ackroyd
$$ budgeted for Millennium Development Goals
and additional donations
$$, both budgeted and given at ecumenical
services and other events around town during the
Becky Rylander
Provides food to needy in the area via a food
pantry located at the First Baptist Church.
Food, funds, & time. Non-perishable food,
especially peanut butter, tuna fish, and other
protein items. Collection box is located in the hall
by the coat rack or can be delivered directly to the
First Baptist Church.
Also $$--checks made out to KLS Community Food
Panty can be mailed to the First Baptist Church, PO
Box 336, New London, NH 03257.
And volunteer time working in the pantry, etc.
Gail Goddard
A program to honor and support our veterans by
providing toiletries and other items not funded
by the VA.
Provides needed supplies to the nurse at an area
school for distribution to children in need.
$$ and items. A collection basket is on the narthex
Sally Asher
Harvey Best
Items such as small toiletries to be identified from
time to time.
The Men’s Group
More Than
Wendy Sloan
Food Baskets
Collection of seasonal food during November for
distribution—a joint effort with other churches.
Food and $$ when requested in November.
Gail Goddard
Harriet Messer
ChiPs - Toys for
Children of
A collection of toys for incarcerated parents to
give their children for Christmas.
Unwrapped toys collected in October.
The Giving Tree
Our contribution to the LSRVNA’s Community
Christmas Project to provide Christmas gifts to
needy families.
Gifts matched to identified wishes following
instructions provided in Nov.
Judy Wheeler
Prayer Shawl
Provides prayer shawls (knitted, crocheted,
quilted, or woven) to parishioners or community
members for whom we are praying.
Knitting or crocheting. See for sample patterns
and come work with the Craft Group.
Craft Group
Church School
Children and teachers decide which group to
help as need arises.
Theresa Quinn
Souper Bowl
A collection taken up by the youth of St.
Andrew’s on Super Bowl Sunday to benefit the
The Institute provides spiritual, social services,
and professional support to seafarers and river
Becky Rylander
Knitted hats and scarves; clean and gently used
men’s sweaters and jackets; toiletries; playing
cards and paperback books. For patterns and info
see website or Becky, Judy, or Shelly:
Becky Rylander
Judy Ackroyd
The Seamen’s
Church Institute
Pocket Crosses
Pocket-size crosses available in a basket by the
door to the nave in exchange for a free will gift
to benefit LSR Food Bank, KREM, and the
Friendly Kitchen.
Buy a cross or two and/or lend woodworking help.
Harvey Best
Annual Crop
Regional, intergenerational walk around Pleasant
Lake to raise funds for hunger relief. Last Sunday
in September.
Cares for homeless pets
Walk and/or donate $$.
Harriet Messer
Sondra VanderPloeg
Clean discarded linens and towels to use for
bedding for the animals.
Marni Eaton
Community organization that builds houses for
deserving low-income families. Not an official
St. Andrew’s outreach project but one that many
of our parishioners support.
$$ and building skills.
Harvey Best
Lyman Smith
Humane Society
Habitat for