What is PBIS?

What is PBIS?
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
(PBIS) is a systemic approach to proactive,
school-wide discipline based on a Response to
Intervention (RtI) model. PBIS applies
strategies for all students to increase academic
performance, improve safety, decrease problem
behavior, and establish a positive school
culture. Schools implementing PBIS build on
organizing current programming and strategies.
The PBIS model has been successfully
implemented in thousands of schools in over 40
states, resulting in dramatic reductions in
disciplinary interventions and increases in
academic achievement. Data-based decision
making is a hallmark of PBIS, allowing successes
to be easily shared with all relevant
Four Elements of PBIS:
Systems: Policies, procedures, and decisionmaking processes that consider school-wide,
classroom, and individual student systems.
Data: Guide decision-making processes and
measure outcomes.
Practices: Strategies and programs that are
used to enhance student learning outcomes and
teacher instructional approaches.
Outcomes: Academic and behavioral targets
that are measured using the gathered data.
12 Appleton Schools Designated as
Wisconsin PBIS Schools of Merit
5 Appleton Schools Designated as
Wisconsin PBIS Schools of Distinction
The Wisconsin RtI Center has been recognizing schools for their
implementation of the Wisconsin RtI framework in behavior (PBIS)
for three years and academics (reading and mathematics) for two
years. Two levels of recognition are awarded based on demonstration
of elements of the RtI framework and sustained implementation for
either academics or behavior (PBIS); Schools of Merit implement
elements of the Wisconsin RtI frameworks with integrity. Schools
of Distinction sustain these elements for at least two years and
begin to demonstrate student-level outcomes.
The following 12 schools are being recognized as Wisconsin PBIS
Schools of Merit for the 2013-14 school year:
Columbus Elementary & Appleton Bilingual School
Einstein Middle School
Ferber Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Highlands Elementary & Odyssey
Houdini Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary School
Johnston Elementary School
Richmond Elementary School
Roosevelt Middle School
West High School
Wilson Middle School
The following 5 schools are being recognized as Wisconsin PBIS
Schools of Distinction for the 2013-14 school year:
Badger Elementary School
Foster Elementary Charter School
Horizons Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
McKinley Elementary School
We also received information that Highlands/Odyssey was
ONE of SEVENTEEN schools in the entire state to receive
the Wisconsin RtI Centers Recognition for School of Merit
Academically in the area of Reading!
Gary L. Mulry,
AASD Positive Behavioral Support Specialist and PBIS External Coach
920-997-1399 ext. 4329