Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is bizSAFE
bizSAFE is a 5-step programme tailored to assist companies build up their workplace safety and
health capabilities.
bizSAFE Level 1: To start the process, the top management of a company will attend a half-day
bizSAFE workshop for CEO/Top Management conducted by a bizSAFE Service Provider.
bizSAFE Level 2: The company will nominate a Risk Management (RM) Champion to attend a 2-day
bizSAFE Level 2 RM course. At the end of the course, the RM Champion must chart out the RM
Implementation Plan for the company.
bizSAFE Level 3: Requires the company to fully implement the RM Plan as developed in Level 2, and
the plan be successfully audited by an independent MOM-approved WSH Auditor, in compliance to
WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2006.
bizSAFE Level 4: The company must appoint a Workplace Safety and Health Management System
(WSHMS) Champion to attend a 4-day bizSAFE Level 4 WSHMS course. The WSHMS Champion will
then develop a WSHMS plan for the company.
bizSAFE STAR: To achieve bizSAFE STAR, the company must implement the WSHMS plan and engage
an independent Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) accredited auditor to certify that your
WSHMS meets the SS506 standard or equivalent.
2. How can my company participate in bizSAFE?
For bizSAFE Levels 1, 2 and 4, visit (under the ‘bizSAFE ‘Community’ tab) to
identify any one of the bizSAFE Service Providers which offer the relevant training courses that suit
your convenience. They will also guide you on the bizSAFE application process after completion of
the courses.
For bizSAFE Level 3, visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website at for a list of
MOM-approved WSH auditors and identify any of them to audit your RM Implementation.
For bizSAFE Level 5, engage any of the SAC-accredited certification body to audit your WSHMS.
After obtaining the relevant Certificates of Attendance (from the bizSAFE Service Providers) or Audit
Reports, apply for the relevant bizSAFE certificates as issued by the Workplace Safety and Health
Council (WSHC), via the online portal at (under the ‘How to Apply’ tab)
As an Enterprise:
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are highly encouraged to participate in bizSAFE. Your
enterprise will not only benefit by acquiring WSH capabilities but also be able to implement RM or
WSHMS at your workplace to better manage workplace safety.
As a Partner:
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bizSAFE Partners should have a sizeable pool of contractors or other vendors which do not yet have
WSH capabilities and can benefit from the bizSAFE programme. bizSAFE Partners therefore support
the programme by providing business advantages to influence or motivate this pool of contractors
and vendors, typically SMEs, to join the programme and improve their WSH capabilities. bizSAFE
Partners will typically have implemented a robust WSHMS such as SS506 or equivalent.
As a Mentor
bizSAFE Mentors are invited by the WSH Council. bizSAFE Mentors are companies that have
excellent WSH performance and records. They have WSH as an integral part of their business
modelthat benefits the wider community. They also actively work with the WSH Councilin promoting
the WSH agenda on various industrial and national platforms.
As a bizSAFE Service Provider
This refers to a company or organization that provides bizSAFE workshops, training and consultancy
directly to participating bizSAFE companies under the programme.
3. Is there any fee to participate in bizSAFE?
As bizSAFE is a recognition programme, there is no joining fee. Training fees and audit fees charged
directly by the bizSAFE Service Providers applies. It is prudent for applicants to verify training costs
and audit fees with the bizSAFE Service Provider prior to engaging their services.
4. Is there an expiry date for the bizSAFE membership and what are the renewal procedures
upon its expiry?
For more information of expiry dates and renewal procedures, please refer to
and go to the tab “How to apply”.
5. What is meant by Top Management?
Top management refers to the Managing Director (MD), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director or
General Manager (GM). It is important that top management attends the Level 1 workshop so that
they have the authority to allocate resources and create corporate policies to drive the company’s
WSH implementation and performance.
6. Can government agencies apply to participate in bizSAFE?
Yes. All government agencies are encouraged to participate in bizSAFE.
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7. When will my company be accorded the relevant level of bizSAFE recognition?
Upon receipt of your application with the necessary supporting documents, please allow up to 3
weeks for the administrative process.
8. Is bizSAFE equivalent to an endorsement by the WSHC Office?
bizSAFE is a recognition by WSHC Office of your workplace safety and health efforts. Please refer to
Question 1 for the different levels of recognition in the bizSAFE programme. In particular, bizSAFE
Level 3 is a recognition of a fully implemented RM audited by an independent MOM-approved WSH
auditor. Likewise bizSAFE STAR is recognition that a WSH Management System (WSHMS) is
implemented and audited by an independent certification body.
9. Will there be regular audits done on bizSAFE members?
The WSHC Office reserves the right to carry out a verification inspection and/or audit on any bizSAFE
member as and when required.
10. Would the bizSAFE website feature the bizSAFE company/organization?
Your company/organization’s name and bizSAFE status will be listed in the relevant page at (under the ‘bizSAFE Communities’ tab). It will feature your
company/organization’s name and bizSAFE status. This is recognition of your organisation’s efforts
and achievement in Risk Management and WSH Management System. Your clients will be able to
see that your company is a recognized bizSAFE entity.
11. My previous company was at bizSAFE Level 2/4. I was the staff who attended the bizSAFE
RM/WSHMS course. Having moved to a new company, can the company apply for bizSAFE
Level 2/4 based on my previous course attendance?
Your new company may be eligible for bizSAFE Level 2/4 if it has fulfilled all the requirements stated
in the preceding bizSAFE Level(s).
12. Can I do the bizSAFE WSHMS course before the CEO goes for the bizSAFE workshop for
CEO/Top Management?
bizSAFE offers a step-by-step approach to achieving WSH excellence. Generally you are advised to
follow the sequential steps starting from bizSAFE Level 1 and ascend up to bizSAFE STAR in that
order. However, an organisation’s top management and it’s assigned risk management champion
can attend the L1 and L2 workshops concurrently.
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13. Would a bizSAFE status and recognition be suspended if a serious accident* occur?
WSHC Office may suspend a participating company’s bizSAFE status in the event of a serious
accident*. During the suspension period, the company’s information will be removed from the
bizSAFE website. All company’s collaterals that have indicated its bizSAFE status, such as the use of
the bizSAFE logo, will not be allowed to be distributed. Alternatively, the WSHC Office may request
for an independent audit to verify that the RM or WSHMS is intact.
Serious accidents include but not limited to accidents which occur at the participant’s workplace
which result in individuals suffering permanent disabilities, fatalities and dangerous occurrence
as defined under the WSH Act OR any other accidents deemed serious by the WSHC Office.
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