The Benefits of What is Quantum-Touch

What is
The Benefits of
Quantum-Touch (QT) is an easy to learn
method of hands-on healing that uses the
scientific principles of resonance and
entrainment – combined with very specific
breathing techniques and simple body
awareness exercises – to create a powerful,
yet natural, field of healing energy.
We are continually amazed by the many
profound physical and emotional healings
achieved with Quantum-Touch.
There is no physical manipulation in QT.
Only the lightest, most gentle touch is used.
QT has been tested in clinical settings and
used in hospitals and operating rooms. It
has received numerous endorsements from
doctors, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors,
massage therapists and many others in a
wide range of fields; acupressure, Reiki, Qi
Gong, Tai Chi, sports trainers and more.
Why? Because QT is a safe, natural way to
enhance the body’s innate ability to heal
itself and it shows no limits in what can be
Your body has the unfathomable energy to
heal itself. You do not have to instruct your
body how to heal a cut, a bruise or a broken
bone; it has the innate ability to do so.
However, if your health is poor or your
immune system is in some way compromised, then your body does not have the
energy needed to heal itself from serious
illness or injury. QT simply provides a
powerful field of natural healing energy that
your body entrains to and can draw upon to
accelerate its healing.
While every individual responds at their own
rate and in their own way, the wide range of
results being achieved are truly exceptional,
justifying the many endorsements received
from a wide range of professions and
healing modalities.
Please read on to learn more about this
powerful, complementary healing modality.
Below are just three examples of what can
be achieved with this easy to learn method
of hands-on healing. The first example is a
case of scoliosis of the spine that was
improved with one session of QuantumTouch.
Before photos on the left, after photos on the
right. These photos and other healing stories
can be found at:
What Professionals
say about Quantum-Touch
"Quantum-Touch appears to be the first
technique that may truly allow us all to become
healers." C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
"Quantum-Touch is an easily learnable skill that
can provide balance, healing, comfort, and
postural realignment. I salute Richard Gordon 's
unique gift for making difficult concepts readily
accessible, and for his commitment to bringing
this work to the world.”
David Kamnitzer,
“Quantum-Touch is a remarkably effective and
easily learned method of generating powerful
healing energy.” Wm. Eidelman, M.D.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the OR
shared energy by way of Quantum-Touch? It
could change how patients view a trip to the
operating room from total dread to loving
acceptance with much faster healing. Imagine
being surrounded by all that love!” George R.
Webber, M.D., Breast Surgeon, QT Practitioner
This next example represents the truly
exceptional story of a little girl with Spinal
Muscular Atrophy after only two months of
Quantum-Touch treatments:
"Quantum-Touch is a powerful hands-on healing
technique that can be used effectively by lay
people as well as professionals. I highly
recommend it." Patricia Warkus, M.D.
"You actually have to see this work to know
how good it is. Bones move into alignment with
just a light touch, and it speeds up the healing
process." Darla Parr, D.C.
The third example shows a very typical
realignment of the hips during a QT
An adjustment that typically
takes only a few minutes!
“Quantum Touch has streamlined, simplified
and taken my acupuncture practice to a higher
level than I could have ever imagined! It
empowers the practitioner to work smart, not
hard; chi moves effortlessly, patients notice
miraculous results in a very short time and I am
energized at the end of the day. Having been in
practice since 1985, this is the most powerful yet
easy to learn modality I've ever learned."
Hether M. Churchill, O.M.D., C.A., N.D., L Ac.
YOU have the ability to do QuantumTouch. Let us show you how!
Quantum-Touch is easy to learn!
Take a Quantum-Touch Workshop!
How can something so profound and
powerful be learned in only a two-day
workshop? Because you are born with this
ability! We simply teach you how to use it.
If you would like to learn this powerful healing
modality for your own use or to enhance the
effectiveness of your health practice, please
contact us for workshop dates and locations.
In a two-day QT workshop you will learn
many things including:
All participants receive individual training and
leave the workshop not only understanding how to
do Quantum-Touch, but with the confidence to
know that they can successfully use QuantumTouch to help them-selves and others accelerate
their healing.
A series of breathing and body awareness
exercises to help you focus and amplify lifeforce energy. This is the core technique used in
QT. It is so easy and natural to learn, children
and great-grandparents have picked it up easily.
You can too!
For questions, or to register, please contact:
How to bring down inflammation and pain in
record time. This in itself is an invaluable skill.
You will now be able to help yourself and others
reduce or totally eliminate even long-term,
chronic pain and inflammation.
How bones can realign themselves with a
light touch. No physical manipulation is
required! You just facilitate the energy and the
body’s innate ability to heal itself takes over.
How to help reduce or eliminate back pain
and get faster and better results than you
have ever thought possible. Many chiropractors and others are now using QT because it
is so effective for chronic back pain.
How to amplify the power of your sessions
by working with advanced techniques. These
techniques further increase the effectiveness of
your QT sessions.
How to use Quantum-Touch in conjunction
with other healing professions. QT can be
combined with conventional, alternative and
complementary healing modalities to dramatically improve the results for the client.
How to work with pets and other animals. All
animals respond amazingly well.
Next Workshop
19 and 20 January 2013
Bungendore NSW
See our website for details!
Marianne Korten
The first Quantum-Touch Practitioner and
Instructor in the ACT
M. 0425 827 254
[email protected]
Important Note: Quantum-Touch is a powerful, complementary
holistic therapy and is an adjunct to, and not a replacement of
conventional medical care. We do not prescribe or make diagnosis.
Please refer to your family practitioner for diagnosis of any medical
problems and appropriate prescriptions or medication adjustments.
2006 A. F. Chinn, Ph.D. & Quantum-Touch
YOU can learn to:
Accelerate Healing
Relieve Pain
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce Stress
and more!
"Quantum-Touch is a significant
breakthrough in hands-on-healing...
most elegant and most efficient... For
professionals and lay people alike,
Quantum-Touch is an essential and
invaluable tool."
Alternative Medicine Magazine