Dell KACE K Series Easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management appliances

Dell KACE K Series
Easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management appliances
end-to-end systems management and
deployment capabilities.
Systems management professionals
are charged with doing more with
less. Hardware and software inventory,
patching, software distribution, OS
deployment and mobile device
management are just a few of the tasks
they need to manage daily. Softwarebased solutions are designed for the
largest enterprises and can be costly
and complex. Point solutions are not
integrated and lack key functionality.
Now there’s an alternative.
The affordable and easy-to-use Dell™
KACE™ K Series Appliances–the K1000
Management Appliance, the K2000
Deployment Appliance and the K3000
Mobile Management Appliance—provide
organizations with comprehensive,
The KACE K Series deliver a complete,
pre-integrated bundle of operating
environment and application software
via a dedicated server appliance. The
appliances eliminate many of the
complexities and costs of traditional
software solutions. They provide the
performance, reliability and scalability
of a purpose-built solution that is pretuned, hardened and self healing. No
up-front customization or programming
effort is required. All appliances support
plug-and-play LAN deployment, offer
an intuitive web-based console and are
simple to upgrade.
System Lifecycle Management
Service desk
User portal & self service
Image capture
Zero touch OS deployment
Monitoring & alerting
User state migration
Remote control
Remote site support
Mobile access
Patch management
Discovery & inventory
Vulnerability scanning
Network assets
Privilege management
Policy enforcement
Configuration management
Asset management
Software distribution
Reporting & compliance
User environment management
“I love the ease and
simplicity of use. The
KACE Appliance is an
elegant solution to a
complicated problem.”
Leigh Scaggs, Network Administrator,
Boyd County Public Library
• Delivers comprehensive systems
management, from initial
system deployment to ongoing
management and retirement
• Ensures quick time to value: deploy
in as little as one day, train in hours
via the web and upgrade in minutes
• Delivers low total cost of ownership,
with no hardware or software
prerequisites and no incremental
professional service fees
• Provides an intuitive web-based
interface that enables administrators
of all skill levels to handle advanced
administrative tasks
• The K1000 Management Appliance
is available as an on-premise virtual
or physical appliance, or via a hosted
service,* to provide a variety of
deployment options.
KACE 2013 customer survey
82% of users who evaluated ROI
report the KACE Appliance paid
for itself in less than six months.
56% of KACE customers
deployed in less than a week.
87% of KACE customers reported
“high” satisfaction with KACE
Based on November 2013 Dell KACE Survey
For more information
U.S. telephone:
• K1000 Management Appliances deliver
powerful systems management capabilities
that help organizations manage virtually
your entire infrastructure, improve security
and meet compliance requirements. In
addition, the K1000 is available in a variety
of deployment options. Choose from an
on-premise virtual or physical appliance, or
a hosted service.*
• K2000 Deployment Appliances fulfill any
organization’s OS deployment needs,
including inventory, OS and application
provisioning, migration and recovery.
• K3000 Mobile Management Appliances
deliver mobile device management
capabilities that help organizations
manage and deploy applications, and
implement security policies for tablets
and smartphones.
Our customers typically deploy in one
day and train via the web in only hours. All
KACE appliance functions are driven by
an intuitive web-based user interface that
enables administrators of all skill levels to
handle advanced administrative tasks.
KACE appliances pre-integrate and
deliver the functionality needed to solve
your systems management challenges,
from initial system deployment to
ongoing management and retirement.
It’s all in the appliance.
KACE appliances offer you a low total
cost of ownership. Because it is a
hardened and self-healing appliance,
there are no hardware or software
prerequisites, no incremental professional
service fees and no hidden costs.
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Dell Software helps customers unlock
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This software, when combined with
Dell hardware and services, drives
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to accelerate business results.
* K1000 as a Service may not be available in all regions. Please check with your local sales representative for availability.
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