Why ...

Be the inspiration behind the success of your members…
inspire live
Achieve learning outcomes that match (although we
prefer to exceed!) traditional conferences or face to face
Lower your total training costs
From across towns, cities, states or around the world, your
members can learn, share and create knowledge together. In real
time, in a real way, engaging with real people. Fully managed,
supported and ready to go now, we will work with you to develop
your live online CPD program and meet your members’ training
needs. You won’t even need to use your IT resources – we will take
care of all technology!
Create new revenue streams from live online events and
recordings without capital investment
Generate positive cash-flow from the outset with pre-sales
and ability of members to purchase CPD training credits
Re-engage inactive members
Assist your members to track their CPD points
What is it to
Extend your CPD program beyond your membership base
Eliminate travel costs for participants and presenters
Eliminate time away from the office for all participants
It is to engage a team of professionals who are passionate about
online learning that is live and engaging and are dedicated to the
success of CPD program.
Gain easy access to quality learning and development
opportunities for ALL members
Extend your reach nationally and globally
It is to seamlessly bring into your association a fully managed,
hosted and supported online live professional training
environment to meet your members’ CPD needs and to build an
additional revenue stream for your association.
Reduce your carbon footprint
cpdlive.com assists your professional association to reach out to
ALL your members and play an integral role in their professional
development regardless of where they are located. Don’t let
distance come between you and your members!
It is to enable each member of your association, regardless of
location, to engage in a way that brings life to learning.
“This technology is amazing! I attended the program
from Hong Kong and this has opened up many new
opportunities for my CPE”.
Nick – Trusts
inspire live is a highly engaging, participative
and rewarding learning environment and way to
invigorate your CPD offering!
“As I am based in the Kimberleys, the cost
associated with attending city centres is
enormous and I found this online format just as
good and informative as being there. “
Penny – CGT
How we help you to
By providing a fully managed service including:
A “learning-needs analysis” to ensure we deliver effective and
targeted resources to your organisation to meet required
Who is
We are innovators and enablers in the world of training and
engagement live over the internet. We provide your organisation
with instant capacity to enhance your in-house training,
corporate communications of CPD program in meaningful and
innovative ways.
Assistance with program design and integrating this into a
business and marketing plan – we aim to help you build a
profitable revenue stream
Sourcing content experts if required
Presenter training including best practice for preparation
and delivery of content in an online live environment
Online tools for presentation capability including slides,
video clips, active spreadsheet models, interactive
participant response, assessments and many more
Having facilitated training and engagement online and live for
45, 000 people over the last few years from 1,500 organisations
and 47 countries, you can rest assured that with us your desired
training or communication outcomes will be a success. You are
in safe and experienced hands...
Building a fully hosted live online training website and
calendar with your association’s brand, look and feel to
provide members with information about live online
training events and to register and make payment online
Others who
or gather around the
with us include:
Providing your organisation with an administrative portal to
track registration, attendance and financial information and
to generate appropriate management reports
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
Department of Treasury (Victorian Government)
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Financial Planning Association
Federal Government Treasury
Sinclair Knight Merz
Queensland Health
IP Australia
DBA Lawyers
Institute of Public Accountants
Harwood Andrews Lawyers
Australian Shareholders Association
Barrett Values Centre
Franchise Council of Australia
Internal communications that include
oparticipant confirmation email, participant login details
o participant pre-session email and distribution of supporting material
o post session communications as required
Post event attendance, assessment and feedback collating
and reporting, including provision of certificates to
Recording of the live sessions, including hosting of the
recording on our secure streaming servers (as a backup for
the participants who could not make the live events or for
Tracking of members CPD hours
Managing credit card payments (if required)
cpdlive.com does all this without the need to use your
association’s IT infrastructure or resources - we take care of all
technology requirements and if required will liaise with your IT
team to ensure adherence to your protocols.
What to do now?
To aspirelive or find out more,
please contact us on
03 8080 9966 or
[email protected]