WHERE TO FIND US What is Occupational Health ?

What is Occupational
Health ?
Occupational Health is a relatively new
branch of medicine which deals with health
and work and the surroundings in which
you work may affect your health and how
your health may affect your ability to cope
with your work.
The Occupational Health Service is a
rapidly evolving discipline and requires a
specialist knowledge to keep abreast of the
latest developments. The Occupational
Health Department of this hospital
specialises in the provision of professional
occupational health advice and services to
all employees of the hospital.
Occupational Health Physicians:
Dr. Dominick P Natin
Occupational Health Nurses:
Maria Lenehan
The hospital authorities recognize that
treatment for personal illness should be
provided by the employee’s own family
doctor. The Occupational Health
Department does not offer a general
practice service to employees. Unlike your
general practitioner who provides
treatment for illnesses and injuries, our
work is mainly preventative and we aim to
protect you from unnecessary risk to your
health at work.
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Ltd.
Eccles Street, Dublin 7
Ph direct dial 01-803 extn 2813
Fax 01 – 8032909
Email [email protected]
Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs. 08:00 – 16:30
08:00 – 15:30
Mary Connolly
Monica Donnelly
Teresa Hannon
Immunisation of Staff ( e.g hepatitis B)
Compliance with Regulations
Health Surveillance
Accident Assessments & Reporting
Post Inoculation Injury Assessment
Toxic Substances in the Workplace
Pre-placement Health Assessment
Assessments of Absence Attributed to
Rehabilitation of ill or Injured Workers
Ill Health
Occupational Mental Health
Counselling Referral
Food Hygiene Protocols for Food
Vision Screening
Pregnancy Risk Assessments
Audiology when / if required
Spirometry (Lung Function Tests)
Workplace Inspections
ON :
Health Promotion
First Aid
The Department is Located at 398 North
Circular Road
The Occupational Health Department
aims to promote an maintain the
physical, mental and social wellbeing of
employees in the hospital.
The emphasis of the services provided
is on the protection of employees from
the possible adverse effects of work
related activity and on health
The Department provides a range of
services for employees. Some of these
services derive from legal requirements
(e.g. the Health and Safety at Work
Act). Other services are part of an
investment by the hospital in the health
and productivity of the hospital’s
The Occupational Health Department
maintains CONFIDENTIALITY in its
relationship with employees.
All other Areas Involving Health in the
Talks and Lectures can be arranged
through the Occupational Health
This leaflet has been prepared to show
the range of services available.