WHAT IS Not Normal Art, science and society

Not Normal
Art, science and society
From December 2009 to March 2010 a major art exhibition that
Artists create space for diversity with humor and insight.
held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The exhibition,
Rolf, The Chapman Brothers and Aernout Mik will be exhibited.
allows a large audience to experience different works will be
entitled: Niet Normaal
Difference on Display, features the
work of internationally renowned artists who in their work address a defining question of our time: what is normal and who
What is normal and who decides?
Even as technology and progress generate new opportunities for
people of all sorts, shapes and sizes, we seem to be striving to
become ever more uniform. The market and the media increasingly
determine how we look at ourselves and at each other. Perfection
is the norm.
What is this norm, and who actually satisfies it? Where do we
draw the line? At a facial wrinkle, a depression, at someone
who isn’t interested in getting ahead, at a visible prosthetic
device, taking pills to improve intelligence, at major cosmetic
Works by among others Marc Quinn, Marlene Dumas, Viktor &
Science, games and design will also be featured, and there
will be a separate movie theater. In addition, performances,
Right side/top:
Leo Fitzmaurice, Heaven, photo from
series (7), 2008, courtesy the artist
confront and offer alternative perspectives. Rebellion and
Back side/page 9-10:
Thomas Hirschhorn, Mannequins with
Outgrowths, Installation, 2006, courtesy gallery Chantal Crousel, Paris
held. The exhibition and parallel programming will engage,
humor alternate. Art and science come together to confront
urgent questions facing today’s society.
Wide Support
Niet Normaal is ambitious and prestigious. This international
project has a mission, is of a high artistic quality, and is
directed toward a wide audience. Niet Normaal stresses education, outreach and accessibility, and collaborates with SKOR,
Waag Society, Kunstenaars & Co, film festivals and debating
centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other major cities. Design
of the exhibition will be executed by Concern. NAi Publishers
the advertising campaign. Niet Normaal is supported by many
parties, both financially and in sharing expertise. Achmea and
the VSBfonds are the project’s principal financial sponsors.
This page/under:
Mat Fraser, Julie Atlas Muz, Beauty and
the Beast, theatershow, 2008/09
This page/under:
Louise Bourgeois, Extreme Tension
(1/11), 2007, collection Centre George
Pompidou, courtesy the artist and
Right side/under:
Koert van Mensvoort, Baby phone
(still), 2007, courtesy the artist
essays exploring a diversity of issues. KesselsKramer develops
December 2009 – March 2010
This page/top:
William Kentridge, Shadow Procession,
1999, courtesy Museum Kiasma, Helsinki
This page/top:
Ear Diagnostic Trainer, courtesy Adam
Rouilly Limited, Kent
discussions, film screenings, lectures and parties will be
releases a richly illustrated full-coloured publication with
International Art Exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Page 2:
Jake and Dinos Chapman, Übermensch,
sculpture, 1995, courtesy White Cube
gallery, London
Back side/page 13:
Victor Boullet, Kate Waiting, Day 3,
photo, 2003, courtesy the artist
Recommendations for Niet Normaal
‘Via its content, edge and humor, the exhibition Niet Normaal
will open doors and thus contribute to a broad social discussion. Niet Normaal fits in well with Achmea’s whatarewedoingcampaign. With its background in developing cooperative solutions, Achmea is an important partner in providing social
security and healthcare. Achmea takes this responsibility seriously and places important social issues on the agenda. […]
Niet Normaal also offers its visitors a mirror and generates
issues for reflection. Achmea can identify with this approach,
and supports the value of art and the role that art and artists can play in this public debate. The art of Niet Normaal
provides a finger on the pulse of society and confronts us with
‘what we are doing.’
‘What is a disability? And what is normal? The campaign Niet
Normaal inspires reflection about norms and values with respect
Mondriaan Stichting
‘The proposal concerns a multi-layered and large-scale event
that distinguishes itself from other art exhibitions by combining a culturally and socially relevant aim with contemporary visual art in order to reach a wide audience. […] The
plans are clearly articulated, the parallel programming is
interesting and the organization inspires confidence that it
will achieve what it is setting out to do.’
Stichting Doen
‘The exhibition Niet Normaal
Difference on Display enables
us to see how normal it is to not to match up to physical,
mental and/or intellectual norms. Today’s attention to body,
health and spirit and bio-technological possibilities is very
confrontational. The exhibition invites visitors to think
about our norms and values in the areas of health and illness
and what it means to be normal or not. […]’
Turing Foundation
‘Niet Normaal
Difference on Display is a large scale project
to so-called limitations and what it means to be different.
with international allure, which has the capacity to draw di-
ence into a public discussion about what we think about dif-
nally renowned artists. […] Many of these works belong to col-
ety. This is why the VSBfonds supports projects that make room
This appeals to the VSBfonds because it will draw a wide audi-
verse groups of people to appreciate the work of internatio-
ference. The VSBfonds believes that diversity enriches soci-
lections that are only rarely exhibited to the Dutch public.
for different identities and backgrounds. And projects that
equip people with a physical, mental or intellectual disability
to be able to more fully participate in society on the basis
of their own strength. Generating positive images of people
who are ‘different’ can help all of us to participate in society more fully.
Complete texts of testimonials are available at www.nietnormaal.nl.
Additional information on partnership and support.
Wide Support for Niet Normaal
Committee of Recommendation
Hedy D’Ancona, political advisor culture
and emancipation, former minister of WVC
Joop van Caldenborgh, director Caldic
Chemie, art collector
Job Cohen, mayor of Amsterdam
Hans Dijkstal, member of task force
Handicap en Lokale Samenleving (Disability and Local Society)
Sjarel Ex, director Museum Boijmans van
Beuningen, Rotterdam
Charles Groenhuijsen, writer, columnist,
tv-producer, lecturer
Hans Kamps, chair Crossover, royal member of SER (Social Economic Council)
Els van der Plas, director Prins Claus Fonds
Ute Meta Bauer, director Visual Arts
Program, MIT, Cambridge
Felix Rottenberg, opinion leader, former
chair PvdA (Labor Party)
Peter Weibel, director ZKM, Zentrum
Kunst und Mediatechnologie, Karlsruhe
Nout Wellink, president De Nederlandse Bank
Advisory Board
Roel Arkesteijn, curator Museum Het Domein,
Lilet Breddels, director Stichting Archis
Marianne Brouwer, freelance curator, art
José van Dijck, professor television,
film and culture, University of Amsterdam
Huub de Groot, professor chemistry and
medical system biology, Leiden University
Bas Haring, professor public understanding of science, Leiden University
Maria Hlavajova, artistic director, BAK,
basis for contemporary art, Utrecht
Jacqueline Kool, trainer, advisor, writer on health issues and life management
Miriam van Rijsingen, professor art
history and director Arts & Genomics
Jacqueline Schoonheim, lecturer and
researcher disability law, Maastricht
Karin Spaink, publicist, columnist,
advisor ZonMw
Marleen Stikker, director of Waag Society,
Jan Troost, disability activist, ambassador Versterking Cliënten Positie
Agnes van Wijnen, founder of Visie in
NAi Publishers
Waag Society
GGD Amsterdam
Stichting Pandora
Main financiers
Sponsors and funds
ZonMw / VWS
Mondriaan Foundation
Stichting Doen
Turing Foundation
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving
en Bouwkunst
SKAN fonds
Board of directors Niet Normaal
Chair: Hester Alberdingk Thijm
Treasurer: Michiel Dijkman
Secretary: Simon den Hartog
Member: Vincent Bijlo
Member: Therese van Schie
Member: Willem Hollander
Team Niet Normaal
Artistic director: Ine Gevers
Business director: Frank Lubbers
Parallel program: Nancy Hoffmann
ICT: Maick Sarmento Magalhães
Producer: Monique Verhulst
Producer film: Ravit Bechor
Documentation: Willemijn Wolters
Education: Bettie de Bruijn
Communication: Lieke Timmermans
Designer: Bram Nijssen
Contact via
[first name]@nietnormaal.nl
Stichting Niet Normaal
KNSM-laan 227 (office and mailing address)
NL - 1019 LC Amsterdam
Telephone: +31(0)20-788 04 37
[email protected]
Niet Normaal,
December 2009 – March 2010
Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam