MP Star Financial is a nationwide commercial finance company providing working
capital and accounts receivable management services to small and mid size businesses.
MP Star
Financial, Inc.
what is accounts
receivable funding?
It is a flexible asset based
financing method whereby a
company uses its commercial
accounts receivable to generate
immediate cash.
how does it work?
MP Star purchases your eligible
commercial accounts receivable
and upon confirmation can
advance up to 90% of its face
value. The balance of the funds
less our discount is released once
the receivables are collected.
MP Star provides you with a
complete accounts receivable
management program that
includes: funding for growth,
expert credit underwriting on
all account debtors, seamless
invoice processing and
professional collections support
that can result in lower costs,
increased overall efficiency and
operating control.
accelerated cash
flow can enable
your company to:
Client funding normally
within 24 hours of invoice
✩ Meet Payroll
24/7 secured online reporting
✩ Meet Other Near-Term
Submit some or all of your
account debtors
✩ Replenish Inventories
No term contract–programs
designed to meet your short
and long term financing needs
✩ Grow Your Business
No application fees
✩ Capture Market Share
Initial funding usually
completed within 7-10
business days
✩ Generate More Sales
and Profits
✩ Negotiate Better Terms
and Prices from Suppliers
✩ Take Cash Discounts on
Your Purchases
No monthly funding
MP Star offers you the
utmost in flexibility,
discretion and control
Cash Flow to Grow...the key benefit of accounts receivable purchasing is the
profit potential of growth fueled by a predictable, accelerated cash flow...
...Establish an account today! 1-800-833-3765
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