What is the Bubble Ball? march 29th • capital square

march 29th • capital square
honorary co-chairs
Soozie McBroom
Jim Willer
Tracy Fuller
Brian Laurenzo
committee Kip Albertson
Amanda Brink Hull
Pete Cartwright
Rebecca Cartwright
Jane Clark
Aaron Clutts
Linda Colby
Ashley Craiger
Holly Craiger
Kelly Craiger
Brianne Cummins
Sarah Dornink
Rosalie Gallagher
Sara Herman
Emily Kistner
Kylee Krizmanic
Soozie McBroom
Tana Nichol
Larry Stelter
Cathy Stjernberg
Nikki Syverson
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Jim Willer
childserve staff
What is the Bubble Ball?
It’s a fun and innovative event unlike anything else in our community! This fourth-year gala event
showcases the talents of local designers in a bubblicious way. Cocktails and dinner are a prelude to
the main event: a runway show and gallery of stationary designs and sculptures– all of which utilize
bubble wrap as their core element!
When, where and what time is the Bubble Ball?
Capital Square at 400 Locust Street in Des Moines is the perfect venue for this event. We start the
festivities at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 29th. Tickets cost $125 per person or $1,000 for a table of eight.
What is the Bubble Ball’s goal and how will the money be used?
The Bubble Ball’s goal is to heighten people’s awareness of ChildServe and raise money for needed
programs to help children with special health care needs and their families. Plans are underway to raise
$100,000 that will be used to purchase property where two new group homes will be built. ChildServe
Homes offer children school-age through 21 a chance to explore independence without giving up the
supervision and care they may need. The homes offer children and young adults a homelike, yet
structured, living environment where skill acquisition and independence is encouraged through
interactions with caring direct support professionals. ChildServe Homes offer support services to children
who require nursing care, skill development, behavior support, and therapies.
Who is helping on the event and how is it organized?
The Bubble Ball committee (listed on the left) is a group of 28 creative, hard-working
volunteers – some are trustees who know about ChildServe; others are community leaders
and volunteers who may have heard of us and want to help.
Who is ChildServe and what do they do?
Brad Bowling
Cheri Burns
Suzanne Case
Matt McConnell
Erin Smith
Roxanne Wicks
To learn more, please visit us online at www.childserve.org.
ChildServe is a not-for-profit organization that
partners with families to help children with
special health care needs live a great life.
Originally founded in 1928 as a convalescent
home for children, today ChildServe provides
specialized pediatric health care services to more
than 2,500 children in Iowa. Through the support
of private insurance, public funds, and the
generosity of donors, ChildServe offers accessible,
family-centered care unique to each child’s
needs, hopes, and dreams.
march 29th • capital square
Social Media and Publicity
Introduce your followers to the bubblicious fun of the Bubble Ball on social media. Tag @Childserve and use the hashtag
#bubbleball2014 in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts to tell your fans how you’re helping out a great organization!
If you are interested in partnering with ChildServe in Bubble Ball publicity endeavors, please contact Matt McConnell at
515-251-5591or email [email protected] The Bubble Ball couldn't happen without great designers, and we would love to
work together to increase awareness for your company as well! We have lots of ideas for how we could jointly promote the Bubble
Ball with your business. For example, we could do a blog or twitter feed that documents the process of designing your piece. We
could make a joint appearance on a local morning show and model your design for thousands of people. We can include your
design in our advertising and media pitches. The sky is the limit, so let's get together and come up with creative ideas to bring
awareness to the Bubble Ball and your business!
Online Resources for Designers
Bubble Ball Website (www.childserve.org/bubble ball)
Downloadable designer resources, including:
-A copy of tonight‘s designer info packet
-Listing of all designer deadlines
-Bubble Ball Invitation to email to your friends
-Movie theme information with youtube links
-Listing of useful “tools of the trade” when
designing with Bubble Wrap
Photos from previous years’ Bubble Balls
List of participating designers
Online ticket sales
Information on how this year‘s event proceeds will be used
Sponsor Recognition
Event Details
Scan this code with
your web-enabled
phone to be taken
directly to the Bubble
Ball website (mobile).
ChildServe’s Website (www.childserve.org)
Want to learn more about ChildServe, the organization behind the Bubble Ball? We serve more than 2,500 Iowa children with
special health care needs each year. Amazing things happen at ChildServe!
Just For Fun
Google bubble wrap for ideas (www.virtualbubblewrap.com, www.bubblewrapfun.com, www.amazingbubble.com).
Did you know there are more than 500 pages on facebook devoted to bubble wrap?
In need of stress relief? Try popping the virtual bubbles at www.snapbubbles.com.
march 29th • capital square
Bubble Ball Designer Deadlines
Thurs, January 30
Bubble Ball Designer Party
Tonight’s Bubble Ball Designer Party is the official kick-off for this event. Don’t forget to turn in your
preference form and grab your free bubble wrap! If you already know you’d like your model to utilize
the free hair and/or makeup services, Brianne Cummins is available to schedule appointments.
anytime after
Thurs, January 30
Bubble Wrap Available at Badowers
Beginning January 30, free bubble wrap is available for pick-up at Badowers, 2817 Ingersoll Ave, Des
Moines, IA 50312, between the hours of 10am-5:30pm on Monday through Friday, and 9am-4:30pm
on Saturday. Designers are welcome to take as much as they need to make bubble wrap visions a reality!
Create Your Design
The rules are simple: create something using bubble wrap as the core element of your design.
Designers will be provided with basic clear bubble wrap, and other materials can be used, but will not
be provided. Colored bubble wrap is available for purchase online at selected office supply stores.
Common tools of the trade include a non-stick teflon sewing machine presser foot, duct tape,
enamel-based spray paint (spray first with adhesive for best results), velcro, and a low-heat glue gun.
Your design must correspond with this year’s theme of “Movies.” Seven movies have been selected:
Grease, Star Wars, Superman, The Wizard of Oz, Batman, Harry Potter, and Willy Wonka. No duplicate
characters will be included in this year’s runway production, so make sure to turn in your design
preference form! As in years past, stationary creations will be showcased throughout Capital Square.
Event Tickets
As a thank-you, ChildServe will provide designers with one ticket to attend the Bubble Ball free of
charge ($125 value). Tickets are awarded based on designs contributed, and teams of designers
working on a collaborative creation(s) may not receive tickets for each designer in their group.
Individual designers who design multiple creations will not receive multiple tickets. If you have
questions on the number of tickets you will receive, please contact Cheri Burns at 515.727.2356.
Additional tickets may be purchased for $125 per ticket. Please visit www.childserve.org/bubbleball
and click on “Tickets” to purchase or view additional details! As tickets are in short supply, if you do
not plan on attending the event, please let your committee contact person know.
Designers will be seated in a VIP section separate from other event guests. If you would like to have
other paid guests seated with you, please ask them to indicate “Designer VIP Section” by filling in the
“I wish to be seated with” box when purchasing their tickets.
Fri, March 7
DEADLINE for Reserving Professional Models
Runway show designers have the option of supplying their own model, or utilizing a professional
model provided by the Bubble Ball committee. If you would like to be connected with a professional
model, please call your Designer Committee contact by March 7th to let them know the number of
models you will need, and whether those models should be male or female. You may also contact
Sarah Dornink at 515.255.7528 or email [email protected]
march 29th • capital square
Bubble Ball Designer Deadlines
Fri, March 7
DEADLINE for Scheduling Free Hair and Makeup Services
Prior to the event on Saturday, March 29th, selected hair stylists and makeup artists will be available
on-site to provide free professional styling for runway models. If you would like to utilize these
services, please contact Brianne Cummins directly at 515.770.3673 or [email protected] You
must schedule with Brianne by March 7th.
Mon, March 24
Tues, March 25
DEADLINE for Dropping Off Your Design
Designs must be dropped off at the Capital Square Atrium between the hours of 12:00pm and 7:00pm
on Monday, March 24 and Tuesday, March 25. A Bubble Ball Committee member will be there to assist
you in labeling your item(s) and will help you complete a short informational form about your piece at
this time. To arrange an alternative time to drop-off your creation, or to make special arrangements
for delivery of a large installment, please call Jeff Duncan at 515.422.4333.
Limited parking is available at the 15-minute meters in front of FedEx/Kinkos on Locust, or at the
loading dock off of 4th Street. Please look for signage to direct you once inside Capital Square. All
designs will be stored in a secured space.
Fri, March 28
MANDATORY Bubble Ball Runway Show Rehearsal
The runway show rehearsal will take place Friday, March 28th at 6 pm in the Capital Square atrium.
This event is MANDATORY for all models, and strongly encouraged for all runway designers. The
rehearsal will be a walk-though only, with no costumes, hair, or makeup necessary. Your presence is
essential in creating a smooth and polished event! Designers of stationary items are welcome, but not
required, to attend the rehearsal– we would love to have you join us! Hors d' oeuvres will be served.
Sat, March 29
ChildServe Bubble Ball
The 2014 Bubble Ball begins at 7 p.m. Approximately 500 guests are expected to enjoy a poptacular
night! Please enjoy your complimentary ticket to the Designers VIP section ($125 value) with our
thanks for your help in making this event an unforgettable showcase for ChildServe and the amazing
talent to be found throughout Des Moines!
Mon, March 31
Design Pick-up
Designs may be taken home immediately following the conclusion (estimated 11:00pm) of the Bubble
Ball on Saturday, March 29th. They may also be picked up on Monday, March 31st between 1:00pm 6:00pm. Designs that have not been picked up from Capital Square by 6:00pm on Monday, March 31st
will be discarded.