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J i l U H J^».i'»lill.'Jlli-JlJlIW-J»»tJ '. •' *Sv-t>dy_ w » g J V . ' " y U '"AJJ.A,'•!! * H * WJ'JJIWLi m.\L jyim.\..m; u i l W h W U g J-UBUlPJ.U W J L H - U J U - l i m W L M
i x a n , . > . .j.i»niiimii. l M, , -^»y»mi-ATJ-J^<HH I . I . H H I 1 ^ 1 ji)'i H_ '
m m | n » l i »!•;•!
l i m p n I M I wwy
good everybody liEeslt.
;«*if^i*t^«si*tv ^ y *
It you diin't feel in the mood for
buy a box of our unexcelled Confectionery
rTJ^Ong'my'TrVmrhijB^ncgs cpmea I ed mirrbr8Vi-and?a~richly fu"rni^hed"*iipyj^^^^s^cosfeeabic^Mga^andj
- H X.I.
. , I , i, IMJ g «
thei. Lueatiiar^XJfra^yoyage made .'in j fumished-ih-satin wood, -and contains
the'latteVI will rehearse sorae.recol-J a fine piano. The quarters, for steerlectionsl-^^iTr-i--^ : ^^'-.'.-,...'-- •••-'-•.
age passengers \are a. great jmprove'-^'
,.A party of. rayvbest friends met me j ment on tfie older -boats though we
i n : New York, and tried to, make my feel no special desire to use them.
^art~pl^sTn^b*y~\?aYinff their fareAs I sat .and listened to the twirl
g^^QJJfeP0bJe^^||ej^4E^^g^wa^ tng^of^tne^tfwTn^Bcrews^thoijghr^of
—irom-her-slip-and—pointed—her— prow .1 . „ \m
;„ui.„- - ^ r ^ n ^ ^ - i ^ — —
^ - j xv •-' '«. -ZL.-,
. ... ! them as-two mighty, gimlets boreing
byi the 1..
... • _way„ „ ^^JL
: i of
through onnw
oOQO rUi'txy
I think tKeTe"
atfl •*v
i* • • ** •f^^^-r~-g»^^fe^&x^-. -v*.
no farewellsso—affecting
invti .t °
j , - "•"v_-•
* r^4oceanj^HArow4flg^ehtp6r
.- .-flood churned into the whiteness
passed between a thousand,. voyagers,j fln a n d b . g h t t w i r l i n g stream
on an outbound ship and the thou.- l
j t ' beauty, sparkling
~ands77Btanding"on™the~^hoTer~~~ThB o f p h o 8 p K o r e 8 e n
looks like stars im^i^
writer* confesses
« « » to
« , ;• the
cu« weakness
^ u . w of
^ r m e r s e d in liquid silver. It is almost
-Mi'ever: witnessin^Un-the-absence^f-a ! , ^
& j m » ^ across the Atlantic to
lump in the. throat. This outgoing . : . A • . . . t , . . .-,.
-e „
j *A- - --—--:--.-v^-—ir-vv.-i
- J l - ^ -stand at the stern of a vessel in the
J — ^ T T ^ ^ Tand
^ I 1(JOBruown-apofl^^e
- hphind,V V t ^menn
_ s o",- -aargrress
much;-to;, ma^y sad hearts. Tear- t | i u c a Cor'nightlight) of th'
the southern ocean a book can be read
ibly j u s t to make balieye the eyes did • by.its light.
not need it.
It is a hard matter adequately to
"*•• Our Atlantic-greyhound was unlash - explain the steering -of a great liner.
«o^nd^e^n-s4owlrto-move-into-the j T h e m a c h j n e r y f o r d o i n g ft
jriYerjwithjl^TQtLBtoiJfe^b^B^ JVhaf ^nd^bmplicatedr^yetrthe^task-o'f steer«a scene 1 Ladies -. crowd to t h e . side
ing is a most delicate one. The Wheel
while men climb on the bulwarks and^Jls—anT—in8ignificant-affai&*-when- ^w©
to• get
of, think
iT,»• ^ or-the
" i <.»,„ mighty
, L „ mass
B6 ei
,. the .rigging,
* , .,a view
it is t a c o n t
-. dear ones on shore, while they ashore L.««i
T K « . „ J J „ . ;«.^„I* W.„:„U ~.
, '-.,.,
I trol. 1 he rudder itself weighs many
-^e4o^hoatK.g^dleu8 T ^heddic & ipart- f e e t a w
from th- w h e , ; A n d
i n g t e a r s , and_waving a sea.of hand- . t h e _ 8 t e e r i n g g e a r a s n o w c o n 8 t r a c t e d
kerchiefs.—Wb - watched—them^arr
. ""-^makes-it-possible—to-guide^th&great
^ n c,.h a T i.t i n. g.' b.u,t d i,B s o l *v i.n g ^ i e w, ^^u-n t ileviathan
H i T ^ ^ ^ ^by
- ^ - -a^ slight
^ . Ui. pressure
^ , - „ — - —of
^ - *the
^RyT^wSaT ^Iria 1 t J M m r . i r W " p r e ^ F ^ ^
eye we take afield glass and find, Q . ged t o r e q u i r e especially in a storm, of the gang said " Joe, pay u p . ' ' That
thom-atiiriingertng-forQ last-view-of- the combined .strength <pf half a dozen was all, but the effect was" magical, Hostonians the Attraction in Star Course
vassel. At last we
d .,;:&
turn away our weary eyes and mental- t Q U c h o f , o n e h a n d c l o s e t o t h e e , . " i t ' s you is it? Didn't kno*
now you
The third number of the Fairport
ly commit oursevles to Him_ "who bow of, the steersman are the levers "No, didn't think you did. I'y.e
Lecture siaaod-Enterrule^h the raging of the sea, "-reea+I»- which being^ouched can transform th
^ g ^ £ J ) f ths gce'at-^poet^^-- - mx>tion_^pJ^hj>l^^a^
'en Ing, H a n .729 th.
:lft^r^ptle^r^pj>~wTlh' f ar Inorecer
be "_The_,Eour
TWaitrthe-muffledoap,- •:'•--7- -•[T^Z. tainty "find ease than the most improv
No harm from Him can come to me .edJulsJnJthB-moiitfiJ^iJLeJboja^^xan.
. • ,, m u
»•" •" i-1.' Bostonians, a company made up of
XXtTOceah or on shore.
j _ ;. ,
bring the; steed under control. Then- pounds. We got a hundred but""ipeht1!,^ • ~~~
Six-great—Trans-Atlantic—steamers- -there^are -'rows-of~telegi'aph signals, " over=teff = on = drinks_ andcards." -Q$,
sailed frorn Ne.w York .the. same day, and phone arrangements that connect course t h e young.jnan was delighted 6f the biggest lyceum combinations, of
as well as the Colubmia of the U. S, every" part of the great ship with the to g e t so much back, and vowed-hever the• last fifteen'years. Mr. Lamb says
Navy. witlTher frowning guiis bouijd bridge where none but the Captain or "again to-touch a card. The qnfet ftlan Biat-he-has received numerous favorfor JtUejr^AjusT as we were steaming his T mates Are- allowed to intrude. I t was simply a good natured, kindly de- •iable^repoets—coneetni
ijheritorious organization <this
out the Etruria from Liverpool- was is a place'of - silence sb^far as the tective who knew t h e gang well, and
and assures the patrons of the
coming in. Here extremes met. ..We, human voice is concerned, unless there they equally well knew him, and had
F a i r p o r t -course a t'oricert above the
full pfihopes^and anticipations, with|_j s - a r e a j necessity of these to great cause to fear hjm. ->
But all sea-going gambling does not average.
experiences untried and a luture un speak to the other. There'are seldom
^Miss-BrooksT-viol in-s&loist
ilized and more than two at a.' time on theend as well as that. I may close with
of being one of
desires fulfilled, ready to clasp long bridge. Th^e chief walks." quietly back the remark t h a t something like an
parted hands and rest with'loved ones and forth over the 50 or 60 feet,-while--epidemic-must-have-spread_among_our- woman violin players ever presented to
at home. •' •
the other stands with his hand on the tiirie pieces, for there was not a watch "the. American public. End owed " w i t h
. ~So when we reach the close of this wheel intensely watching the. binacle on board t h a t could keep correct time t h e true'" a r t i s t ' s temperament. Miss
Brooks plays, with a spirit and fine
t-lifft—vnyagft, perchahr.e we jnay com- whi^h contains the. eompBRS. ' On thp for_H» singly hour. ,My-..ow.n .. gnod signincanfor-genius. sne has toured
miserate the young just starting out oh bridge there is a great variety of bar- ticker, hitherto a model of retitude the entire United Stales with unquali
the uncertain voyage, glad that we ometers, thermometers, thermostats, utterly failed me. I need'not explain fi. •,
success. Miss Fpwler, reader,
have reached at last the long-looked wind and rain guages, etc. There is why every morning, Qur watches had
has made a n.ame for herself through
also a delicate i n s t r u m e n t c o n n e c t e d tcrbe—corrected;
for landing on eternal shores.
We found on, our arrival that we tfer intense^ dramatic interpretations
—The-Lucania is a magnirVcient boat;. with wires beneath the water which
records the approach.of any fiiirge body had crossed the ocean in less time than of the characters she portrays. Miss
Her length is 625 feet.
Fowler is equally at home with comHer promonades remind us of long of iron or steel "long before it arrives ever it had been crossed before by the
• drama. . Her selections "have
narrow....avenues... we have seen in and from which side^it is cornTngT s^uTtTfeyrTrbute "in the history of man.
been carefully gleaned from master" -;
W. B. C.
ancient cities. The iirst regular line That, with the wonderful wireless
of fiction. The flattering press
estabished was_the British .jand. Amer- must surely minimize the danger of
notices she has received will verify
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
ican Royal Mail Co., ..formed in 1840 collision.
t h e s t a t e m e n t that she may be ranked
by Samuel. Cpunaj;d._: What vast in>
I hope this hasty description of an \with ipcal applications, as they can- as one among many. Miss Vedder,
"provements in ocean travel since the Ocean Liner may not prove dull read- not reach the peat of the disease.
contralto, has held many church posiSavannah "crossed the Atlantic, when ing, especially to those who have not Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
tions where her success as soloist classthe voyage took her 25 days, "while tried " a life on the ocean wave." Of disease, and in order-to cure it you
es with the foremost contralto sing-^
our(,modern Greyhounds run 5 course I cannot write of many things must take internal remedies. . Hall's
jer8J___May it be said, however, that
-days or lea's. ,'"
concerning the persons with whom we Catarrh Cure\is taken internally, and her'winsome personality and ability
jRhe records are not estimated as come in closest contact.on such a voy- acts directly upon"the blood and mu- have won f o r - h e r work merited apHall's Catarrh Cure proval from the public in her previous
some suppose from New" York to Liv- age. I wiTTjust-give one illustration cous surfaces.
I t . was tours with other companies.
erpool,-, but from Sandy Hook to of the somber side-of--eeargoingr ~I -is - not -a—quack me.dicine.
physiGreenstown. I t should also be re-refer to the gambling.found on every
Miss Kane, soprano, has been before
membered that a nautical mile is t5Q80 great ship crossing the Atlantic. The cians in this country for years and is the public but a short while, yet long
It , is com- enOUgh for music critics to realize the
feet and the land_.mile. is but. 5280 instance I relate did not occur on the aTegUlaf prescription.
feet. Tjhe distance from New York to boat of which I_j»r±te,_though— I s a w posed Of the best.tonics - known, com- exceptional sweetness and~ range-pf"
bined with the-best^blood purifiers, her voice. Her-singing is ably supLiverpool, also varies according to the more than enough aboard.
track "selected. The nortr£_track is
There was a young man. Whose acting directly on the mucous sur- plemented by herjabjjjjty^ as pianist.
The perfect combirTatiolir "Of
3064, while the south IB 3l3p miles; father tuid at great fiacrifice raised a faces;
Miss Kane will, act as accompanist to
Our careful Captain took the latter, hundred pounds to help; him go to the two ingredients is what, produces the vocal and violin numbers.
t h e icebergs being less likely to meet Amerlca^and begin life for himself. such wonderful results in curing caDeparting from the stereotyped
Send, for testimonials free. custom, t h e "Four Bostonians'—hayeus there. The cost of running this A_gftng_orf sharpers drew him into a tarrh.
boat^^^to^iverpooi-ana^aturh-is-saidl^ame^f-pokerr-:At^first-they^iet-him "FTXChenay & Co .Props.. Toledo, 0. added—novel—features-to-their- proJfa^e. gramtn^r-SeleiJtiOTnr^roT^light^Tjprflff
t o b e about-a-hundred—thousandwdol win, then^fleeced- himof-all—hehad„druggists,-price_J75c
Her crew are'picked men and except a fovy shillings—barely enough Hall's Family Pills for constipation. are done in costume: Japanese, Dutch
as well disciplined as a company of to see him ashore, ruined, disgraced, —Advertisement.
and-Indian.-" Their entire order of
music'has been selected with a view
benriileas. A quiet-ilpoking man^Jadiu
Notice or Annual rVleeting
Thinking of possible'disaster, I am S B V reading' in the smoke room, tried
of pleasing the most - fastidious fcuT
The Annual Meeting of the Stock- 4l«nee. ^ .It is a^rogramme-wh^re-art^ ^ _reimndedfottiar-a6J)ulkhe^^
- Sani tary-Gan - Gompany and artists are moulded'into one; reif .a majority of these v:effl submerged s l o w " bu t w j thouHflfeg t r ^ X ' a t e r **" Ke"
she-worild still float. All the -latest found the young mart flitting alone, wttl beheld at (he ' prlndpal-bfrrce of: freshlng, unique and artistic.
improvements are found here. The the picture of despair. Ho sat down the Company, Fairport, State of New
Tuerfday, January 27, 1914,
-system of ventilation seems to be per- by hiss side,
fatherly York,
side, -and
and in
in aa kindly
kindly fatherly
*«">t on
v».±«?«-J.. "siL""JJ^I.. * y " .
Teach- Concentration.
-fect,—Hor-^leotrio-lighting-iB-fllnioflt" •war drewnire-^yrrotB' story ou|T^i^M4^^ool^n^hM^noorh^orah<»- _Ihc-gtaateat-thlng-thaLP.arents can
^jfTH^pradigjrlTiharacUr, liifliU» «v«ry then went on decki and joined a.parly purpose of electing DlivcUu'H for said do for their children Is to teach them
where. She has also a powerful 0 f elderly men. Telling them in few Company td'succeed th6se wh'ose terms concentration of the mind 'as floon as
searchlight. Forty miles, of. wireglwnrda the nana nf thP. ynnng' nian, then expire and.for, the, consideration thelr..lntelllgenco-beKlnB_to bud-^Ajad
run through the ship. She has two" then asking one of them, who; was a hnd transaction Of such other business that Is vary oarly. The mind of a
seta of,the; jnost powerful triple ex- Westerner, to act as spokesman, he as may properly, corhe ' before the child generally takes I t s bent long
:-,*';(> .
befora the' school days begin. Tha
pansion engiifes fitted with two separ* took them over to where the sharpers Meeting. •- •
proper .education of children hegini
ate engine—rooms, on * each side 61 awerelaughing at the way they clean- x
dividing Hne* bulkhead, ifitted with ed* out •^Ha\vfiftisKef.^r:Th"e7 "western Dated New-Ynrk,'January 7, 1 9 1 4 r ~ from v the crqdlo, and if It were pur.»•»
•ued 'aa it ought to bo the mental
water-tight dqprs. -'. Four evaporators man burst out at once with "You men
force ^>f mankind mlghtbe quadrup1
" •-, j-/"- For Sale.
produce fresh water, from the,Bait Bea ' have cleaned*out that young fellow of
in ! a single gen«ra.tiori.
«Brh(h*adr=3li4onifeflBy4ou^windle.d- ,,Af the Hcrajljoh ropms, t h e r e a t
_waters.—' ' . V:"- • ' "-,..
Love and Faults.
way. I t . is 100 feet-r by 60. The<think you ought to refund. This WBB|« J>y ?ny office in the county. .Prices
—•Where iove Is growing thin," we will,
c^ling i s o ^
can be had f o r ^ a n y w h e r ^ <5al I and flnd,\if we look closely, t h a t faults are
"domei of stained gJaaB 8 0 , feet.^^^high.*{that it w/is a equare. game and.if the
see some samples. . EveFything frorn. growing thick.—Florida Times-Union
It fa upholstered in' dark rustic vel* other .fellow lost all the worse for
an adction bill bfa^nSTtitaTogue 0 itp
vet^ a drawing rdoni1 on^ deck has/.walal him.
; ^ v o f s a t i n , w o o d a n d ; cedar, l ^ t l T a - n ^
StS§KAP$ tha hjghest,/^
Tanly^made.. W iiat more can y o u ^ a s f p
- - — • Zx— rr—^jlEjO^VARLAN, Prop,
Claris Building
Fairport, N.Y.
Main Street
; A" large line to select from, includ- •
J and Spring Cutters, at prices that :
• are attractive. ••
G E O R G E S. H O L M A N
Bell Phone, Offloe and Res., 104.
Home Phone 39-A
G. E. COCHRANE, Florist.
f _
• ' • &
CuFFlowers and Designs
' jfetwiSV-'
recently vacated by the Electric Light
east of the ticket office^
Both Phones'«• EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y.
It is » device that maintains a n even temperature in your house by means
01 a thermometer and a motor a c t i n g o n t t a e furnace dampers. Trie MarvBT
Thermostat is the only thermostat ever made that is absolutely automatic
with no springs to w i n d e r weights to adjust.
Proper regulationof your furnace by a Marvel Thermostat, the constant
maintenance of uniform heat in your living rooms, means a reduction i n fuel
cost, the elimination of all attention to dampers, a saving of labor and time,
the reduction Of fire risks and a prolonged life for your heating plant.
A Marvel Thermostat, is not a luxury—it is an absolute necessity. H a r t
one installed now in time to be ready for the first cold snap. ..
.„For. sale by. „~_
- -.ih-
— • *'rs**Qj
Do you know that the Bell Telephone will
make money for you by doubling the minutes?"
_. . t c l '••!
-Wheh-you- make . more work, than^you can
find time to do, out-of-town business tripsto make, etc., lefthe Bell -Telephone help to
lighten^your_iabor^by. sending„your_voice. inT
stead of going in person.
New York
ne Go.
:.t — L .
. It's Everywhere.
G. S. .LORD, Local Agent.
i — • • ! i n i i i H I ' f " j r 11c>',