What is Gobbler?

What is
Gobbler is software as a service (SaaS) for anyone who creates music, photographs, videos, and other digital
media. Gobbler puts the power of the cloud in the hands of digital media creators, providing on-demand
storage and processing throughout the creative process. Every aspect of Gobbler is designed specifically to
provide solutions and tools to enable intelligent storage, collaboration, and project organization for digital
media creators. By combining these tools into one comprehensive service, Gobbler solves many of the most
frustrating challenges and pitfalls of the digital creation work flow.
The first version of Gobbler is built for digital audio creators and seamlessly integrates into their unique workflow. Gobbler supports all major digital audio workstations (DAWs), enabling any media creator who works
with audio to effortlessly manage their digital assets, regardless of format or location.
Key Features
An easy, taggable, and searchable CATALOG of all of your work:
• Plug n’ play: Gobbler automatically searches internal and connected drives & generates a
detailed catalog of all of your music projects and files.
Your catalog with you, everywhere: At any time or from anywhere, you can log into Gobbler
and locate the whereabouts and details of any cataloged project in seconds — it’s better
than an intern, really.
Meta-tagging: Media data is unstructured, which makes everything from storing to
transferring files more difficult. Gobbler adds a layer of descriptive information to your files,
which makes complex data easy to search, organize, and archive.
Intelligent BACKUP with no file size limits, because media files are really big:
• Unlimited storage capacity: Whether it’s 10 MB or 1000 TB, Gobbler’s got you covered.
• Remote file access: Once a project is backed up using Gobbler, you can access it from any
internet connected computer.
• Automatic project versioning: Gobbler automatically saves a copy of your project as you
work and allows you to easily roll back to any previously saved version.
Faster and more efficient file TRANSFERS, so you spend less time waiting:
• Storage and transfer file deduplication: Files saved to the cloud are never re-uploaded,
resulting in an exponential reduction in overall data needs and improved transfer speeds.
When receiving files, Gobbler scans local drives for any files that are part of the sent project
and only downloads new or changed files, resulting in improved download speeds.
File-type specific compression: Gobbler uses a loss-less compression algorithm to reduce
data size packets, increasing overall transfer speeds, while maintaining file integrity.
No limits on transfer size or file types: Whatever your file size or type, Gobbler can send it.
Built in SECURITY to protect your projects against theft and loss:
• 99.9999999% reliable storage. No joke.
• Military Grade (AES 256-bit) Encryption: Transfer encryption protects files from packet
sniffing, while storage encryption protects your files from a network attack.
Company Background
Founded: January 2010
Launched: February 2011
Product Launch: Private beta; Nov. 2010, Public beta; Feb. 2011
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founders: Chris Kantrowitz (CEO) + Jamie Kantrowitz
Funding: $1.4m from investors led by Sky Dayton
Product: Available for Mac. PC and mobile applications
will be available in the coming months. Support for photo
and video will be rolled out over the next year.
Quick Stats
Users in over 186 countries
Over 5 million files backed up since March 2011
Debuted at Launch Conference 2011
Featured at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011
Some Facts about the Digital Universe
1.2m petabytes of data was created in 2011 (IDC)
Total amount of data is expected to grow 44x by 2020 (IDC)
70% of nearly all data created in the world is music, videos, TV signals and photographs (EMC)
94% of all media is stored in digital form (Science)
Nearly 80% of all data stored is duplicate (MGI)
1 second of HD video generates more than 2000X as many bytes as a single page of text (MGI)
$4 trillion was spent on data management in 2010 (IDC)
Gobbler was founded in March of 2010 by siblings Chris and Jamie Kantrowitz. As the CEO
of Frank the Plumber, Chris designed concerts for some of the world’s biggest artists including
The Strokes, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, and Katy Perry. After spending extensive time
on tour with his clients, Chris observed two frustrating scenarios: 1) Artists would often record a song from the road
and lose everything when their external hard drive crashed or went missing and 2) Artists couldn’t locate a project
that they were working on, either because they couldn’t remember where they had worked last, or they couldn’t
recall the producer or collaborator.
The Kantrowitz’s set out to solve these problems and designed Gobbler as a system that makes it easy
for media creators to organize, back up, and collaborate. In less then 10 months after launching,
over 25,000 users signed up for Gobbler, and it became clear that media creators were hungry for
a solution to help them better manage their digital assets and optimize their work-flow.
User Reviews
“All in all this is a really useful and tidy product that
may become indispensable to the 6 million music
makers, 12 million pro and prosumer photographers
and 3 million videographers out there in the world.
We’ll almost certainly be using Gobbler as soon
as the video product comes out, and I may use it
personally for photo management.”
“Since I’m on the road with The Strokes recording,
I back up every night to Gobbler. It’s now my go-to
place for finding shows and other sessions.”
–Michael Arrington, Tech Crunch
“Gobbler Puts the Fun Back Into Collaborative
Media Projects”
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“Gobbler is among a stampede of start-ups
tapping into a growing need to preserve, organize
and make instantly available the digital bits that
are increasingly a part of people’s creative and
professional lives.... Whereas most cloud services
focus on providing backup storage or giving users an
online ‘locker’ for accessing their files, few let people
work together when doing so.”
–Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times
“Gobbler Lets Musicians Collaborate
Over the Internet”
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“Gobbler is the only one of the cloud-based file sites
designed specifically for use in music-production
–Mike Levine, Mix Magazine
“Cloud File Exchange - Share and Share Alike”
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“[Gobbler] appeals to both the established artist and
aspiring artist. Imagine if you and your band spent
hours recording the latest album and for whatever
reason the USB drive with the high quality audio got
damaged in transit. Most musicians would be out of
luck and would have wished that the had a service
like Gobbler.”
–Eric Fader, Trend Slate
“Gobbler Launches for Audio Professionals”
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–Gus Oberg
Grammy Award-winning producer
“I’ll give credit to anyone who can help me organize
my (dis)array of hard drives and folders full of
half-finished Pro Tools, Ableton and Logic sessions!
Gobbler is the online backup management software
that our community has been missing.”
–Richie Hawtin, AKA Plastikman
Electronic music producer and DJ
“Gobbler is my studio saviour! It protects me against
my dangerous weaknesses.... Complacency and
laziness, when it comes to backing up my projects.
I’m now confident anything I produce is safe in
Gobbler’s cloud.”
–Chris Lake
Producer and DJ
“Your software and encryption + compression
algorithm are both incredible. I have been searching
for something like this for a while now, and the way
you’ve made your system session-based is unique and
–Sirio Balmelli
Professional musician and recording engineer
“Something else we do a lot is across-the-Atlantic
collaboration and sending files, even whole sessions.
This way is just simple and easy. I just installed it and
it pretty much did the rest. I sleep better now.”
–Ronan McHugh
Engineer for Def Leopard
“Being overseas needing a session to work has made
Gobbler an essential part of my workflow when
touring abroad.”
–Glenn Morrison
International DJ, Producer & Mastering Engineer
For more information about Gobbler please visit blog.gobbler.com, follow us on Twitter @gobbler, or Facebook.com/gobbler.
For press inquiries, please contact [email protected]
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