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 Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is WinShape Retreat?
Located near Rome, Ga. on Berry’s College’s Mountain Campus,
WinShape Retreat is the ideal place to cultivate life’s most essential
relationships. With 80 guest rooms and a “media-free environment”,
WinShape Retreat is a place of true retreat, where guests can get away
from the day-to-day and truly unplug.
WinShape Retreat is best suited for marriage retreats (to foster and
renew a healthy relationship with one’s spouse) and for group retreats
(to increase communication and refocus).
Throughout the year, WinShape Retreat offers Signature Programming
taught by licensed psychologists and counselors, ministry leadership,
relationship experts, and a trained experiential learning and teambuilding
staff. A member of WinShape Retreat’s reservations team will personally
consult with each guest to choose a program that is best.
2. What is the mission of WinShape Retreat?
The mission of WinShape Retreat is to create a caring, safe place for
growth and transformation. To accomplish this mission, WinShape Retreat
works to make each guest feel safe – physically and emotionally. The
pristine, secluded setting is meant to foster personal introspection and
meaningful connections with others and with God – elements that set the
stage for growth and transformation.
3. Where is WinShape Retreat located?
WinShape Retreat is located in the middle of a 26,000 acre wildlife
preserve on Berry College’s Mountain Campus near Rome, Ga. Just a
short drive from Atlanta, Birmingham or Chattanooga, WinShape Retreat
provides an environment where guests feel miles away from their daily
routine. The physical address of WinShape Retreat is 2277 Martha Berry
Highway, Mt. Berry, GA 30149.
4. What is the history of the architecture?
Inspired by French architecture, Martha Berry, founder of Berry College,
wanted her dairy farm to resemble the architecture of the Normandy
countryside. Built in the 1930s, the buildings of WinShape Retreat feature
whitewashed bricks and red roof tiles that were handcrafted by students in
a brick plant donated to the school by Henry Ford. Miss Berry also placed
spires on the barns to draw the students’ eyes and hearts to God as they
The Normandy complex was a functioning dairy farm for nearly 70 years,
ranked among the top dairies in Georgia. But as dairy students dwindled
in number, Berry College chose to streamline this costly operation, and
began looking for a worthy cause to donate this one-of-a-kind property. At
the same time, the WinShape Foundation was seeking to expand its
Because it was important not to disturb the beauty of the Normandy
setting, adaptive reuse renovation techniques were used to turn barns into
buildings. Structures were fortified for years of future use, but none of the
historic architecture was changed.
During the renovation, architects advised WinShape to build two more
buildings for housing. That’s when a surprising discovery was made: both
buildings were on the original master plan. With the conversion to
WinShape Retreat, the vision for the property God had given Miss Berry
was finally fulfilled. And when Truett and Jeannette Cathy first set foot on
the property that would one day become WinShape Retreat, they felt they
were standing on holy ground.
Since 2003, WinShape Retreat has hosted thousands of ministries,
groups, individuals and retreats.
5. Is WinShape Retreat open to the public year-round?
No, WinShape Camps uses the retreat facilities from mid-May to midAugust. During this time, WinShape Marriage hosts some retreats and
group events at the 13-room Normandy Inn while camp is in session.
6. What amenities are provided in each WinShape Retreat room?
Each room at WinShape Retreat is non-smoking and features one king
bed and a private bathroom with a shower and dual-sink vanity. All linens
are provided and each room is equipped with CD-player alarm clock, hair
dryer, facial and bath soap, body lotion, shampoo, bottled water, iron and
ironing board, and a Bible.
WinShape Retreat maintains a “media-free environment” therefore rooms
do not include a TV, telephone or Internet connection.
7. Is there Internet access on the grounds of WinShape Retreat?
WinShape Retreat maintains a “media-free environment” to facilitate the
retreat experience for guests. Internet access may be provided in
WinShape Retreat’s Conference Hall to gXHVWs when agroup leader has made a prior arrangement.
8. What marriage programming does WinShape Retreat offer?
WinShape Marriage offers programming at WinShape Retreat to help
prepare couples for marriage (Prepare to Last) and to help those already
married to strengthen and enrich their marriage (Follow Your Heart,
Courageaous Hearts, Romantic Adventure).
In addition, for those couples in crisis who need to save and restore their
marriage, WinShape Marriage offers Couples Intensive training Sunday
through Thursday at the Normandy Inn. WinShape Marriage has
partnered with the National Institute of Marriage and the Center for
Relational Care to provide intensive small-group sessions to find lasting
solutions to serious marital struggles by exposing the real root of the
problem. Emotional connections are reestablished and couples rediscover
safety in their relationship with each other, leading to true intimacy and
genuine healing. All Couples Intensive programs run Sunday through
Thursday and are held at the Normandy Inn of WinShape Retreat. Guests
can expect hospitality, comfort and confidentiality to make this a time of
safety and healing.
To determine which program is best for each guest, contact WinShape
Retreat’s reservations staff at 877-977-3873 or learn more at
9. What ministry programming does WinShape Retreat offer?
Even the most seasoned ministry teams need time away to renew,
evaluate progress, learn and grow in their faith. WinShape Retreat offers
programming to help cultivate not only ministry leaders, but also the
invaluable staff that make service to others possible. The ministry
programs at WinShape Retreat are led by licensed psychologists and
counselors, ministry leadership, relationship experts, and trained
experiential learning and teambuilding staff.
To determine which program is best for each church leader, contact
WinShape Retreat’s reservations staff at 877-977-3873 or learn more at
10. What activities are available at WinShape Retreat?
Peace and quiet may be WinShape Retreat’s specialty but there is no
shortage of fun and adventure. There are many activities available on the
grounds or near WinShape Retreat and guests should work with
reservations staff to create the ultimate retreat experience.
Some activities require a minimum number of participants or need to be
scheduled prior to your visit.
Experiential Learning
Basic to Intermediate Fly Casting
The Fundamentals of Photography
Hiking Trails
Lawn Games
Historical Tours
Hay rides
Fitness Facility
11. What dining options does WinShape Retreat provide?
Meals at WinShape Retreat are provided to groups as part RIWKH
total retreat package, and are priced to reflect the type of food VHUYHG
and the number of people dining. From the main course, to a GHVVHUW
in the café, or a snack of hot buttered popcorn, the food at :LQ6KDSH
Retreat is always among the most talked-about delights by JXHVWV
WinShape Retreat offers stress-free planning for FRXSOHVDQGgroups.
The chefs at WinShape Retreat create all the menus for groups and
can accommodate most dietary needs.
12. Are WinShape Retreat rooms handicap accessible?
Handicap accessible rooms are located on the first floor. Stairs are
needed to reach the second floor rooms since there are no elevators.
13. How does someone book a retreat or stay at WinShape Retreat?
WinShape Retreat embraces the fact that its reservation process is a little
different from most destinations. In order to provide personal care and
attention, reservations are accepted by phone Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 877-977-3873. This high-touch, low-tech
approach was thoughtfully chosen because it is representative of the
atmosphere guests will experience when they get here. Alternatively,
guests may submit a request through the WinShape Retreat website at by clicking “Contact Us” or “Request
14. Can someone tour the grounds of WinShape Retreat?
Yes, WinShape Retreat tours are by appointment only and take place at
10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of
the summer months. To schedule a tour, call 877-977-3872 or send an email request to [email protected]
15. What should guests pack when preparing for a stay at WinShape
WinShape Retreat recommends casual and comfortable attire especially
comfortable walking shoes so guests can enjoy the unspoiled mountain
wilderness. In the cooler months, it is best to dress in layers. If guests plan
to participate in experiential learning, please pack closed-toe shoes.
16. How does someone schedule a group retreat?
WinShape Retreat will work one-on-one with group leaders to schedule
and plan a group retreat. Group leaders may contact reservations by
phone Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 877-977-3873.
Alternatively, group leaders can send a request through the WinShape
Retreat website at the following URL:
17. Is WinShape Retreat available for special events?
WinShape Retreat is available for special events such as Sunday school
classes, mid-week reunions, etc. Please contact Betty Bergen, director of
sales and marketing, by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling
877-977-3873 to discuss event needs and availability.
18. Is WinShape Retreat available for wedding ceremonies or
WinShape Retreat is not intended for weddings or receptions. However, to
prepare the bride and groom for a happy and healthy marriage, WinShape
Retreat offers a “Prepare to Last” marriage program. “Prepare to Last” is
designed for couples that are seriously dating and contemplating marriage
or engaged.
19. What is experiential learning at WinShape Retreat?
Offered by WinShape Wilderness, experiential learning is conducted on
the outdoor adventure course that combines wilderness and learning to
teach principles of effective relationships in marriage, leadership, ministry
and corporate teams. This activity is designed to be for the entire group. A
minimum number of participants is required and experiential learning must
be scheduled prior to a retreat.
20. Are children allowed at WinShape Retreat?
A retreat at WinShape Retreat is intended and best suited for adults 18 or
older therefore children under the age of 18 are not permitted.
Children 12 and older are permitted at special events throughout the year
such as musical performances and special dining events. Please check
the WinShape Retreat website at or call us
toll-free at 877-977-3873 regarding events available for children.
21. What is the WinShape Foundation?
The WinShape Foundation is a non-profit organization and charitable
foundation founded by Truett and Jeannette Cathy. Established in 1984,
the WinShape Foundation includes WinShape Camps, WinShape Homes,
WinShape Wilderness, WinShape Marriage, WinShape International,
WinShape College Program and WinShape Retreat, all aimed to shape
individuals to be winners. For more information, visit
22. What is WinShape Wilderness?
Created in 1991, WinShape Wilderness gives groups the opportunity to
come and experience adventure through rock climbing, canoeing,
backpacking, Challenge Courses and retreats. For more information, visit
23. What is WinShape Camps?
Started in 1985, WinShape Camps offers a safe place for kids to sharpen
their character, deepen their Christian faith and relationships. For more
information, visit