What is EZLogin? www.ez-login.com

What is EZLogin?
When you should use EZLogin?
Why you should use EZLogin?
EZLogin is a cloud-platform for secure access to services of the company, where all of the apps can be reached in
just one click. EZLogin belongs to IAMaaS (Identity and Access Management as a Service) platforms and also
provides capabilities of service management, billing and provisioning.
When you should use EZLogin?
Your company uses 2+ SaaS services
Your company has no strong password policy
Business critical data is accessed by 2+ users
There is no DLP system in your company
Your company approves work at home policy
3rd persons (customers) frequently visit your office
Your company allows BYOD and usage of mobile devices
If at least 3 statements are applicable to your company — you sholud use EZLogin to improve security of
your business! Learn more about those and other security factors on www.ez-login.com
Why you should use EZLogin?
1 Easy access to your SaaS applications – you need only one login and password to access EZLogin with single sign
on technology.
2 All passwords to your services are managed directly by the system administrator in EZLogin without annoying
rules for regular users and with no need to make users regularly change it.
3 Alert system will inform you when user’s behavior is differ from specified pattern. EZLogin will identify access to
the system in an unusual time, from unusual IP address, from unusual device etc.
4 EZLogin provides multi-factor authentication with one-time password via e-mail or SMS for access to your
5 With EZLogin’s reporting system you can check when your empolyees started and finished their work, which
apps did they use today and even how much time they’ve spent on specific apps.
6 You can create and delete accounts for your employees with just one click! No need to long-time and complex
settings – with EZLogin designation of necessary apps to users is really simple.
7 Integration wtih Active Directory allows your employees to access their workplaces and no additional
credentials at all to access your IT services through EZLogin!
8 EZLogin gives you an opportunity to create or delete a subscription to SaaS, to renew or suspend active
subscription of apps. You don’t need to control your subscriptions from many different accounts – EZLogin
makes it for you!
9 With EZLogin you can pay for your SaaS directly from the system. EZLogin will remind you when you should pay
your mounthly payment.
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