Proceedings of the Royal Society of London

June 1, 2014
Worship Service
The People of God Prepare for Worship
Sunday, June 1
9:15 am
“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Whoever wants to be
first among you must be your slave. That is what the Son of Man has done: He
came to serve, not be served.” Matthew 20:26-28 (The Message)
Sunday School
10:30 am
4:00 pm
Calvary’s Gospel Hour
5:00 pm
10:45 am
Ladies Bible Study
Chair Yoga
(9:00 - 10:45 am)
(10:45 - 11:30 am)
5:30 pm
Bible Study Kick-Off Cookout
6:30 pm
Bible Study: Why Christ Must Return
7:30 pm
Choir Practice
Church Women United Board Meeting
Saturday, June 7
Sunday, June 8
9:15 am
10:30 am
5:00 pm
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
# 543
I’ll Fly Away
# 554
Sharing the Peace
The children are dismissed for Jr. Worship.
In The Sweet By and By
ABW Summer Conference - Franklin Univ.
9:00 am
Call to Worship
Friday, June 6
9:30 am
453-3159 ♦ [email protected]
Songs of Celebration
Wednesday, June 4
9:00 am
1967 W. Boulevard Kokomo, In
# 553
Our Time and Talents
Our Tithes
Carwash - Youth Fundraiser (9:00 - 2:00)
Sunday School
# 624
Special Music: Heaven Medley
Calvary Choir
The Message: Keep Your Eye on the Sky
Invitation: Soon and Very Soon
# 551
The Judy DeRolf Circle will be meeting Tuesday, June 10th at the home of
Patti Foust, 938 South Road 600 West. Patti will be serving a light lunch at
12:30pm. Marian Parker will be giving the Love Gift and Joyce Farr will be
giving the Devotions. We are going to bring towels and pot holders for the
kitchen. The towels in the kitchen are worn out. Please bring washing dish
cloths, drying dish cloths and pot holders for the kitchen to the meeting.
The Norma Denny Circle will be meeting Tuesday, June 10th at 6:30 pm at the
church. Shirley Vandermark will be the hostess. Doris Richardson will be giving the Love Gift and Shirley Vandermark will be giving the Devotions. We will
be bringing washing dish towels, drying dish towels and pot holder for the
kitchen. The towel shower is taking place of the program for both circles. We
will have time to fellowship together.
If anyone would like to donate towels and are not coming to the meetings,
please leave them in the library. Thanks.
The Bible Book of the month is 1 Chronicles.
Glory to God - Doxology
If you need more information about the meetings contact Jodie Taylor, Carolyn
Wilson or Margie Smith.
“Thank you to all who helped with Youth Recognition
Sunday and the Chicken Noodle Dinner. Your help
was much appreciated by our graduating Seniors and
our Youth!” Kelly Babbs
Pianist: Patrick Wilson
Next Sunday is PENTECOST SUNDAY. Don’t forget to wear RED!
Keep Your Eye
on the SKY!
Rev. Jeff Sexton, Senior Pastor
860-9131 ♦ [email protected]
VBS @ Calvary
June 16 - 20
6:00 - 8:30 p
Dinner on Tues / Thurs @ 5:15 p
Friday Night Carnival
Sunday Closing Ceremony
Pam England, Choir Director
Patrick Wilson, Pianist
Jody Babbs, Youth Leader
ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . . . . . . .
— Last Week —
Sunday School: 68
Worship: 116
Do you know of a project for re-purposing old
Christmas card covers? If so there is a stack of
them under the Missions Table.
Please pick them up if you want them, otherwise they will be recycled.
Monkey Room - Jodie Taylor, Beth Rakestraw
Nursery Room - Mary Stang, Ela Campos
All children ages 2 - 4 1/2 may pick up goody bags
at the Welcome Center.
Jr. Worship: Gwen Melton, Sue Nicholson
June 1 Pastor Jeff Sexton
June 3 Lula Morgan
June 4 Drew Davis
Bud Poling
June 6 Mary Gregory
Bill Mills
June 7 John Gallaher
June 8 Steve & Darlene Freeman Anniversary
Note to Veterans featured in last week’s slide show: If you have not
already picked up your military photograph, please pick them up in the
church office. They are located on top of the mailboxes. Thank you!
What’s Happening at CALVARY ?????
Jesus promised to one day come
back to take his followers back with
him to Heaven. Genuine Christ FolA Bible Study
lowers are the people who look for
that day when they will see him in
the sky. They pray for his appearing.
They prepare for the moment when
they will stand before a righteous
and Holy God. They invite their
friends, families, neighbors and even
complete strangers to prepare for that moment. They yearn to hear him
say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy I have
prepared for you."
Do you look for his appearing? Are you prepared for that moment? Do
you know the signs of his coming?
Pastor Jeff will be leading a summer discipleship series based on John
MacArthur's book: The Second Coming: Signs of Christ's Return and
the End of the Age. The study will start on THIS Wednesday night
June 4th at 5:30 with a cook-out. The first class is entitled: Why
Christ Must Return. It will begin at 6:30.
If you plan on attending the meal write your name and the number who
will be eating on the worship slip.
Are you ready for the second coming?
Calvary’s Gospel HOUR
The Heritage Gospel Quartet
4:00 pm
Could you sponsor a child for church camp or make a donation to the
Camp Tippy fund? If you would be willing to do this, please contact Lori
Uncapher at 455-8761.
CAMP TIPPY Golf Tournament
CAM Golf Tournament
Saturday, June 21
Tee Time: 8:00 am
Saturday, June 21
Tee Time: 2:00 pm
Indiana Oaks Golf Course
Peru, Indiana
Kokomo Country Club
Kokomo, Indiana
$30.00 / golfer
18 holes w/ cart and food after
Make checks payable to Indiana Oaks.
Send checks to Charlie McCarty
P.O. Box 335
Bunker Hill, IN 46914
$100.00 / team
18 holes
Call Ruth Lawson at 765-434-0687
with questions.
This Southern Gospel Group turned their passion
for harmony into a traveling testament to the love
of the Lord. They’ll be at Calvary for the June
CGH. Bring friends and family for this special
Calvary event!
CHAIR Yoga at Calvary
Yoga instructor Sheri Murdock is offering a Yoga class for those who have issues with mobility due to joint problems, etc. This is a “Chair” Yoga class
where all participants sit in a chair while doing the yoga exercises. Sheri has
introduced the concept of “Christian Yoga” to the community and has led yoga
classes at the Family Worship for several years.
The class runs from 10:45 - 11:30 am following the Ladies Bible Study that
goes from 9:00 - 10:45 am.
A freewill offering of $5.00/class will be given. All are welcome. Come and
bring friends! We’ll see you Wednesday.
Calvary Family Prayer Needs
Brittany, lawn mower accident (Doris Richardson’s neice)
Burt Hawkins, recovering from ACL surgery
Carolyn Carmack, foot surgery on June 3
Kim Henderson, recovering from broken arm surgery (the Bassett’s daughter)
Linda Hjilmeland, broken tailbone (Ruth Stahl’s sister)
Ralph Harbaugh, pulmonary fibrosis (Leona Mims’ former boss)
Susan Hawkins, cancer (Stacy Hawkins’ sister-in-law)
Georgia Simmons, recovering at home
Levi Bakehorn issues at birth, at Riley Hospital (grandson of the Carmacks)
Becky McJunkins, recovering from surgery, Community Howard Rm. 2006
The Huffman’s grandchild, seizures
Kim Scott, growth on her liver (Donna Surbey’s daughter)
Addison Grace Edens, newborn with health issues (B. Rakestraw’s niece)
Rita Reed, high blood pressure, diabetes (Jan Watson’s sister)
Bud Poling, recovering from laser procedure
Jerry Tackett, stage 4 cancer (friend of Tom and Patsy Sanders)
Debbie Tackett, comfort and strength (Jerry Tackett’s wife)
Helen Himsel, broken hip, dialysis, diabetes (Susan Bonness’ cousin)
Madonna Crabtree, terminal cancer (friend of Marian Parker)
Cheryl Wood, infection in incisions and foot
Leslie McCarthy, recent knee reconstructive surgery (friend of Taylors)
Sherra Strahan struggling with grief (Wilma Bagley’s daughter)
John Dean, health issues
Virginia Shook, stomach cancer (Libby Updike’s mother)
Barbara McKinney, breast cancer (friend of Carolyn Carmack and Jan Wall)
Stacy Mills, health concerns (Bruce & Cathy Shaw’s daughter)
Madison Mills, bacterial infection/diabetes (Bruce & Cathy Shaw’s g’daughter)
Bill Allen, at Wellington
Leona Mims, cardiomyopathy resulting from a virus
Frank Mims, inflammation of the esophagus
Bob Gibson, cancer, macular degeneration (friend of the Taylor family)
Jim McCord, at home, having seizures (Ruth Stahl’s brother)
Mark Wood, torn meniscus, cysts
Bob Barker, stroke (friend of the Taylor family)
Kathy Miller, cancer, kidney failure (C. Carmack’s cousin)
Norma Bandelier, breast cancer (friend of Susan Bonness)
Gwen Melton’s niece “K”, eating disorder
Grace Freeman, health issues
Don Mason, lung cancer (friend of Tom Sanders)
Madelyn Lamb, severe Alzheimer’s disease (friend of Ernie Rakestraw)
Diane Whitaker, inoperable cancer (friend of Mary Nelson)
Bob Clem, throat cancer (Ernie Rakestraw’s friend)
Carolyn Broughton, cancer (Charlene Olson’s cousin)
Shirley Rody, cancer (sister-in-law of Bonnie Croddy)
Carol Hafner, breast cancer (Cathy Shaw’s cousin)
Alana Johnson, 9 yr. old with leukemia
We mourn the loss of Betty Harvey, a longtime Calvary member
Other Concerns
Our Country and Its Leadership, the Unsaved, our Enemies
Calvary Church, Church Unity, our Pastor & our Missionaries
In Service
Rocky Vazquez, (Air Force) Dover, DE (husband of Felisha Vazquez)
Sam Freeman, (Army) at home
Josh Sanders, (Marines) in Spain
Chad Coolbaugh, (Marines) in Okinawa, grandson of the Boyce’s
Paul McCune (Army) in Afghanistan, Linda’s son and Michael’s brother
Steven McCune (Navy) Linda Lauderbaugh’s grandson
James Hoyet (Marines) Afghanistan, friend of Ernie Rakestraw