What is BowTieXP? Official Introductory Brochure

Official Introductory Brochure
What is BowTieXP?
BowTieXP is a software tool that supports the BowTie eXPerience methodology. This
methodology helps organisations to model their risks in a simple visual format that is
shaped by a bow-tie. The power of the BowTie eXPerience methodology is the
combination of the visual insight that it provides and the simplicity of the methodology.
BowTieXP reduces risk management to a useful level, easy to understand and easy to
BowTieXP supports and extends the BowTie risk management methodology. BowTieXP
is used by organisations worldwide to manage risks, notably BowTieXP is even used to
manage risks that are so great they could endanger the safety and continuity of entire
organisations and their employees.
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Official Introductory Brochure
A very short explanation of what a BowTieXP model is
BowTieXP models provide a simple, graphical representation of the relationship between
the causes and consequences of business upsets, the control measures in place and the
tasks, procedures, responsible individuals and competencies which support and enforce
the controls. If you’d like to find out more, please visit: www.bowtiexp.com .
Example of a BowTieXP model
Why use BowTieXP?
This brochure will give you many reasons to start using BowTieXP, and after reading this
brochure you will be able to tell us why you want to start to using BowTieXP rather than
the other way around. We hope you enjoy our brochure, and we genuinely appreciate it if
you contact us with your questions and feedback.
Try BowTieXP today
Governors and SafetyPro will gladly provide you with a BowTieXP trial copy (30 days) if you are
interested in evaluating BowTieXP. If you haven’t used a trial copy and decide to buy the
software right away, Governors provides an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.
We are that confident you will enjoy using BowTieXP.
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Official Introductory Brochure
Who uses BowTieXP?
BowTieXP is used by organisations that understand the importance of risk management.
Within organisations, BowTieXP is used by those who need to have insight and overview
with respect to risk, whether that is a risk manager or a project manager, or someone with
operational responsibilities.
BowTieXP is used by some of the biggest companies on the planet, defense departments
and other government organisations. It is certainly not limited to big companies,
BowTieXP is used by many smaller organisations as well. Please contact us for
5 reasons to improve your Risk Management
Risk Management is about doing the job well
Improving Risk Management in your organisation is not a theoretical exercise, improving
risk management will improve the overall performance of the organisation. For
organisations using BowTieXP, this has been a consistent side-effect.
Beats insurance
Improving Risk Management in your organisation beats insurance any day. Just insuring
risk is a reactive approach to risk management, proper proactive risk management with
BowTieXP will prevent hidden costs that almost always accompany a business upset.
Good Corporate Governance
Proper Risk Management is a requirement in virtually every corporate governance code
in any country. BowTieXP is probably the first risk management software tool for
corporate governance risk management. BowTieXP helps board of directors prove
they’re on top of risk management within their organisation.
Risk Management requires a feedback process
Risk Management needs a dynamic approach to be effective. BowTieXP gives
organisations an improvement process where risk models can be analysed and updated
based on an incident. The risk models in BowTieXP reflect the current knowledge with
respect to risk in the organisation.
What your employees don’t know will hurt your organisation
Risk Management is not just about risk itself, it is just as much about the management
of risk information and knowledge. Accidents often occur even though people within the
organisation knew about the risks, unfortunately the people that could have prevented it
didn’t know and never found out about them because the information was unavailable or
poorly accessible to them.
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Official Introductory Brochure
reasons to use the BowTie eXPerience methodology
Start Out Simple
Many good risk management initiatives fail because they are too complex or they have
become too complex too quickly. The BowTie eXPerience methodology is simple and
powerful, it gives an organisation insight without adding extra work to daily activities.
Visualises Risks
BowTieXP does not just list risks, it shows the controls that prevent the causes and
mitigate the impacts of the risks. This clear, graphical representation promotes ease of
understanding and communication.
Links to Everyday Tasks
BowTieXP links the risk controls to critical tasks, procedures and competencies. This
means that the risk assessment is not just a snapshot of that moment in time. It ensures
that the controls remain effective and risks continue to be managed tomorrow as well as
Practical Approach
BowTieXP facilitates the practical implementation of risk management at the operational
level. The method is not limited to technical specialists. By involving the people
responsible for risk controls they can see why what they do is critical for managing risk.
Corporate Knowledge
BowTieXP makes risk information readily accessible and provides a corporate memory
for knowledge that may otherwise be lost. By linking risk controls with how they are
implemented, it also supports handovers and audits.
Based on the Bow Tie methodology
The BowTie eXPerience methodology supports and extends the BowTie risk
management methodology. BowTie eXPerience methodology adds an effective
approach to modelling BowTies, support for the Tripod methodology and will evolve with
the changing needs and requirements of the market.
BowTie eXPerience methodology improves safety culture
When you try to improve organisations, causality is almost impossible to prove. Is the
organisation improving because of what they’re doing, or is the fact that the organisation
is motivated to do something driving the improvement? While we may never be able to
know this for sure, what we do know is that organisations that use the BowTie
eXPerience methodology have a significantly more mature safety culture than
companies that don’t.
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