What is ConfigSnapshot:

What is ConfigSnapshot:
ConfigSnapshot is a Configuration Management tool which gives you effective management of Oracle ebusiness suite setup. A tool which enables risk management and predictability to be enhanced greatly,
reducing the time to find that “needle in a haystack” hunt to work out the difference between any two given
instances/environments. An automatic problem recognition application saving time, money and reducing risk
whilst enhancing predictability.
Are you?
Are you currently implementing the E-Business Suite or making enhancements to your existing
Are you upgrading or planning to upgrade?
Are you planning to reimplement?
Are you planning to roll out the applications across additional countries / organisations?
If you?
If you could introduce more control in managing your E-Business Suite set ups...
If you could ensure changes made to configuration are correctly reflected in all environments
throughout project work...
If you could understand the impact of patches on your system...
If you could reduce the time required for documenting set up to a minimum to maximise the time
spent on delivering the optimum solution for your organisation...
If you could quickly and easily compare configurations when issues arise in one environment and not
Internal/External Resource savour, allows consultants to spend expensive/scarce time on resolving
rather than identification of an issue, due to immediate click of button identification.
Allows the user to make comparisons across different business streams of a project. (Prod/UAT/Dev)
Document any environment at any stage in minutes rather than weeks.
Presents Information in a functional view and a logical index for ease of use.
Helps you to trap errors, even minor user errors which can have a massive cost impact.
Allows you to make comparisons between different business groups in UK or the World.
Development Team can pinpoint errors and correct and an early stage and throughout development.
Minimizes testing time whilst reassuring migration set-up is correct.
Vital benefit of discussing pan-european and world wide localisation prior to implementation, gives a
functional and simple to use data to implement from coupled with eliminating the risk of Language.
errors in regards to user/human input.
Simplifies Support as the team can use config snapshot to document on an ongoing basis resolving SR.
Simplifies Patching/Upgrades due to its comparison ability for pre-patch and post-patch
Quote: Mathew Grove – Oracle Manager – Virgin Atlantic Airways (Attached Case Study Ref)
“ConfigSnapshot’s ability to make comparisons between different business groups within a single environment
and full comparisons across multiple environments enables us to ensure our system set-up is both correct and
consistent across different countries. With ConfigSnapshot, we can easily identify any differences.