What is the ? American Homebrewers

What is the
Association ?
The American Homebrewers
Association (AHA) is the very
first and only not-for-profit,
member-driven organization
dedicated to the art, science
and fun of homebrewing.
Since 1978, the AHA has been promoting the
homebrewing hobby through its publications,
events and programs. The Association’s
activities include: Zymurgy magazine, Zymurgy:
An Introduction to Homebrewing, National
Homebrewers Conference,
National Homebrew Competition,
National Homebrew Day (Big
Brew), Mead Day, Learn to
Homebrew Day, Pub Discount
Program and AHA Membership
Rallies. AHA membership is
more than 20,000 strong and
ers Con
National Home
Brewers Association • 736 Pearl Street • Boulder, CO 80302
1.303.447.0816 • 1.888.822.6273 • 1.303.447.2825 (fax)
American Homebrewers Association
A Division of the Brewers Association
What is the Pub Discount Program?
The Brewers Association (BA) Pub Discount Program provides
American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members discounts
on beer, food and/or merchandise. More than 20,000 AHA
members enjoy these discounts at participating Brewers
Association member brewpubs, breweries and retail shops. It’s
their member benefit and a BA member benefit too!
Why Participate in the Pub Discount Program?
n Members of the Brewers Association have the opportunity to promote their establishments
to more than 20,000 AHA members who are avid homebrewers and beer enthusiasts.
n Close to 450 pubs, breweries and retailers from national groups like Old Chicago and
Rock Bottom Restaurants to locally owned brewpubs like Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats
participate in this member-only national customer loyalty program.
n Become the favorite spot for homebrewers and beer connoisseurs in your area. Bring
them in once for the discount and they’ll keep coming back for the great beer and food!
n Help unite America’s amateur and professional craft beer community!
Get more
About the Pub
Discount Program:
Kathryn Porter Drapeau
AHA Membership Coordinator
1.303.447.0816 ex. 123
[email protected]
About Brewers
Association Membership:
Erin Glass
BA Membership Coordinator
1.303.447.0816 ex. 135
[email protected]
How to Participate
1. Decide on a Discount Offer. Make your offer available to just
the card-carrying AHA member or the whole party. It’s up to you.
Here are some examples:
n 15% off Food, Beverage & Merchandise
n $1 off Pints, $2 off Growler Fills
n Happy Hour Prices All Day
2. Contact Us. To sign on to the program just contact
Kathryn Porter Drapeau, AHA Membership Coordinator at
1.303.447.0816 ex. 123 or [email protected]
3. Educate Your Staff. We’ll send you sample AHA membership
cards and posters for you to provide to your managers and staff.
Let them know about your discount offer and to expect AHA
members to show up at your establishment with membership card in
hand, because you are a Pub Discount Program participant.
4. Promotion. We’ll promote your establishment as a Pub Discount
Program participant in print, at HomebrewersAssociation.org,
CraftBeer.com, BrewersAssociation.org, in AHA membership
mailings and in emails to AHA members and non-members.