How to use your Yahoo email account

How to use your Yahoo email account (beta)
To open your Yahoo! Account:
1. Open the Internet by double-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon
Click once in the address bar
, type and press
2. On the Yahoo! Homepage, click the My Mail
3. Click in the Yahoo! ID box
and type your Yahoo! ID
(the part of your e-mail address before the @).
4. Click in the Password box
5. Click the Sign In
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and type your password.
To read your e-mails:
1. Click on the Check Mail button
2. Any e-mails you have will be listed
showing who sent it, what the
subject is and when it was sent. Double click on an e-mail to open it.
The full e-mail will now appear. Once you’ve read it, you can do things
with it by using the buttons along the top:
3. Click
to reply to the sender of the e-mail. This will open a new e-
mail with their address already inserted. All you do is type your reply
and click Send.
4. Click
to forward the e-mail to someone else.
5. Click
to move through your e-mails. The down arrow takes you to
the previous one in your Inbox; the up arrow to the next one.
6. Click
to print the e-mail. (It lets you print just the e-mail – not all the
other stuff on the screen.)
7. Click
to throw it in the bin.
8. Click
to report this e-mail as spam. This marks it as junk mail and
any future e-mails from this sender will be automatically sent to the
Spam folder, not your Inbox.
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To write an e-mail:
1. Click the Compose button
or press the letter n on the keyboard
Your e-mail can be 10 words or 10,000 words – the box will expand as you
2. When you are ready to send your e-mail, click
at the top left of the e-mail.
3. When you have finished with your e-mail, always close your Yahoo!
Account safely by click on Sign Out
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