Episcopal Church Fit - to - Lead

“Winning the Future”
Fit - to - Lead
A Wellness Initiative of the Fourth Episcopal
District of
the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bishop John R. Bryant, Presiding Prelate
Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams-Bryant, Episcopal Supervisor
Dr. Glenda Hildreth, Editor
July 24, 2011 Volume, 1 Issue 20
4. Keep an eye on your portion sizes.
5. Make small changes every day instead
of changing everything at once.
The USDA My Plate Program is a
replacement of the Food Pyramid as a
guide to choosing proportioned meals.
The four categories: grain (whole), fruit,
protein, plus a glass of dairy provide a
diet that is high in grains, simple to
understand, relevant to real life, and
adaptable to different dietary
preferences. Following this program
should reduce weight and waistlines, see
Source: HealthCentral
Important note: Even if you lose fat,
there's no guarantee you'll lose it from
your abs. Your body decides when, where
and how much fat you'll lose. Some of us
will never get rid of all the fat over the abs
without taking the body fat to unhealthy
levels. It's always best to focus on what
you can control--what you eat, how much
exercise you get and how healthy your
lifestyle is. Paige Wachner/About.com
Meal Suggestion
Taco Salad
Top 2 cups of bagged baby greens with
1/2 cup of rinsed and drained canned
black beans. Top with 1/4 cup of salsa,
sprinkle with reduced-fat shredded
Cheddar cheese, and garnish with 2
tablespoons of chopped avocado.
Belly fat is a major concern for a
number of people. Below are
suggestions for reducing it.
1. Cardio exercise regularly in your
target heart rate zone 2-3 days/wk.
30-90 min. Get your heart pumping
(jogging, running, swimming, walking,
purchased program .)
2. Strength training for your entire
body 1-3 non-consecutive days a
3. A healthy low-calorie diet. This is
by far the most crucial part of your
program. To make it work you need
to: Keep a food log in which you
write down everything you eat or
drink. Use a food calculator to
determine about how many calories
you eat each day. Begin changing bad
habits by replacing them, one by one,
with healthier choices (fruits and
veggies will fill you up and give you
nutrients and fiber).
Local Church Affirmation
We are a Romans 12:1 Congregation!
LIFE is a Gift from GOD. Healthy
Habits and Attitudes are our
Daily Thanksgiving.
OUR Vision and Mission is
wellness in every area of life –
spiritual, physical, emotional,
relational and ecological.
WE believe that Covenant living
makes us both responsible
and accountable for the
condition of our planet.
IN our life together, wellness
principles and practices will
be taught and implemented.
OUR commitment to wellness is
intergenerational, local and
We are dedicated to becoming a
church “Fit to Lead” the
neighborhood and the nations
How to Lose Belly Fat
FIT TO LEAD Find It In The Bible!
Answers from last week’s entry
1. What can never make perfect those who
draw near to worship? repeated sacrifices
of the Law. Heb. 10:1
2. Why is God patient with us? He wants
nothing to perish and everyone to
repent. 2 Peter 3:9
3. What should older women be taught? To
be reverent in living, not to slander, not
to drink too much wine, and to teach
good. Titus 2:3
4. Whose love gave Paul great joy and
encouragement? Why? Philemon; he
refreshed the hearts of the saints.
Philemon 7
This Week’s Bible Query!
Answers in next week’s issue!
1. Who did God know and set apart before
he was formed in the womb?
2. By what name will the righteous Branch
be called?
3. What should older women be taught?
4. Whose love gave Paul great joy and
into “Winning the Future”
for wellness.
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Women’s Day Out! – Has been
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