Come Join Us

Come Join Us
for a fun and productive day and a half at the Silk Pin Cushion as we take an opportunity
to jump start your next level of Quilting. Tackle the three reasons why people don’t quilt their own quilts...
1. They don’t know what to put on them
2. They don’t know how to safely mark them ...and...
3. They don’t feel confident with their free motion skills
How to Quilt Your Quilt and Doodling are exactly what you need!
Linda Visnaw, will be our Educator. She has written articles for SewNews, appeared on America Sews, America Quilts
Creatively, and – Series II. Linda has taught throughout the U.S. including the Houston Quilt Market and
currently she is featured in Fun with Sulky Blendables Thread Book - #900-B21. See more of her bio on the following
On Friday Morning:
How to Quilt Your Quilt
You have taken great pains to pick just the right colors and fabrics. Your points are
all pointed and each seam is flat…now what? Spend a half day learning how to plan
and audition stitch motifs for your quilt and turn it into a masterpiece. Identify
shapes and sizes on the quilt top you bring to class. See how the quilt’s theme can be
inspired by who it is intended for or the mood of the quilt itself. In this rich learning
environment you will work in groups to plan a design for one of the quilts brought to
the event. You will collaborate, view the designs of others, and learn from everyone
else in the class. Whether you decide to
Bring to Class:
machine quilt the quilt yourself, or have a talA quilt top no bigger than 60” ented Longarm quilter do the job, this class is a
Paper Scissors
Pencil & Eraser
On Saturday:
Doodling - All Over Quilt & Border Design
Tired of just “Stippling”? Building muscle memory through
practice is the key to smooth, effortless free motion/freehand
fill design with your sewing, mid-arm or long arm machine. But,
you can’t be at you machine every minute of the day. When you
can’t be at you machine...Doodle. The muscle memory that it
takes to doodle, is the same muscle memory you use to free
motion/freehand fill at your machine. In this class you will learn
how to build muscle memory. You will learn how to doodle a
series of designs, step by step, and how to build your own
collection of all over quilt and border designs.
Bring To Class
Your sewing machine with power
Spring Loaded Stippling Foot REQUIRED
90 Embroidery or Topstitch needle REQUIRED
Blue wash-a-way fabric marker or other fabric marker
Two, 24” square, muslin/batting/muslin sandwiches for practice Draw lines to divide one 24” square into 16 , 6” squares. Do Not
Cut! NOTE: 42” or 45” Muslin folded in half is fine.
The Silk Pin Cushion
Date: June 1, 2012 Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
June 2, 2012 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Place: The Silk Pin Cushion
1523 Ford, Golden CO
Fee: $60.00
Call: 303-278-8813
Space is Limited!
50 or 60 weight thread to match the color of your muslin ( like YLI
Soft Touch or Superior Sew Fine)
9”x12” Newsprint doodle pad and pencil
12” Golden Threads Paper
Machingers Gloves or other quilting gloves REQUIRED
Sew Slip or Supreme Slider REQUIRED
18” to 24” Ruler
Linda Visnaw
Linda focuses on
entry level
techniques of
free motion
A teaching degree along with her managerial experience at a Husqvarna Viking store located in a JoAnnETC, and over 50 years of sewing experience has
prepared her well. As a fiber artist living in Lake
Havasu City, Arizona, Linda feels she has the very
best opportunity of her life. That is, teaching others
how to sew, designing for embroidery and quilting,
and stitching her own quilts. She brings her varied
programs and classes to quilt shops and guilds
throughout the country.
Linda is also a Sulky Artist and is certified in Golden
Threads and Quilting from the Heartland techniques.
Fiber Artist, Educator, Designer, Author
Linda has appeared on:
 America Sews and America Quilts Creatively with Sue Hausmann
 America Sews with Sew Hausmann # 20 and # 22
 April 2011
Has taught at:
 Husqvarna Viking International Conventions
 The Houston International Quilt Market
 Spring Market
 The Road to California Quilt Show
 American Sewing Expo, Novi MI
 Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA
 Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff Dealerships throughout the country
Her work has appeared in a variety of publications
 America Sews with Sew Hausmann # 20 and # 22
 More Embroidery Machine Essentials by Jeanine Twigg
 Total Embellishment Newsletter by Pauline Richards
 Contemporary Quilting by Stevii Graves
 Machine Embroidery Basics by Patti Albin
 Creative Beginnings in Machine Embroidery by Patti Albin
 Machine Embroidery Wild & Wacky by Linda Griepentrog
 Sewing and Embroidery Professional
 Sewing Educator’s Alliance Magazine
 Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine
 Sew News Magazine
 Fun with Sulky Blendables Thread Book - #900-B21
Linda is the author of:
 An educational DVD Threads & Inks Together – Creating Synergy
 An embroidery and project CD - Threads & Inks Together – MiniStation
 An embroidery CD - Threads & Inks Together – Embroidery and Art Work
Thread Sketches, Quilt Patterns from Golden Threads
Cactus Punch Signature Series #SIG97, SIG118, SIG93, SIG128
Inspira Embroidery Collection – Moonflower - SIG201
Sew Hot - Sew Cool Insulated Bag Pattern
Desert Etchings Quilt Pattern and Embroidery Collection
Doodling - All Over Quilt Design & Doodling - Border & Sashing Design
Linda’s Quilt Desert Wonder is
currently traveling with Sulky Threads in
promotion of their newest Fun with
Blendables Thread Book
Doodling - All Over Quilt Design
Visit Linda’s Website -