The Know-How To Be Your Best

The Know-How To Be Your Best
Throughout the world where electrical parts have to be cast and impregnated
VTH is rated one of the leading names.
With many patented developments.
VTH is known as the innovative pacesetter in the field.
Its name stands for outstanding precision
and high economic efficiency in resin casting technology.
This know-how has made VTH the respected partner of the industry
on all matters of resin casting applications.
VTH plans, develops and builds systems that are
tailor-made to individual requirements. Solutions are profit and market oriented
with improvements in quality and productivity as permanent objectives.
The result: greater competitiveness for VTH customers.
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Electrical industry
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and special systems
The Know-How To Be Your Best
in resin casting and impregnation
The Know-How To Be Your Best.
The tools for
developing and testing new ideas.
Laboratory and spec
The latest state of the
VTH knows what's important in a laboratory.
Obtaining data that is true-t
In a practical manner, clean
VTH works closely with system users and casting
material suppliers as their respected partner in the
development of new processes and products.
In the last 15 years VTH has applied for 12 patents
and with several of these the preparatory work has
been carried out jointly with VTH's development
Innovation forms the basis of VTH's success as a
The value of VTH laboratory systems lies in the
opportunity they provide the user to carry out
his own specific development work and to gain
experience and knowledge from this.
User-friendliness aiding the development of
new ideas and new approaches.
Less time required for cleaning and
maintenance - gives more time for comprehensive
series of tests.
Process parameters that can be set and
reproduced exactly.
High flexibility in terms of selection of materials,
process parameters and process types.
Constant and reproducible test conditions
that can be verified.
The results obtained are absolutely relevant to
and can be safely scaled up for the production process.
... for practice-oriented
laboratory work.
By way of example - 2 component vacuum mixing and metering systems.
VTH laboratory systems make use of the same
process advantages given with VTH production
Component preparation in VTH metering mixers
with special tank and stirrer geometry.
Synchronously running VTH piston-type
metering pumps driven through the stirrer axis
provide constant delivery pressure, require no
maintenance and are wear-resistant.
Small-volume VTH static mixers - kind to the
material, with no dead spaces, favourable flow
characteristics and easy to assemble.
The double-walled version of metering mixers
and static mixers permits these to be chilled and/or
heated if required.
VTH casting valves and VTH casting
chambers tailored to specific customer
requirements. Ability to move the casting valve in
the X, Y and Z directions.
Simple, modular form of construction.
Systems equipped for easy operating, servicing
and maintenance. For example: pneumatic lid
lifting device for each vessel and passive or active
(option: electromagnetic actuation) nonreturn
All test parameters are easy to set, can be kept
exactly constant, are easy to check and can always
be reproduced.
Homogeneous preparation and optimum
degassing of even highly viscous components.
Metering direct from the mixer. Even highly filled
materials can be metered exactly in infinitely
variable mix ratios.
Systems can be used for all relevant materials;
high viscosities and extreme mix ratios are also
Only that quantity of reactive mix is prepared
that is required for the particular casting operation.
The reactive mix is of constant viscosity and
constant temperature.
Bubblefree and dripless casting via the static
mixer and casting valve directly into the samples
without contamination (and time-consuming
cleaning) of samples and casting chamber.
The parts of the system that come into contact
with the reactive mass can be flushed out with the
resin component without any solvent being required.
Long cleaning intervals, easy maintenance, long
service life, high system availability and easy
replacement of wear parts.
Systems can be changed over easily to other
processes (e.g. vacuum casting or pressuregelation) or other products (e.g. small-volume
production for products being phased out or spare
Ability to retro-expand system capacity using
existing system parts.
Vacuum-impregnation system
for determining the degree of
impregnation obtained with
different impregnation agents
and the influence of variables
such as vacuum, pressure,
temperature and time.
Laboratory system for automatic pressure
The APG process permits rational volume
production through rapid gelation, rapid
demoulding, short mould-occupancy times and
automatic closing and opening of the mould.
More and more users are employing this compact
APG system to test the manifold possibilities of
the process.
cial systems from VTH:
art to meet the latest
Challenge VTH with your ideas for special applications.
Open up new dimensions and new markets with
laboratory technology plus know-how from VTH.
to- scale with VTH:
nly and rapidly.
In addition to resin manufacturers and the electrical and electronic industries, users from many other
sectors of industry co-operate with VTH in the search for new solutions. The areas include: chemistry,
plastics, optical and medical applications, safety science, offshore applications, space technology, high
temperature technology, protection of structures, coating technology, environmental protection, materials
testing and many others.
2-component vacuum
mixing and metering
system for laboratory
applications and smallvolume production.
• With all the advantages
listed on the left.
• Thanks to its modular
make-up, this system can
easily be enhanced to a
production unit.
The first step is always a talk in which you sketch out for us your problem, question
or idea. Very often the starting points for a successful approach will be
produced in such an initial discussion.
The second step could be: Make use of the VTH laboratory and at the same time
VTH's know-how: The company's process knowledge as well as their chemical,
chemical engineering, materials, electrical, production, casting resin, 2-component,
vacuum, material preparation, mixing and metering, heating, cooling, temperature
regulation, pressure, overpressure, impregnation, programming and control knowhow are at your disposal when you use the VTH laboratory and its systems. The
photo on the cover of this brochure gives you a look into the VTH laboratory.
The third step: Continue your series of tests in your own facility with a standard VTH
laboratory / small-scale production system or one conceived for your particular tasks
till you are ready for volume production. With close co-operative work in parallel with
VTH, resin manufacturers and other specific partners involved in your project.
VTH batch mixers: The simplest and most cost-favourable VTH
systems for batchwise mixing, preparing and casting of resin
systems under vacuum following manual metering in of the
individual components.
In order to, for example, develop and test special mixes. Simple,
compact structure capable nevertheless of being retro-enhanced to
2-component systems with static mixers.
Rapid changing over of materials is possible with these
disposable vessels and stirrer propellors. No need to
clean mixing vessels.
Batch mixer fitted as standard with vacuum pump stand,
electrically driven stirrer with stirrer propellor that can
be lowered and operating unit.
The well-appointed
vacuum pump stand,
electrically driven anchor-type
stirrer, lid-lifting device,
illuminated sight glass in the
mixing vessel, transparent
casting chamber door and
operating unit.