How to Setup a NAT for Multiple Machines to Host... Network with a Dynamic IP.

How to Setup a NAT for Multiple Machines to Host VSK Races Simultaneously on a
Network with a Dynamic IP.
(for Dummies)
by Dez Brown aka Chameleon
Example Router = Linksys/Cisco WAG160N (wired)
What you will Need.
3 X Registered VSK Games
3 X VSK capable computers
1 X Modem Router (preferably a Linksys/Cisco WAG160N)
(From this point on, I am assuming your router is setup, has recognised all machines & is
connected to the Net with a Dynamic IP.)
Step 1.
Open the (DOS box) Command Prompt on all machines you wish to host with and type in
The router will have assigned each machine a seperate IP address.
You will need this information so leave the DOS box open for now.
Step 2.
Type into your browser & open Router Setup/Advanced Routing.
Enable NAT & create a Static IP Addresses for each machine on the Router Network using the
Command Prompt information
Machine 1
Machine 2
Machine 3
Note : Save Settings after each !
Step 3.
Open Router setup/Gaming &Applications/Single Port Forwarding.
Note: (Leave Port Triggering & Range empty as they are not necessary for VSK)
Create 3 port Openings for each of the Static IP's.
Save Settings.
Step 4.
Open Windows Firewall/Exceptions on each machine
Add the Step 3 Ports & Protocols that apply to each.
Note: (The name is not important in this instance.)
Step 5
Open VSK Configure/Advanced/Network.
Match the appropriate Server & P2P Ports for the assigned machines.
Machine 1
Machine 2
Restart Computers.
Start VSK & host on all 3 machines sinultaneously :)
Machine 3