from a site not on the NAVSS network

This document explains how to access CMS2012 from a site not on the NAVSS
network, you will be installing and using a tool called Citrix:
Open internet explorer and in the address bar type press hit enter to go to the site.
The first time you go to this site you will be asked to install the “Citrix Receiver”
If you are accessing this service from a
location that is not on the NAVSS network
you will be presented with this screen. Log
in with the username you use for Wave and
The client will take a short time to install.
Once complete, you will see a log-in
Please click on the “I agree with Citrix
license agreement”
And then click the
You may see this screen appear before
you have finished installing the Citrix
Receiver, do not attempt to log in at this
stage. Continue to the next step
You may be presented with security
warnings asking you if you want to run the
software, click Run
Accessing CMS2012 from a site not on the NAVSS network
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Accept the second security warning and
click Run
Note the message regarding installation of
the Citrix add-on
Click the yellow ribbon and select Run Addon
If you are using Windows 7, the same
message may appear like this.
Click Allow.
Accept further Internet Explorer Security
warning if you get it
Click Install
From the log in screen, in the User name
box enter the user name that you use to
access the email and WAVE systems with.
In the password box, use the password that
goes with that user name.
Accessing CMS2012 from a site not on the NAVSS network
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You may see a message regarding running
the Citrix add-in. Click the yellow banner to
allow it to run.
Once logged in, the “VS Full Desktop”
button will be displayed. Click on this to
take you to the Citrix environment.
A new window will open called :
“VS Full Desktop – Desktop Viewer” and
a connecting message will be shown.
After launching the following message will
appear. Tick “do not ask me again from
this site” and click Yes.
Close Compatibility mode window if it
After a few seconds the windows desktop
will be displayed. Enter your CMS2012
login details e.g. VSC\smithj
To give yourself space to work: we
recommend “maximising this window by
on the top right hand side of the
When you have finished working in
CMS2012, click start and log off to end the
Citrix session.
Accessing CMS2012 from a site not on the NAVSS network
You will then be returned to Internet
Explorer and your standard desktop.
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For convenience, you may add to your internet
explorer favourites or add a short cut on your desktop.
Citrix Menu Options
Clicking on the
Home :.
symbol at the top of the screen, reveals the menu below:
Minimise the Citrix window so that you can see other windows on
your desktop
Brings up the Microsoft options screen which enables the locking of
your session. The windows accessibility options can also be found
on this screen by clicking
. To return to the “Clouds” desktop click
the “cancel” button.
There are several functions within the preferences, at this time
please do not adjust these settings unless directed to do so by the IT
service desk.
Full screen:
Increases the size of the window you are working in to cover your
local desktop. Clicking this button again returns it to a “window”
Ends your Citrix session but come back to it later at the same point.
If you have any queries, please contact the IT service desk, on: 0845 673 3323 or use this
email link to log a call: IT Service Desk
Accessing CMS2012 from a site not on the NAVSS network
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