Choose a Value Added Reseller (VAR)
Value Added Resellers (VARs)
There are many reasons for IT or Executive leader to partner with a VAR:
Assistance with designing customized IT solutions
Virtualization and Disaster Recovery planning
Better pricing and access to incentives
Cost-effective support and monitoring without in-house resource
Now that the time has come to choose a VAR, where should you begin?
This guide provides some guidelines for choosing the technology partner
that is the right for your company.
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Industry Specialization
Does the VAR specialize in your industry?
Many VARs choose to deal with specific vertical markets because their application knowledge and
skill sets mesh with certain industry niches. Choosing a VAR that has experience with companies
like yours is important because you want to work with someone familiar with your industry and
the challenges that you face. Additionally, the VAR can provide their perspective on industry
trends and examples of how other companies are solving the IT challenges you are facing.
Choose a VAR that:
Is familiar with your industry
Understands the challenges you face
Is knowledgeable of industry trends
Can explain how others are solving IT challenges
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Service Specialization
Does the VAR specialize in the services you require?
It is important that you choose a VAR that has experience with the services you require. If you are
thinking of migrating your small business to the cloud, you should focus your search on VARs that
specialize in cloud-based solutions and migrations. A VAR with a lot of experience setting up onpremise solutions and data center services for enterprise companies may not be a good fit.
Choose a VAR that:
Specializes in the services you need
Has certified technical resources
Has experience with the projects like yours
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Product / Manufacturer Agnostic
Does the VAR sell and support products from multiple manufacturers?
This is a very important factor in evaluating a VAR. Ideally, you want to choose a VAR that is
flexible and creative with their solutions, which means that they should not be locked into a single
manufacturer or product line. The best VARs are able to sell and support products from several
different product manufacturers.
Choose a VAR that:
Offers creative and flexible solutions
Is able to sell products from multiple manufacturers
Can support your environment no matter what type of equipment is installed
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Location, Location, Location
Does the VAR have a local presence?
A VAR with a presence close to your company headquarters is invaluable. Not only is it helpful to
conduct business face-to-face, but also it helps keep support costs down and response times
shorter. Also, a local technology partner can have someone on-site in a matter of hours in case of
Choose a VAR that:
Has a local presence
Is available for on-site meetings
Is active in your community
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Where To Look
Where can I find a VAR?
Now that you know what to look for, you need to know where to look. A good first step is to talk
to your existing IT staff members, if you have them. Chances are they know some local VARs, if
not by reputation then because they know someone who works for them. You can also ask your
network of industry contacts if they have experience with local VARs – good or bad. Lastly, you
can check product manufacturer websites for local partners. For example, Microsoft and
Symantec have excellent partner locators.
Start by:
Asking your IT staff
Networking with your industry contacts
Researching manufacturer partner websites
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How To Choose
How do I choose a VAR?
Treat the VAR selection process as you would an interview. Set up a time to speak
with the VAR’s sales manager, either in person or by phone. Consider:
 How easy are they to reach? How responsive are they?
Ask the VAR to provide references and success stories from companies in your
industry, and then follow up with the references.
Ask the VAR to provide a low-cost, high-level assessment of your IT environment.
 Do the VAR’s recommendations align with your company’s goals?
 Does the VAR seem sensitive to your timeline and budget constraints?
 Do you feel comfortable with the VAR’s skill level, industry knowledge, and
product and service offerings?
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