“How to Let God Change You” TODAY: Our Wednesday PM Class:

Our Wednesday PM Class:
“How to Let God Change You”
In Romans 8, Paul doesn’t say God WANTS you to live by the Spirit.
That would imply we somehow generate the Holy Spirit by our own
lifestyle. Instead, he is trying to get us to realize we ARE in the Spirit.
And that is something God has done.
TODAY: Bridal Shower for “Maggie”
(Soon to be
Mrs. Vinod Nitla): after Worship Service, around 12 noon, at the
home of Margaret Perazzelli, 505 Harrison Avenue,
Collingswood, NJ.
TODAY: YOUTH GROUP Meets to go bowling in
He asks, “Do you realize who you are?” It gets to our IDENTITY
rather than to behavior. But our new identity LEADS to new behavior.
Mt. Laurel from 1-4pm. See Bret or Val
When Christ first met “Simon,” he renamed him Peter. Peter didn’t
rename himself; the LORD did! Peter saw himself as just a fisherman.
Christ said, NO, that’s what you USED to be. NOW you are a fisher of
men. In spite of many slip-ups and sins along the way, Christ’s vision
of Peter is what won out.
Men’s Hike at Palmyra Cove (This Coming
Saturday): April 28th . Meet at Church Building at 1:30, will
Here are some basics I’m learning about Biblical CHANGE:
• Good intentions aren’t enough
• It involves God in a direct (not just verbal) way
• It happens in the context regularly meeting with other Christians
who are also changing.
• It involves making simple, concrete changes in everyday life
• The Word of God is the compass and the fuel
• It is 20% knowledge, 80% behavior, and 100% under God’s
• You keep on going in spite of setbacks
• You pray your fears and your tears, as well as your worship and
• You “take it to God” instead of taking it out on your people
• It takes time
• It usually takes small steps
• One change tends to lead to another, and another, and
• It is not about “positive thinking” but a combination of personal
surrender and faith in God—it’s called repentance
• Living under God’s grace means every day you start NEW!
return around 5:00. The hike is nice and easy, with great
scenery, and is close by! We will be applying Christian Life
Lessons out in Nature. Bring water and a snack if
needed...comfy sneakers highly recommended.
See Bill Ceraso with questions (742-1243).
Camden Lunches for the Needy are Back!
Wednesday: Kids pack Lunches Wednesday night.
Friday: Meet here at 7 PM to make the sandwiches.
Saturday: Meet here 10:30AM to deliver the lunches.
VBS Meeting Next Sunday, April 29th: right
after Worship Service. Our Theme is:
Rainforest” The dates this year are: JULY 8 - 11. There
are many opportunities to help in this fun outreach ministry.
Come and check it out!
For All Adults: ANYONE who wants to help can sign-up
BECAUSE if you are not able to cut the lawn, but want to help,
we have a “buy-out” option: You can sign-up and for $45
Frank’s Lawn Service will do it for you. Please sign-up on the
bulletin board and mark whether you are doing it or donating
money to the “Collingswood Church of Christ” to pay Frank’s
Lawn Service to do it. Please give the check made out to the
“Collingswood Church of Christ” to Chris or Fay Ceraso.
Attention KFC Group (4th-6th Grades) Next
Sunday, April 29th : we will be leaving after Church to go to
Cooper River Park. Bring a brown bag lunch with drink for a
picnic in the park.
After lunch we will be playing miniature golf at the Cooper
River Miniature Golf, Cost $6-$7.
Our Church Retreat May 4th-6th : The sign-up sheets
are up. Please choose where you will sleep. Come out for many
fun activities and a Worship Service on Sunday.
Youth Group:
1. Meets here Friday, April 27th at 7PM to help with
the Camden lunches
2. Meets Saturday, April 28th at Scott and Chris’
Home from 5-8pm. Come on out for food, fun
and fellowship. Please RSVP to Scott or Chris.
Today’s Worship Leaders
Worship Leader: Dave Cook
Main Prayer: Scott Schoener Closing Prayer: Mark Finn
Lord’s Supper: Bill Ceraso, Bill Gill, Chet Churchill, Jacob Dougherty
Greeters: Bob Sr., Jack Swinehart, Kim English, Val Henderson
Call to Worship: Jack Swinehart (Isaiah 11:1-5)
Reading: Tate Perazzelli (John 20:1-9)
Nursery: Kim Azille Next Wk: Stephanie & Allie
Yellow Action Team: cleans this week. Norma Coordinates
Mark Finn - Evangelist
Matt Fortunato - Associate Minister
Church Office- (856) 854-0197
Rick Boyle (856-986-4876)
Tony Ceraso, Jr.
Bret Goen
Jack Swinehart (856-397-9976)
Worship ..........................121
Bible Class .......................73
Wednesday PM ................44
L.I.F.E. Groups .................46
Contribution ...... $5,503.56
Budget Goal ..............$4,260
“All scripture is God-breathed and is useful” -2 Tim 3:16
Collingswood Church of Christ
Church Website: www.ccc123.org
300 White Horse Pike
Collingswood, NJ 08107
April 22, 2011
Vol. XVIII No. 16
“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain
of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)