How To Reach Us Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women
How To Reach Us
We’re Passionate
About Helping People
The Violence Against Women Program is just one
of the many programs offered by Family Service
Association of Toronto—a leading, non-profit social
service agency that helps over 13,000 individuals
and families in need each year. We believe that
by helping to strengthen families and individuals,
we help build healthier communities for everyone.
We provide a variety of community support and
counselling programs to people struggling to cope
with challenges, such as depression, physical
abuse, sexual orientation issues, marital problems,
intellectual disabilities and the challenges of
growing older.
To find out more about the Violence Against
Women Program, or to make an appointment,
please call 416-595-9618. Our services are
available to everyone living or working in Toronto,
regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin,
colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity, age, disability, level of
literacy, marital or family status, income or political
affiliation. There are no fees for our services.
If you are in an
abusive relationship –
we can help.
For information about other
Family Service Association of Toronto programs,
please call 416-595-9618.
To reach our administrative office, please contact:
355 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1Z8
Tel: 416-595-9230 Fax: 416-595-0242
Visit our website at:
FSA Toronto welcomes diversity and is committed
to a policy of anti-oppression.
A United Way Member Agency
Violence Against Women
Violence Against Women
“When we moved here, away from family and
friends, my husband did not allow me to register
for an English class or use public transportation. I
felt alone in a new city and in my own home. My
children were my only reason for not giving up
You Are Not Alone
It may be hard to understand why, but sometimes
the people in our lives hurt us. We may have
partners who call us names, say bad things about
us in front of others or try to physically hurt us.
Although many of us feel that our partners don’t
mean to hurt us, we also know that the pain
must stop. Family Service Association of Toronto
has a long history of helping women in abusive
relationships get the support they need to survive
and grow stronger.
We Can Help
Every year, we offer private and confidential support
to over 1,000 women seeking help. Through our
program, you will be listened to and you will learn:
• that you are not alone and that there are options
available to you;
• what abuse is and why it happens;
• to build on your strengths and increase your self-esteem;
• to plan for the future and learn new coping skills;
• to be safe; and
• to bring back a sense of control and hope in
your life.
How Our Services
Can Help You
We provide support, information about community
resources and advice on how to be safe, over
the phone or in person. If you decide to make an
appointment, our counsellors will help you explore
your options, make decisions and find solutions for
how to deal with your situation. In addition to oneon-one counselling, many women attend support
groups and educational workshops.
Our services are available in a variety of languages,
to women of diverse backgrounds or with special
needs who live or work in Toronto.
We have established an advisory committee of
women from the community to help support and
guide the goals and objectives of this program. All
of the women on our advisory committee have
experienced some form of abuse.
How We’ve Made a
Difference in
Women’s Lives
“The one-on-one counselling helped me regain my
self-worth and confidence and helped me move in
a more positive direction with my life. I was able
to deal with my anger and hurt in a helpful and
supportive atmosphere.”
“This program was a life-line for me at a period
in my life when I felt that I had no strength to go
on for another day. Without FSA’s help, perhaps I
would not be around to tell my story today.”
“I thank you every day deep in my heart for being
there with me when I needed you most. You
showed me the right path. I have my child with me
because of you.”
… the group helped me to “feel good about
myself, which is a change.”