How To Get The Most From Your

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How To Get The Most From Your
Old And New Phone Systems For
Less Cost And Reduced Risk
In today’s highly competitive, fast moving
business world, change is happening
faster than ever. Mergers/acquisitions
are common place, offices opening
closing or relocating are all part of
managing a modern business. The
number of media channels continues to
grow and the way companies have to handle their customers is ever more complicated.
So when a new technology like VoIP telephony is available the its likely that you will
probably want to take advantage of it. The trouble is do you just throw out all of your
old stuff with all of the cost and risk associate with that or could there be a way of
utilizing the old and new equipment? A way of transitioning at a pace to suit you,
lowering the cost, complexity, and risk of the transition.
You Can With Flexxgate
FlexxGate ™ Media Gateway
Eases the transition from
traditional analogue or TDM
networks to VoIP networks.
Developed by PSS, this
solution allows the legacy
and VoIP networks to coexist
so you can keep legacy equipment (e.g. PBX or IVR with circuit-switched telephony
interfaces) in service for longer by maintaining compatibility with new
equipment. Being able to transition their own pace which helps companies lower the
cost, complexity, and risk of the transition.
FlexxGate systems can be
deployed in multiple server
configurations to support higher
capacities and high availability
FlexxGate supports conversions between a wide variety of telephony interfaces. It is
most commonly used to connect a VoIP/SIP device (such as a Genesys, Avaya, Holly or
Cisco systems) to a circuit switched device (such as a T1/E1 line from the telco or a
PBX.) Since most next-generation IVR systems support only SIP, they need a media
gateway to connect them to a traditional phone line.
Flexible, Flexible, Flexible
We help you stand out from the
crowd by improving the
customer service experience
No two deployments are exactly the same. That’s why FlexxGate is not your typical,
standard, off-the-shelf product. Instead, we deliver your FlexxGate systems preinstalled and configured to meet your unique deployment requirements.
When your gateway requirements change, FlexxGate shines. Its flexible, extensible
architecture allows us to quickly add the support for additional protocols (standard or
proprietary) and features you need. Custom extensions can be added at any
time. Additionally, FlexxGate systems can be deployed in multiple-server configurations
to support higher capacities and high availability requirements.
Experts in the customer interaction experience
Web-based Management Console
FlexxGate has a web-based GUI management console which allows through a
single interface you to monitor, configure, and get detailed reporting across
multiple FlexxGate servers - even when deployed in multiple locations. Instead
of having to know some arcane proprietary command line interface, you can
simply point-and-click to configure your FlexxGate systems and get the detailed
reports you need.
Proven and Supported
A very popular and time-tested solution, FlexxGate systems are taking millions
of calls per month for customers like American Express, US Airways, and
Quantas Airways. Just like FlexxBridge and our many partner products,
FlexxGate is backed by PSS Professional Services and our legendary 24x7x365
Customer servers can be utilized that meet PSS’ requirements.
Auto-discovery of FlexxGates within a subnet (manual override/edit/add
for systems which are not discovered due to WAN, routing, etc.)
Pick and choose FlexxGates to be aggregated or stand-alone (per
Allows instant cloning of configurations—provision one/deploy to many
Flexible database configurations allow for “on the fly” master/slave
changes and multiple slaves for replication/fail-over
How Satisfied are Your Callers?
Avaya DevConnect Compliant
Genesys G Validated
T +1 925.208.2405
E [email protected]
Open Standards based
Natively Supports 4 DS1’s (T1 / E1 / J1)
ANI / DNIS, ISDN Support: NFAS, UUI/II digits
Strong International support (full Q.SIG + Rose)
VoIP standards SIP, RTP(+secure), H.323, etc.
96 TDM ports & 250 Sessions Simultaneously!
Answer supervision & call progress detection
Web/GUI-based operation, administration & management (OA&M)
Built-in Reporting, Consolidation & Analysis
Auto: discovery, configuration/provisioning and deployment