How to cope in a changing world? The NaCuHeal Academy

How to cope in a changing world?
Enviroment, Culture and Health in transition
The NaCuHeal Academy
In cooperation with NaKuHel Norway and Nature- Culture -Health International and NaKuHel Asker
Invites to Conference in Sigdal and at Sem Gjestegaard
in Asker, Norway 11. - 14. October 2008
Purpose of the conference:
To analyze major changes and challenges in our world today
Show strategies and practical cases on how to meet this future
Learning by doing
Several walks into the nature, dialogue and silence
Fotograf: Tordis Ødbehr
Saturday 11. Oktober
We are landing in Sigdal
1800 – 1830
Reception at The Folk Music Centre (Folkemusikksenteret)
1830 – 1930 Welcome by Runolv Stegane, Deputy Mayor of Sigdal Municipality
A taste of fairytales: Eventyrsmak; the local food producer
1930 – 2030
An introduction to the Nature Culture Health concept by Gunnar Tellnes (founder), Professor PhD MD at University of Oslo, Hedmark University College, President of NaCuHeal International.
Mini folk concert and an outdoor walk at The Sigdal Museum
Sunday 12. Oktober
Nature – Culture – Health in Sigdal
0800 – 0830
Qi Gong, Dino Karabeg, University of Oslo and NaCuHeal International
0830 – 0930 Breakfast and preparing of packed-lunches
0930 – 1100
1100 – 1200
Walk from Flya, from the border of the protected forest and mountain area Trillemarka, to the home of the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914). Panoramaview over Sigdal and ”The Kingdom of Kittelsen.” Knut Harald Grøterud , the local landowner, tells local stories..
”Picnic in the open.”
1200 – 1300
Guided tour in Theodor Kittelsen’s home Lauvlia
1300 – 1400
The vision of establishing A NaCuHeal Academy in Sigdal Municipality
by Mayor Kari Ask
The foundation stone – The President of the Norwegian Parliament, Torbjørn Jagland
1400 – 1430
Cultural event; A performance of Innana’s Descent - Nicola Samad,
Harald Skullerud
1430 – 1550
Local projects/representatives introduce their dreams.....
Tone R. Rolfstad and Per Lyder Frøvoll, landowner of Trillemarka, Master of forrestry, teacher of Lien School of Agriculture – sustainable use of wilderness forest area /forest protection area
Gørill and Henrik Mørch; Visions of the future for a family with small children in Sigdal
Per Arne Lislien, Head of Board, Innovation Norway (not confirmed)
Eli Reistad; The cultural landscape
Anders Næss and Evju farm; ”Organic farming, selfgrowth and preformance art”
1550 – 1600
Closing remarks, Øyvind Sørbrøden, Head of the NaCuHeal Academy
1600 – 1645
A light meal
Departure to Sem in Asker Surprise on the way!
IMPORTANT: Bring warm, comfortable clothes and hiking-shoes!
1900 – 1945
Reception in the NaCuHeal Greenhouse
Dinner at Sem Gjestegaard
Monday 13. Oktober
Trends and challenges in Today’s world
Chairman: Øyvind Sørbrøden, leader of the NaCuHeal Academy
Cultural; Merete Markussen trio
0900 - 0930
0930 - 1000
1000 - 1015
Opening of the Conference by Erik Solheim, Minister of Environment
( not confirmed)
Tea, coffee, fruit
1015 - 1130
The extended view of health and ecology, Walter Koffler, President of the International Academy of Sciences
1130 - 1245 Walk and dialogue around the lake “Semsvannet”. We reflect on the
Morning lectures, 2 - 3 persons together.
Short stop half way at “Bryggerhuset”, Tveiter farm for a
cup of hot “solbærtoddy”
1245 - 1345
1445 - 1400
Meditation, Anne Solgaard, NaCuHeal International
1400 - 1530 1530 - 1650
Permaculture: a tool for sustainable design of human activities,
Mugove Walter Nyika (Malawi),coordinator of IPC9 International
Permaculture Conference
Tea, coffee, fruit
1550 - 1615
Joyful singing! Merete Markussen,
conductor Sem Vokalis ( NaCuHeal - choir)
1615 - 1730
Women, Forestry and Climate in Transition. Speech and Kick off for the World Wide Woman Tree Planting Action for Saving the Climate,
Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Price Winner and Green Belt Movement
( not confirmed)
1730 - 1815
Linda Jolly, UMB; Living Schools - what kind of education do we need?
1900 - 1945
Theatre activities for children and youth in Asker,
Annelene Sett Gjessing . “We want to have a future!”
Reception in the NaCuHeal, Greenhouse
Comments on the Nature Culture Health concept by Gunnar Tellnes
Banquet with social gathering afterwards
Tuesday 14. Oktober
This is how we do it; practical presentations
Chairman: Anne Solgaard
0800 - 0815
Presence and stretching. the importance of a good start of the day
Qi Gong, Dino Karabeg, University of Oslo, NaCuheal International
0815 - 0915
0915 - 1015
Lucky Næroset: performance by HC Medlien
Parallell workshops
1015 - 1100
20 minutes presentations. 25 minutes dialogue.
WS1: Ecosocieties (Ecovillages) - sustainable human settlements.
Simen Torp, Stiftelsen Norske Økosamfunn
WS2: NaCuHeal in Asker, Kristin Bredal Berge, Head of the centre
WS3: NaCuHeal in Sigdal. Mayor Kari Ask and
Ulla Elisabeth Schaller, NaKuHel Project, Sigdal
WS4: Sustainability in human relations; Jannicke Heyerdal Larsen,
Oslo College (Nonviolent Communication is presented as a method for connecting with your own and others`needs)
WS5: Forests - human wellbeeing and health, Merethe Furuberg,
President of NaKuHel Norge and Merethe Larsmoen,
The Norwegian Forest association
WS6: The kommunewiki project, Tor Næss, Dino Karabeg
and Øyvind Sørbrøden; The NaCuHeal Academy
WS7: The youth and children prosject in Bergen, Nina Morlandstø
1100 - 1130
WS8: WS9: Farming for future - for health, environment and quality of life,
by Farmers and Smallholders Worldwide (Contact person
President Merete Furuberg Norwegian Farmers and
Smallholders Union, County of Hedmark
NaKuHel Norway. Merete Furuberg
WS10: NaKuHel in Sigdal. Kari Ask and Ulla Elisabeth Schaller
WS 3 continued
WS11: Forests – human wellbeing and health, Merete Furuberg,
Merete Larsmoen WS 5 continued
WS12: .
WS13: The kommunewiki project, Tor Næss, Dino Karabeg,
Øyvind Sørbrøden WS 6 continued
WS14: Farming for future - for health, environment and quality of life,
by Farmers and Smallholders Worldwide.
President Merete Furuberg, Norwegian Farmers and
Smallholders Union, County of Hedmark. WS 8 continued
The youth and children project in Bergen, Nina Morlandstø
WS 7 Continued
1130 - 1145
Tea, coffee, fruit
1200 - 1230
Plenary. Summing up. Rapporteur
Closing remarks, Øyvind Sørbrøden, Head of The NaCuHeal Academy
1230 - 1300
Registration to be completed within Friday 26. September 2008 til Øyvind Sørbrøden, Åsliveien 14B,
1392 Vettre, Norge –– mobil 47-90918666.
Or preferably mail to; [email protected]
If you register before August 29th, you will pay less, see the amount in brackets!
I choose the following package (mark with x):
____ 1. Conference fee, all meals and hotel (11.. – 14.11.) kr. 4.400 (kr. 3.900)
____ 2. Conference fee, Sigdal part (11.-12.)with room
kr. 1400 (kr. 1200)
____ 3. Conference fee, Sigdal part (11.-12.)without room
kr. 1100 (kr. 900)
____ 4. Conference fee, all meals, nights – Sunday– Tuesday, kr. 3.600 (kr. 3300)
____ 5. Conference fee, all meals and night Monday – Tuesday
kr. 2.100 (kr. 1900)
____ 6. Conference fee, lunch etc.- Monday
kr. 900 (kr. 800)
____ 7. Conference fee, lunch etc.- Tuesday
kr. 900 (kr. 800)
Special needs;_____________________________________________________________________________
Payment (please mark clearly name and package above) to account no. 1503.02.44491
IBAN: NO15030244491
Final date of registration: Friday 26. September. Your registration is accepted when fee is paid. The
conference has a capacity for 90 participants.
Questions about the conference should be adressed to;
Øyvind Sørbrøden, 90918666 ([email protected])
Fotografier NaKuH el Asker; Kristin Bredal Berge
Fotografier Sigdal; utlånt av Næringshagen i Kunstnerdalen
Asker kommune; Fet kommune; Kvinnherad kommune; Porsgrunn kommune; Sigdal kommune; Akershus fylkeskommune;
Buskerud fylkeskommune; Hedmark fylkeskommune; Fylkesmannen i Buskerud, Fylkesmannen i Oslo og Akershus; Universitetet
i Oslo, International Academy of Sciences – Health and Ecology; Høgskolen i Akershus; Høgskolen i Hedmark; Høgskolen
i Lillehammer; Høgskolen i Telemark, Stiftelsen Flux (med Flux forlag) og Norsk forening for Folkehelse; Norsk Bonde- og
småbrukerlag, Norges Bondelag, Hedmark Bonde- og småbrukerlag, Skogselskapet i Hedmark, Næringshagen i Kunstnerdalen,
Gaia arkitektene og Fylkeslegen i Buskerud
Konferanseansvarlige: Ingunn Leeber, Anne Solgaard, Ulla Elisabeth Schaller og Øyvind Sørbrøden