How to complete the online application

How to complete the online application
1. Programme information
Please select the programme through which you are applying to study at a partner institution:
Erasmus Exchange Programme (student) – students studying through this European exchange programme must be
nominated by the University of Birmingham to an institution which has signed an Erasmus agreement with the
University of Birmingham. The exchanges are usually restricted to specific academic areas.
Erasmus Exchange Programme (training placement) – students studying through this programme must be
nominated by the University of Birmingham to the partner institution that has signed an Erasmus agreement with
the University. A member of academic staff at the host institution must agree specifically to supervise the
nominated student for the training placement.
International Exchange Programme – for students who have been nominated by the University of Birmingham
(outside the Erasmus programme) to attend universities that have signed exchange agreements with the University
of Birmingham. This includes the Universitas 21 exchange programme.
Please note that you can only apply to study abroad if you are registered on a degree programme which incorporates
a period of study abroad (check with your tutor).
2. Personal information
The details provided here will be used to create your record as an exchange student.
Nationality: Please note that it is your responsibility to check whether you will require a visa for entrance to the host
country. You should contact your host university or the country’s embassy for further advice if in doubt.
3. Address
We will need to contact you about your application and other information. It is essential that you provide your
University of Birmingham email address as we might need to contact you urgently. Please note that our primary
method of communication with students during the application process is by email. We do not send emails to any
other email accounts that you may have. Many host universities are closed at various points, particularly during the
summer months and we cannot always reach you through your host institution.
4. Choice of host universities
You must list three universities in order of preference. No more than two of the choices can be from the asterisked
universities in the list below. This is because those universities are oversubscribed and/or have made a very small
number of places available.
Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina*
University of Adelaide
University of Melbourne*
University of New South Wales*
University of Queensland*
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Universidade de São Paulo
Universidade Federal de Santa Caterina
Dalhousie University
McGill University*
Simon Fraser University*
Trent University
Université du Quebec a Montreal
Université Laval
University of British Columbia
University of Guelph (near Toronto)
University of New Brunswick
University of Ottawa* (does not accept business students)
University of Saskatchewan
University of Toronto: not available for 15-16
University of Waterloo*
Western University
Wilfrid Laurier University
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile*
Beijing Language and Culture University
Fudan University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Tsinghua University
University of Nottingham Ningbo
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
University of Cape Coast
University of Amsterdam
University of Hong Kong
University College Dublin
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
University of the West Indies
Hitotsubashi University
Kansai University
Keio University
Kobe University
Kyoto University
Sophia University
Waseda University
Korea University
Pohang University of Science and Technology
University of Nottingham Malaysia
Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Universidad de Guadlajara
Universidad Veracruzana
University of Auckland
National University of Singapore (does not accept Business students)
University of Lund
Universidad de Montevideo
Arizona State University: not available for 15-16
Bellarmine University
Berry College
Birmingham Southern College
California Polytechnic University*
Illinois Institute of Technology
Iowa State University (for engineering only)
Marquette University: not available for 15-16
New Mexico State University
North Central College
Loyola University of New Orleans
Pitzer College: not available for 15-16
Providence College
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey*: not available for 15-16
University of Alabama
University of Cincinnati
University of Connecticut*
University of Hawaii, Hilo*
University of Illinois, Chicago*
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (does not accept business students)
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Maine
University of Maryland (does not accept business or engineering students)*
University of Minnesota, Duluth
University of Mississippi*
University of Pittsburgh:* not available for 15-16
University of North Texas
University of Virginia*
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
University of Wyoming
5. Academic background
The information required in this section is about the studies you are currently undertaking at the University of
(a) When we ask what degree you are studying for at the University of Birmingham we would like to know the level
of study (e.g. Bachelors degree) and the EXACT title of your degree (e.g. Modern Languages).
(b) In order to check whether you have the necessary academic background for your proposed programme of study
you will need to check this with your Exchange Tutor.
6. Proficiency in language of host institution
The information required in this section refers to your proficiency in the target language. All students studying at
the University of Birmingham are required to have a good working knowledge of the target language before
commencing their studies. Students may be required to withdraw from the host institution if, for linguistic reasons,
they cannot manage the academic work for which they have registered.
Students who do not need to provide official evidence of Language proficiency:
Native speakers of the target language.
Please note, Erasmus students are not usually required to provide an official certificate of proficiency in the host
language due to specific agreements with their institutions.
Although we do not require an official test result, we do require you to give us information about your language
level. For example, let us know if you are studying the target language as part of your degree and the grades you
have obtained. If you have taken either an institutional or official target language test, please send us a copy, or if
you have spent an extended period in the target language-speaking country.
Students who do need to provide official evidence of target Language proficiency:
All International Exchange students who are non-native speakers of the target language and not
currently undertaking a language as part of the degree programme.
7. Proposed study period at host institution
In this section you are required to tell us when you are planning to study at the host institution. Please be aware of
the term dates at the host institution.
8. Proposed programme of study
Before completing a list of modules to include with your application, you must refer to the host institution’s website
and discuss the options with your Exchange Tutor. Please view the host institution’s website to find instructions on
how to make your module selections. If the website is unclear please contact your host institution directly.
You must take a full time course load whilst abroad. This is equivalent to 120 Birmingham credits for a full academic
year, which is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.
9. Written Statement of Purpose (for international exchange students only)
This is an important document. It is essential that you have taken time to consider your reasons for studying at the
host institution, and as far as possible you have ensured that it is the right choice for you both academically and
personally. You will be expected to write approximately 500 words explaining why you are requesting those
particular universities. Do not write about why you want to study abroad or why you want to go to a particular
country. You need to give reasons for having chosen those specific universities. Please note we will not process
applications if this document is not completed according to these instructions and sent together with the application
form by your exchange tutor.
10. Disability statement
You only need to complete this section if you will require disability support during your study period at the host
institution. If you have a disability that will affect your studies please provide us with full details so that your needs
during your period abroad can be assessed by the University Disability and Learning Support Service. If you do not
have a disability that will affect your studies please select ‘No’.
11. Student declaration
By signing and dating this form you are confirming that the information you have provided is true and correct.
12. Exchange coordinator validation
It is essential that your exchange tutor should complete this section to testify that you have gone through the
appropriate selection procedures. Your application should then be handed in to the Study Abroad and Exchanges
Office together with the written statement and a written reference from your tutor to support your application.
Please note we will not process applications if any of the documents are missing.
13. Application checklist
This section is to help ensure that you have fully completed the application form and provided all accompanying
documentation required. We will be unable to consider incomplete applications.
Please hand in a copy of your application form together with your documents to your exchange tutor.
The deadlines for receipt of applications in the Study Abroad and Exchanges Office are:
International Exchange Programmes – 28th November
Erasmus Exchange Programmes – 28th February.
Please note: If you will be attending more than one host country for your year abroad you will need to make more
than one application (i.e if you are undertaking your year abroad in two different host countries you will need to
make two separate applications).
If you have any additional questions regarding your application please email [email protected]