How to login to TPS website to take an online...

How to login to TPS website to take an online quiz:
1) Go to
2) If you have not registered, you must do this first. If you are already
registered, skip to step 5.
3) To REGISTER: At the top right, click on register and then “as a student.”
4) It will ask you to enter your email address and then it will check to see if you
are in the system. Once it tells you that you are not already registered, go
ahead and enter your name, email and a password (remember this password
for the future.)
5) ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED, to take a quiz you need to select the chapter it
is in first. Then select the quiz option.
6) It will ask you if you want to save your results to an instructor’s gradebook.
Click that.
7) It will ask you for my email, which is [email protected]
8) When you are done with the quiz, click submit.
How to log in to Edmodo:
1) Go to
2) Create your account right on the main page. Make sure you select “I’m a
3) When you are asked for your group code, enter r3x0ss. (0 is the number 0)
4) You can adjust your settings to receive emails, etc.
How to log in to Study Island:
1) Go to
2) Your login of the form: [email protected]
3) Your password is your first and last initial followed by the number 1. (ex:
4) Once you are in, click on MY CLASSES under the photo icon. Here you will
see any assignments you have.