How to Submit Your Entry

How to Submit Your Entry
Entry Coupon: Each entry must be
accompanied by an entry coupon (below).
Staple the coupon to the last page of the entry.
Should your student win, the Tennessee State
Museum (TSM) will contact you using this
information, so be sure your coupon is complete
and legible. Entries without a coupon will be
Assessment: Entries will be judged on the
following criteria:
Content (addressing the contest writing
Writer’s Voice (writing style and
originality of expression)
Exposition (language skills,
organization, and grammar)
Mailing Envelope & Address: Mail class sets
or individual entries in a flat 8x10” envelope or
larger. Indicate the competition level either 1 or
2 on the envelope. Include a complete return
address on your mailing envelope. Mail to:
Each criterion will be scored on a scale of zero
to five, where five is excellent and zero is not
fulfilling the criteria.
Length and Format: Entries should be no more
Freedom’s Call Writing Contest, (Level 1 or 2) than 500 words. Typed and double-spaced.
Tennessee State Museum
Ownership: All essays become the property of
505 Deaderick Street, Level B
the Tennessee State Museum. Please make
Nashville, TN 37243-1120
copies of your student’s entries, as no essays
will be returned. Winning entries will be posted
on the TSM website,
Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by
January 18, 2013
Notification and Contact: The TSM will notify
the winners on or about January 25, 2013.
Parents: Your signature on the form below indicates that you have reviewed the submitted essay and
acknowledged it to be the student’s original work.
Freedom’s Call Entry Coupon—Please Print!
Name:_______________________________________ Male [ ] Female [
Competition Level:
Level 1 [
Level 2 [ ]
School: _____________________________________________________________________
Street: ______________________________________________________________________
City:___________________________________________ State____ Zip:_________________
School Phone: (_____) _________________________
School Email:_________________________________
Teacher Contact:______________________________ Email:_____________________________
Child’s Home Address: ___________________________________________________________
City:___________________________________________ State____ Zip:____________________
Home Email: _________________________
Home Phone: ________________________
Parent’s Signature (required): _____________________________________________