TMS Guide Adding a Terminal to the Site Planner

TMS Guide
Adding a Terminal to the
Site Planner
The pictures are provided to aid the documentation. Where suggested the pictures will be
outlined with red markings to provide users with an indication on where to click or press.
Mitrefinch TMS - How to Guide
How to add a Terminal to the Site Planner:
1. Log into TMS
2. Click “Launch” in the menu bar and click “Site Planner”
3. Click on the Terminal icon on the screen (in Site Planner)
4. Left click on any white space, within the Site Planner view. A new window ‘Terminal
Details’ will pop up.
Mitrefinch TMS - How to Guide
5. Complete all the details in the Terminal Details (as per the screenshot below)
PLEASE NOTE: Newer versions of TMS may have an additional field. Check with Support if
you are unsure of what value to set.
a. Location: Enter the location of the clock
b. Clock Type: keep as ordinary clock
c. IP Address: The network address to the server.
d. Configuration file: change to what type of clock it is
6. Then click Ok
7. When all the Terminal details have been completed, tick the Active Button - ONLY IF THE
TERMINAL IS READY TO BE USED - if not wait until the terminal is fully setup onsite then
tick the active option.
If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact
Mitrefinch Support on 1300 884 817 or [email protected]