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How to Use the Amazon Dominator
Step 1 – Open So+ware
Choose a keyword you wish to promote and click on Search:
From the list, choose a product and click on “Generate FB Cash Template”:
Input your affiliate tag:
This is your affiliate name at amazon (it ends with ‘-­‐20’):
Then you will be prompted to put your affiliate name (if you have one).
You will see a page that contains your money review template:
Click on ‘Copy to Clipboard”
Now, Log in to your Facebook account.
The first step is to open a new Facebook PAGE in which you will post the notes (you will need to do this only ONCE as ONE page is enough for all the products you wish to promote).
Click on:
Click on “Local Business”:
Write “APracQons” in Category (or any other category for that maPer).
On page name write “Special Discounts for You” – or figure out a more creaQve page name. It doesn’t really maPer.
You will be prompted to put a picture, click on “Skip”
Then, click on “Skip” again. And in the next page click on “Skip” again.
You will reach your New page screen:
Click on “Edit Page” and then in the new page click on “Apps” at the le[:
Below the “Notes” click on “Go to App”.
Then click on “Write a New”:
In the Qtle, write the product name plus “Best Price”.
For example, for Motorola XOOM you will write “Motorola XOOM Best Price”
Right-­‐Click on the “Body” and click on Paste.
In “Privacy” set to Public.
Click on Publish!
Your note is now public and everyone can see it!