ow to declare the graduation thesis topic in ÕIS for... Instructions on h 10.05.2010

Instructions on how to declare the graduation thesis topic in ÕIS for Bachelor students
Bachelor students have to “Declare the graduation thesis topic” latest by 10.05.2010 in spring semester
Afterward, he or she must submit the final version of graduation thesis (one hard-bound, and two softbound) to the Dean’s Office latest by 28.05.2010
Log into ÕIS, choose “Performances”, and click on “Declaration of graduation thesis topic” from the list of
options. A new window will open onscreen. Fill in all required fields that marked with a red asterisk (*) with
appropriate information and save to exit.
Click on this button to look for your
supervisor. Remember to save when
you complete the form in all required
Pay attention to the format when you enter thesis topic. Example of topic of graduation thesis in Estonian
“Välisvaluut optsioonid: Kauplemise ja riski maandamise rakendused”
Topic of graduation thesis in English should be “Small caps”, for example:
“Currency Option: Trading and Hedging Applications”
June 11-18 is the period of thesis defense for both BA and MBA thesis in spring 2010. If you have a
special wish, such as defense on a particular date or time, please write it down on a separate sheet of
paper and submit it together with the final version of graduation thesis.
Remember to communicate closely with your thesis supervisor and ask for approval before submitting the
thesis topic or sending the draft for printing.
Last and not the least, the deadline is the last acceptance date; that does not mean you have to wait till
that day to do all the application and submission. Try to plan ahead and make at least two days’ allowance
so that you have time to react on emergent situations, which is not rear in real life.