Extend The Outdoor Season With A Patio Heater

Add A Bit Of Sparkle
Extend The Outdoor Season With A Patio Heater
(NAPSA)—There’s something
about chilly weather and the
warmth the holidays bring that
inspires a toast—and there are
plenty of family-friendly drinks to
raise a glass with.
To make the most of such festive occasions, be sure to include
celebratory drinks everyone can
enjoy—from kids to those who
have to drive home.
Cozy Idea—An outdoor gas patio heater can raise the outdoor temperature 10 to 25 degrees, allowing you to stay outdoors earlier in the
spring and later in the fall.
(NAPSA)—A growing number of
families are extending their patio
enjoyment with an outdoor patio
heater. Their inviting 15' to 20' circle of warmth raises outdoor temperatures 10° to 25° F, letting families enjoy their backyards, patios
or pool deck much later in the fall,
and earlier in the spring, than ever
before. While a patio heater won’t
turn the dead of winter into a summer day, their adjustable temperature setting allows perfect control
for a brisk-evening barbecue, earlymorning coffee or any other outdoor activity.
Experts at BernzOmatic, a leading maker of patio heaters, point
out that patio heaters are safe, economical and easier than ever to
use. BernzOmatic’s new Outdoor
Patio Heater provides up to 40,000
BTUs of heat, from its enclosed,
centralized, stainless-steel heating
chamber, which distributes an
even heat across the body. With 10
hours of continuous run time,
users are able to adjust heating
temperatures for ultimate comfort.
The fully mobile Patio Heater also
has a lower center of gravity to
help mitigate tipping, for added
safety. And with no required tools,
BernzOmatic’s Heater is easy to
assemble; its patented two-step
“Lift n’ Lock” assembly allows
users to comfortably enjoy the outdoors in a matter of seconds!
An important safety tip is
never to leave the heater unattended and always operate the
unit on a level surface. For more
information on patio heaters, visit
Add a bit of sparkle to your next
gathering with a sparkling grape
juice that is delicious. It’s a
crowd-pleasing holiday favorite.
Favorites include eggnog and
mulled cider. Another great idea is
Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice
This great celebratory beverage
for the whole family is available
in red and white grape flavors. It
contains the same premium grape
juice found in the company’s bottled juices—but with a bit of
Wrapped in festive packaging
so that it can be given as a gift,
the attractive bottles can also provide a decorative complement to
any holiday table. You can learn
more at www.welchs.com.
Bed Bugs: Good Night, Sleep Tight
(NAPSA)—“Good night. Sleep
tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
While parents have long left their
children with these seemingly
benign words as they drift off to
sleep, few consider the reality of
bed bugs when reciting the rhyme.
Yet the bugs have made a comeback across the country.
According to the National Pest
Management Association (NPMA),
pest control companies are reporting a significant increase in the
number of calls regarding bed bug
infestations. Although there is no
way to determine the actual cause
of the resurgence, experts are
attributing the increase to several
things, including global travel and
the resilience of this mobile pest.
Adult bed bugs are approximately one-quarter inch in length
and have a reddish-brown, flat,
oval body. They feed solely on
blood and can survive for more
than 10 months without a meal.
Moreover, female bed bugs can
produce up to five eggs per day
and 500 during a lifetime.
Despite their name, bed bugs
can be found in any area of your
home including carpets, peeling
wallpaper and small cracks where
insects can hide. When bed bugs
bite, they inject a liquid that
numbs the skin and allows the
pest to feed undisturbed, leaving
humans to find mysterious red,
itchy welts in the morning. The
good news, though, is that bed
bugs do not transmit diseases.
Infestations can be difficult to
detect, but the first sign, other
than itchy welts, is the appearance of small, brownish-red fecal
spots on bed linens. Unlike other
insects that feed on filth, good
Bed bugs are flat, reddish brown
and feed on human blood. A bed
bug can live up to one year without feeding on a host.
housekeeping has little to do with
bed bug infestations. Infestations
should never be thought of as a
sign of dirtiness; some of the most
pristine places have reported bed
bug infestations.
The NPMA offers these tips for
preventing bed bug infestations in
your home:
•When staying in hotels,
inspect sheets, mattresses and
headboards for signs of bed bugs.
•After traveling, vacuum out
your suitcases before bringing
them inside the house.
•Avoid acquiring used furniture.
Washing linens and other do-ityourself measures are not effective in the treatment of bed bug
infestations. They should be
addressed by a licensed pest professional who knows where to look
for these insects, can offer the
most up-to-date methods of control and can provide peace of mind
that the problem has been
For more information on bed
bugs and other pest issues, visit
Helping Your Youngsters Succeed In School
Thinking Of Selling At Home Parties?
How To Find The Right Choice For You
(NAPSA)—Many women look
for ways to earn extra income for
themselves and their families.
One popular choice is selling at
home parties. Called “direct selling,” it especially appeals to
women because they can control
their own schedules.
“Women often try it to earn
some extra holiday cash and wind
up running their own business,”
said Laurie Lawrence, a vice president at one of the world’s largest
manufacturers of candles and
home-ambiance products, which
have been sold at home parties for
nearly 40 years. “Being your own
boss and setting your own hours is
appealing to women who work
and for stay-at-home moms.”
According to the Direct Selling
Association, over 14 million people
work in direct selling in the U.S.,
and 87.3 percent do it part-time,
meaning 30 hours per week or less.
“If you’re thinking of trying direct
selling, there are some good questions to ask first,” said Lawrence,
who provides training, motivation
and support for nearly 30,000
PartyLite sellers in the U.S.
• Ask if there are any outof-pocket costs to get started or
any inventory to purchase. For
example, you earn your starter kit
at PartyLite by holding your first
show, investing your time, not
your cash.
• Ask if the company handles your orders and ships the
merchandise directly.
• Interview consultants who
work with the company you’re considering and find out how much
(NAPSA)—A flu vaccination is
a first line of defense against the
flu. Throughout cold and flu season, CVS/pharmacy offers flu vaccinations in more than 4,000 of
its locations across the country.
Call (800) SHOP-CVS for locations or visit CVS.com for information regarding cold and flu.
Many people discover they can
have fun and make money with a
career in home party selling.
support is available. You want to
feel you’re your own boss but not
alone when it comes to support
and training.
• Are the products you sell
consumable? If people really like
them, they’ll reorder.
• Do you like the products?
Home parties should be fun and
your enthusiasm is key to your
• Are you selling quality
products that are easy to demonstrate, feature a range of styles and
choices and don’t require complex
technical information to use?
• Do people at the company
make money at all levels and are
those earnings published?
• Is the firm well established in direct selling, financially solid and committed to helping you build your business?
Learn More
For more information, see
With a physician’s diagnosis
for anxiety you may qualify to
receive certain anti-anxiety medicines at a discount through a program from the UCSF Center for
Consumer Self Care and Longs
Drugs. For information, call (888)
(NAPSA)—Many parents may
be glad to learn they can foster a
positive studying environment
without digging out their old
Here are some helpful tips:
1. Power Off
Make it a house rule that the
television must be turned off during study time. Even if it’s only on
in the background, the noise and
action can still lure kids like bees
to honey. The same goes for phone
calls—enforce a no-chat rule during study periods.
2. Designate a Specific Area
for Studying
To ensure that kids are “in the
zone,” all possible distractions
should be reduced. With that
said, bedrooms and playrooms
are home to temptations. Eliminate the potential diversions of
games and gadgets by setting up
a workstation in a quiet, minimalist space such as the dining
room. A large table can be excellent for spreading out all necessary materials.
3. Make Organization Easy
Help kids get right down to
business by making sure all
essential tools and materials are
at their fingertips. Keep a supply
of basics handy; highlighters,
blank notecards and sticky notes
should be easily accessible on or
near the workspace.
You can enlist the help of hightech study aids such as the F LY
Fusion Pentop Computer from
LeapFrog. Besides providing
interactive step-by-step help for
students in a variety of subjects, it
hosts an onboard personal planner that kids can use to keep
track of upcoming exams and
A computer designed to help
kids with schoolwork features a
personal planner that students
can use to keep track of school
events and assignments.
Additionally, when you take
class notes with this computer,
everything is automatically captured and can be uploaded to the
PC for easy management. Come
test time, the homework tool makes
studying a breeze with a search
function that allows kids to efficiently sort through all notes to find
exactly which are relevant. Learn
more at www.flyworld.com.
4. Monitor Progress and
Provide Guidance
Parents should work with their
children to build realistic checklists
outlining what needs to get done
before a looming exam. For example, day one may include rereading
relevant chapters and day two may
include making flash cards. Regularly check in with your youngsters
to ensure they’re staying on track.
Remind them that burning the
midnight oil before a big test isn’t
productive; instead, they should
pace themselves and get a good
night’s sleep.