How to Complete the Process to Register Your Child for... Sarah Heinz House Parent

How to Complete the Process to Register Your Child for a Preschool/Tot program at
Sarah Heinz House
Three Basic Steps:
1. Register the Parent on www.
a. Go to
b. Click “New Account”.
c. Complete information on that page on behalf of the parent (first and last name,
email, birthdate, gender). Enter a password and confirm it. We will never see
your password. You will have to do a simple math problem. Then click “Create
New Account”.
d. In the pop up window that appears, click “Proceed to Next Step”.
e. Check the information (again, it should be the parent’s information – if it is all
correct, click “Proceed to Next Step”. If not, correct it, then click “Proceed to Next
f. Choose your time zone (for us, it is America/New York).
g. If you would like to receive blast notifications from Sarah Heinz House, please
enter your cell phone and carrier (we will only send about things like snow
closures and important reminders). Either way, once added or if you want to
skip this step, click “Proceed to Next step”. (You will have to verify your cell
phone number. Follow the instructions to verify your cell phone.)
h. If all of the information is correct, click “Finish”. If not, click back and correct the
information you need to correct.
i. On your home page, you will see “Account Verification” at the top. Go into your
email and click the link to validate your account.
The parent is now registered in the system!
2. Pre-register your child.
a. You will see your (the parent’s) name in the top middle of the page. On the left
side of the page, Click “Add a child”. This is so you can add your child(ren).
b. Fill in the child’s first and last name. If your child has an email, you can fill it in.
If not, click the box that says“Use an AllPlayers .net email address”. Enter the
child’s birthdate and gender. Choose a password (can be the same as your
password). You will need to solve another math problem. Click “create new
c. Repeat steps “a” and “b” as many times as you need to enter all of your children.
d. When all of your children are added, look in the “Find your Group” section of
your home page. In the “Search” field, type “Sarah Heinz House”, type “15212”
for the postal code and then make the distance “10”. Then click Search.
e. Scroll down to find Sarah Heinz House (we should be the first one). Click “Join”.
f. On that page, click the child you would like to put into the preschool/tot
programs. You will complete steps f through k for all of your children. This is a
one-time thing and you will not have to enter this information again.
g. Select “Preschool or Tot Participant” under “select a role”.
h. Select “SHH Preschool and Tot Programs” under “Select a preferred subgroup”.
i. Check or uncheck “email” or “mobile phone” based on your preferences. If you
use the same cell phone number as before it will ask you to enter a different cell
phone number.
j. Click “Proceed to Next Step”.
k. Fill out the information on the next page for your child. In the sections, siblings,
allergies, surgeries and medical conditions, if your child has none, write “none”.
l. Click “SHH Preschool and Tot Programs”. Save this link to your “Favorites” on
your web browser to find it easier on the day you register your child or see
Your child is now “pre-registered”!
3. Register your child on Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm or later.
a. Go to:
b. Sign in to your account using your username and password that
you previously created.
c. Scroll down and click the group your child is registering for this session.
d. On the left, click “register for this group”.
e. Click your child’s name and select a role (participants - $35). Select email or
phone depending on your preference.
f. Click “finish”.
g. If you are done adding groups, click “Pay all” and follow the instructions below.
If you are adding another group to the first child or adding another child and
their groups, click “groups” on the top right and select “Sarah Heinz House”. (If
Sarah Heinz House isn’t listed, click the link above to go back to the main page.)
Continuing adding groups until you are done.
h. When all of your groups are in there and you are ready to pay, click “pay all”.
i. Click “Checkout”. Follow the other instructions to finish your payments
(including your credit card information).