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29 November 2013
Future of our Pomona Campus – votes are in….
All Year 4, 5 and 6 parents at our eight (8) main feeder cluster
primary schools have been given the opportunity to vote on
which one of four (4) options they would prefer for the
organisation of our Cooroy and Pomona campuses from 2015
onwards. Readers of our Newsletter would be aware of the four
1. Leave things as they are – Year 7, 8 and 9 offered at
both campuses
2. All Year 7 and 8 students at Pomona, Year 9,10,11
and 12 students at Cooroy
3. All Year 7,8 and 9 students at Pomona, Year 10,11
and 12 students at Cooroy
4. Sell Pomona campus – all students in all year levels at
The initial count shows almost 80% of respondent parents are
in favour of either option 2 or 3, with the vast majority of these
favouring option 2.
A full report will now be prepared for the Minister for Education,
and we look forward to his decision in the near future, to
provide some certainty for our school, and time for us to initiate
all changes that may be required ready for the start of the 2015
school year.
Farewell to our Year 10 and 11 students for
Today, Friday, 29 November, is the last official day for
attendance of students in Year 10 or 11. I wish each of these
students a happy holiday, and thank them for all their efforts this
It was disappointing this morning to see quite a few students
at school, but dressed for the beach or skateboard park, who
told me their parents said it was alright for them to miss today’s
Just to clarify – Year 10 and 11 students all should have been
at school today unless ill – it is important that parents support
the school, particularly with regard to attendance requirements.
Thank you to the vast majority of parents who do this, and
who are prepared to have the conversation with their teenagers
when they want to do the wrong thing – rather than give in to
them. In the long term, it is important that our young people
develop a responsible attitude to their obligations, and indeed
to the Law.
Junior Summit awards….
It was really good to see so many students, parents and
teaching staff from our cluster primary schools at our Hall on
Monday afternoon to see the work of their students in our 2013
Junior Summit program. I was very impressed with what they
have been doing this year, and also with the confident way they
could explain their work and even speak from the stage about
their projects.
I am delighted to say that we have nearly 150 applications for
the 80 or so places in next year’s programs – this is a great
way for some of the best and brightest students in Years 6 and
7 in 2014 to work with some of our teachers, get to know our
school and develop productive friendships with similar students
with similar interests from other local schools.
Sincere thanks to our organising teachers, our mentor teachers,
supporting primary school principals and teachers, supporting
parents – and, of course, the students themselves who are a
joy and a delight.
Kindest regards to all
What a fantastic year for our Year 11s. Next year will be even
Planning has already begun for our senior jackets with most
students already having selected their size and nickname.
Jacket design is still being finalised, but we are down to two
designs that will cost around the $85 mark, so make sure that
you save over the holidays! We aim to have them by April at the
latest to get maximum use.
Before we know it the formal committee will be selecting our
theme for this year’s graduation. Stay tuned for information if
any parents are interested in supporting this great event.
Take care during the holidays and see you next year.
Bernard Weekes
Year 11 Coordinator
Finally, thank you to the Primary School staff, parents and
students for your overwhelming responses to our Junior
Summit program applications. Obviously the success of this
program this year has enticed more students to apply for 2014.
This program was showcased last Monday afternoon with a
fantastic parent support for our awards ceremony and expo.
The work on display from our Junior Summit students was
of a very high level. I would like to congratulate all students
involved in our inaugural year, particularly the winners of the
faculty prizes. We are currently meeting with the local Primary
Principals to sort through the many impressive applications for
If you have any questions about the enrolment procedures or
any other events in the Junior Secondary School, please feel
free to contact us at the appropriate campus.
With less than three weeks to go, it is important that the Junior
Secondary students continue their high standards in their
academic work, behaviour and presentation until the final day.
Students have been reminded of this each week on their year
level parades. It can be a draining time at the end of a busy term
and we would like all students to finish strongly. The final day of
school is Friday, 13 December, with final reports sent out in the
first week of the holidays.
During the next couple of weeks quite a lot of exciting activities
are occurring:
• The annual Year 7 Orientation Day is on Tuesday, 10
December for our new enrolments into Year 8 for next
year. We currently have over 200 students starting
with us at the Cooroy campus next year, and over 50
at the Pomona Campus. All students will meet their
Year 8 Home Group teachers and classmates on this
• The final Junior Secondary School Formal Parade will
be held on Wednesday, 11 December during Period 2
to recognise the special efforts during Term 4. The
Pomona Campus will hold a school parade on
Wednesday afternoon to farewell Year 9 students.
• The Student Report Reward (SRR) excursion is on
Thursday, 12 December at the Caloundra Roller Rink
and Kings Beach for a fun day of ice-skating and
beach activities. This semester we have 40 Year 9
students and 56 Year 8 students who have qualified
for this incentives-based excursion to reward students
on their outstanding effort and behaviour from their
Term 3 and 4 reports. Students who were eligible
received a letter to invite them to the excursion this
Over the next few weeks, the Junior School team will be
analysing the current Year 8 results and talking with their core
teachers about learning styles. From this, there could be some
movements in and out of some of the ‘themed’ classes for
2014. If any parent has a request for a move for Year 9 in
2014, please contact us at the school so we can discuss any
changes. All Year 8 students will be contacted before the end
of the year if they have been moved from their ‘themed’ class.
Murray Gordon
HOD Junior Secondary
Cooroy Campus
Lyndel Zagami
HOD Junior Secondary
Pomona campus
Term 4 has concluded as well as all assessment for all subject
areas. I hope all students have completed their assessment
tasks to the best of their abilities. Results for Year 10s will be
distributed to students in the next few weeks. Students should
have an idea of their results before Christmas Day. Hopefully,
the results on these reports will match your student’s SET Plans
ready for an industrious, successful Year 11.
The Year 10 cohort this year, other than being the largest,
has also been full of challenges concerning some students and
their behaviours. This has almost clouded my judgement on the
quality of the cohort but luckily I was able to view and decide on
the academic dux and awardees before the Excellence Night.
This broadened my view and I have come to better know the
excellent, co-operative students who are part of this Year 10
cohort. I am looking forward to moving forward with this year
level as Year 11 Co-ordinator next year.
With these students in mind, I would like to briefly mention
that with a new Leadership structure in our school next year
we will be inviting potential leaders for Year 11 to nominate in
Term 1. These 25 student leaders will then be invited to an
excellent camping experience in Term 4 with Year 10 Leaders
(25 students) as well. The camp is named “Emu Gully”, which
you are welcome to research, and from my previous experience
with other secondary schools I firmly believe it is one of the
best Leadership Camps in Queensland, theming its activities
on historical adventures encountered in our Armed Forces. This
will bring out the best in our future current leaders for 2015.
One last request as we head into the Christmas period is if
parents/guardians could ensure that school uniform be worn
for the 2014 year. If you will be purchasing new uniform items,
in particular shoes, over the holidays, can you please make
sure that they are black leather or suede. They should not be
boots. Also, the school uniform policy states that students are
to wear only one small stud as a facial piercing. Facial piercing
and make-up is not encouraged as part of the school uniform
but these issues have taken a lot of our time at our Student
Services Faculty this year. Year 11 is a very important year that
does not need to be interrupted with consequences for uniform
Merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year and thanks to all
the parents of the Year 10 students for your support with the
many projects and presentation nights this year.
Respect is all about treating others (and yourself) with
compassion and love. Albert Einstein summed this concept up
brilliantly, “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is
the garbage man or the president of the university.” A good way
to see the world!
Bridge Muir
Yr 9 Coordinator
Staying Safe
Chris Powell
Year 10 Coordinator
A value which I believe underpins the way we should all conduct
ourselves is RESPECT. This is a value about which I have
spoken to the Year 9 students on a number of times at parades.
Respect is the cornerstone of society, without it society would
not function. School rules and legislation around the world is
based upon respect. We need to respect ourselves and our
property, other people and their property, and our environment.
Life would be pretty miserable without respect.
The concept of respect evokes different perspectives that are
dependent on relationships, attitudes and endeavours. Respect
is easy to demand of others, but it can be difficult to freely
and consistently give. In some cases, hearts, minds, words and
actions need to change to develop a culture of respect. At
Noosa District State High School, I like to think that we strive
for a culture of respect and it is something I challenge my Year
9 students to consider and take on during their last few weeks
at school before the Christmas break.
Year 9s should respect themselves by wearing the correct
uniform, ensuring they are meeting (and exceeding) their
teachers’ and own expectations with their school work and
study leading up to their exams. They should respect their
teachers and friends by maintaining positive relationships and
following the school rules. The Year 9s should value and
respect the unique natural environment we have at Noosa High
by keeping their classrooms and playground tidy, and treating
the equipment and facilities we have at NDSHS with care.
As we farewell our senior students for the holidays it is timely
to reinforce the importance of keeping safe over the break.
During the year in our Activate lessons we have endeavoured
to educate students in understanding how they should act in a
safe and respectful manner. We have addressed issues such as
safe partying, effects of drugs and alcohol and the appropriate
use of social media. It is important parents stay vigilant in
monitoring what your children are doing in this long break and
that student’s act as responsible bystanders if they have a
friend needing support. If there is a need to get help there are
organisation like United Synergies who will be operating over
the holidays.
Uniform Policy
Please find attached the school uniform guidelines. Generally
students and parents are working with the school to present
themselves appropriately for a work context, however there are
some areas where the standards of student presentation are
not appropriate.
The biggest problem is the modification of the girl’s skirt. Please
read the policy where it states skirts are to be to the knee.
Many parents are allowing their students to cut their skirts off to
unreasonable lengths- not appropriate for a work environment.
It is our Year 10 and 11 girls in particular who are not adhering
to the guidelines. Many students and parents have said that
they will be getting new skirts and I request they DO NOT cut
them off.
Some boys are wearing non-school shorts. It has been brought
to our attention that boys would like an elasticed short. At
present the Uniform Committee are looking at alternatives with
an elastic waist. In the meantime it is important boys wear the
correct school short.
A reminder - Canvas and cotton shoes are not acceptable for
Workplace Health and Safety. This year we also have seen
a number of students wearing boots. Please consult Uniform
Guidelines for appropriate footwear.
I would like to thank our Year Level Coordinators for all the fine
work they have done this year supporting the students in their
respective year levels. We are saying goodbye to Rob Gibbs
who has been the Year 12 YLC. He has been a supportive
member of the team and we thank him for the work he has
done over the last two years.
We would like to welcome Jess Haisty to the team as she
takes up the role of Year 8 YLC for next year. All the other
coordinators will be moving with their year levels:
Year 9- Jeff Sprecker
Year 10- Brigid Muir
Year 11- Chris Powell
Year 12- Bernard Weekes
Souvenir Sale
We have souvenirs left over from the 50th Jubilee now at a
reduced cost. If you are interested in any items you can call H
Block on 54722204 or the school payment office. Please see
attached the flyer for items for sale.
Liz Garbacz
HoD Student Services
The scholarship will support a local student with tertiary and
study related costs. The successful applicant will receive
funding of $5,000 for one year and depending on academic
performance, the scholarship will be renewed to assist the
second year of their study.
Noosa District State High School principal, Chris Roff said he
was delighted with the news that another NDSHS student will
attend university next year, thanks to the generosity of the bank.
“This will be the second year this scholarship will be awarded
and we’re delighted to be chosen as the school who will give a
student the opportunity to take their dreams to the next level.
Last year, the inaugural scholarship was awarded to local lad,
John Noble. He will soon enter his second and final year and
is doing very well in his chosen field, which is great news. This
years’ winner will be a very lucky and worthy recipient. We’re
also very happy to strengthen our relationship with Geoff and
his team at the Cooroy Community Bank branch - it’s a great
initiative,” Mr. Roff said.
Applications are invited from eligible students from Monday, 2
December 2012 on line at www.bendigoadelaide.com.au/
scholarships and will be assessed in January 2013 after the
application period expires on January 24. The lucky recipient
will be announced in time to put the funds towards set up
costs for university study.
In the meantime, brochures are available from NDSHS
reception or by visiting the Cooroy Community Bank branch
at 36 Maple Street or by calling 5447 7131. The Cooroy
Community Bank Scholarship is part of the Bendigo and
Adelaide Bank Scholarship Program, with more than 100
Community Bank branches and other partners taking part
across Australia.
Media enquiries: Ian Williams 0437 017 835
One Year 12 student from Noosa District State High School will
soon be adding to their graduation celebrations.
Well known for its support of the annual Australian Business
Week (ABW) activities, the Cooroy Community Bank branch of
Bendigo Bank has now pledged its support to one local student
when their new scholarship program application period opens
in early December.
Branch manager, Geoff Edwards said providing support to a
local student to further their tertiary education was part of
the Community Bank branch’s commitment to the school and
building a stronger community.
“The high cost associated with tertiary study can have a
significant impact on a young person’s ability to further their
education. Because of this, some may not get the chance
to achieve their academic dreams without some help. The
scholarship is designed to assist regional and rural students
planning to attend university for the first time in 2014,” Geoff
‘’Our Cooroy Community Bank branch is proud to support
local youth by furthering their education and easing some of
the financial pressure on the recipient and their family. Maybe
one day our community will benefit directly from the skills and
knowledge they bring,’’ he added.
Geoff Edwards from Bendigo Bank is joined by Chris Roff and
Stacey Daveson from NDSHS and many of the hopeful Year
12 scholarship recipients
Last week, a keen group of students from Years 8 and 10
participated in an ‘Appropriate Construction’ workshop run by
a group of engineering students from Queensland universities.
This activity-based workshop was focussed on humanitarian
engineering, in particular the construction of ‘floating house’
models, within the context of the floating villages in Cambodia.
‘Engineers Without Borders’ is a not-for-profit organisation
whose aim is to improve the quality of living of disadvantaged
communities through education and the implementation of
sustainable engineering projects.
Their visit to our school, as part of their High School Outreach
program, allowed students to understand the many roles of
an engineer, gain an insight into problems facing developing
nations and gain an awareness of the need for global
sustainable development. The hands-on component of this
workshop involved groups of students problem solving to
design and create a ‘floating house’ according to certain
available materials and their associated costs meeting a strict
budget, simulating real-life issues. Many creative ‘houses’ were
constructed, with the most well-designed decided by the
number of marbles (villagers) their ‘house’ could contain without
sinking. We look forward to the possibility of further EWB
workshops next year!
H6 will be open at big lunch until Week 10 for student Yali
collection. The Yali will not be available for collection outside of
You must present your signed off clearance form to receive
your Yali.
Clearance forms must be signed by your YLC and the office
and library staff.
Students with outstanding uniforms, consequences, fees or
items owing to the library will not receive a Yali.
Noosa District State High School Year 12 students dressed
up like glamorous celebrities to mark the end of their high
schooling at their Hollywood themed graduation and school
formal on Thursday, November 14.
214 students walked across the stage in the school hall and
collected their Year 12 certificate of completion.
Noosa District State High School Year 9 Pomona students
participated in a transition day on Tuesday, 19 November which
prepared them for Year 10 at the Cooroy Campus.
The Pomona students met with Year 9 leaders, Year 10
students who attended Pomona in Years 8 and 9, and Year
10 Events Management students who helped with orientation
around the Cooroy Campus and provided them with an insight
into schooling at Cooroy.
The Pomona students met with Student Services Head of
Department, Liz Garbacz who explained the support on offer
at the Cooroy Campus and School Nurse, Kay Thompson
outlined her important role at the school.
The students were transported by buses to their formal evening
at the RACV Noosa, where they enjoyed delicious gourmet food
and took to the dance floor to bust some of their finest moves.
A highlight of the evening was the photo booth, where the
students took the opportunity to try out a variety of poses with
the range of props on offer including oversized glasses, plastic
weapons and photo frames.
Teachers, bus drivers and the RACV Noosa staff were
impressed with the way in which the students conducted
themselves on the night.
The last day of school for the Year 12 students was Friday,
November 15.
Noosa District State High School wishes our graduating class
much success with their future endeavours.
A highlight for the Pomona students was a treasure hunt around
the Cooroy Campus, which required them to find specific
classrooms and locations around the school.
Year 10 Coordinator Chris Powell and Year 10 students cooked
a barbeque morning tea for the Pomona students, providing
them with sustenance before they visited some Year 9 elective
subject classes.
The Pomona students met with elective subject teachers and
were encouraged to interact with Year 9 Cooroy students who
will be their classroom peers in 2014.
The Yali will be available for collection from Monday, November
25 at big lunch in H6.
Hot pancakes and free dress enabled the students of Noosa
High to raise over $1000 for the disaster relief in the Philippines.
With the help of some local Rotarians in the school’s Interact
club, it was a case of the young and young at heart working
together for a good cause.
The student leaders rallied support cooking from 7am and
many students lined up for pancakes and donated their change
while some just threw in a $10 note. Their generosity will make
a difference as 1 Australian dollar converts to 40 Peso, allowing
the students a grand total of over 40 000 Peso to be put into
the disaster relief.
With the disaster claiming over 5000 dead and families still
searching for food and water, this money will provide over 20
families food and shelter packages through CARE Australia.
Grade 10 Bronze Duke of Ed Camp –
Pumicestone Passage
The boys finally got to participate in their assessment
adventurous journey as part of their bronze Duke of Edinburgh
award. The trip was rescheduled due to poor weather but the
group got lucky on this trip experiencing low winds and fine
Noosa District State High School Japanese Department took
delivery of a large rock weighing around 7 tonnes, which will
become one of the focal points of the school’s Japanese
garden. The garden is designed to create an outdoor learning
environment for students studying Japanese as well as add to
the beauty of the school environment.
Japanese teacher Mr Michael Turner and his students have
been assisted in its creation through the help of the Japanese
teacher aide Risa Sensei (whose father is a Buddhist priest);
the students have adapted their learnt principles of Zen in the
garden’s design. The rock was donated by the Gerard family.
Local company Bonnell Brothers Landscape Supplies used
earth moving equipment and a large truck to transport the rock
from Black Mountain to Noosa District State High School’s
Cooroy Campus. Staff at Transpacific Cleanaway also provided
The delivery of the giant rock created much excitement around
the school.
“We started a rumour that a large meteor landed in our
Japanese garden. Many came running from all across Cooroy
to see it,” Mr Turner said. The rock’s name is “ Kuroyama
Oishi,” – the great Black Mountain rock. “With the rock in place
we can now begin working on other projects in the garden,” Mr
Turner said.
The Japanese garden’s development is due to many weekend
working bees, generous donated goods and a lot of time,
energy and love put into the project from Mr Turner and his
An early start on Wednesday morning saw the boys load all
gear, boats and fuel and heading down the highway by 6.30am.
Our destination was the Beachmere boat ramp where the boys
unloaded four tinnies, motors and supplies in preparation of
our journey North up the Pumicestone Passage towards
Caloundra.. The highs schools support craft “Serranid” was in
company acting as a safety boat.
Day one saw the group work on marine navigation skills and put
into use rules of the sea learnt in theory lessons back at school.
It was evident there were different levels of experience amongst
the group with some boys tackling the open water of Deception
bay with ease whilst other were obviously a bit apprehensive.
We made our way to the southern end of Bribie Island and
proceeded up the passage. This is a heavily trafficked area and
the boys had to be extra diligent with rules of the road and
channel marker navigation. They made their camp at Mission
Point Bribie Island at about 2.00pm. Here saw camp set up for
the next two days.
Day two saw the boys on the water for more boat handling
skills, navigation and a spot of fishing. We made our way up
a section of the Passage called the Skids to the mouth of
Coochin Creek. This is a complicated section requiring careful
navigation and route finding through the narrow channels. By
the end of the day all the boys showed signs of improvement
and all could readily use channel markers to navigate safely in
the narrow channels.
Day three saw an early start and a trip up the remaining
passage to the finish point at Golden Beach Caloundra. All in all
a great trip and we were treated to smooth water and wonderful
scenery with the glasshouse mountains providing a majestic
backdrop for the whole trip.
“We hope this project will give students a sense of respect for
their working environment,” Mr Turner said.
Great news also from our sister school in Kyoto Japan. Their
teachers have emailed us to tell us how well Nicole Gannon
from our Year 10 class is doing in her time at our sister school.
It makes us proud to think of her meeting the challenge by
working hard, making friends and fitting in to a very different
environment. Well done Nicole!
We are in the middle of assessment for Year 8 French this
week. All Year 8 French students have been presenting their
models and speeches about their dream houses. Students
had to write a speech in French describing their dream house
and then build a diorama, (flat plan or powerpoint) or other
presentation of their choice. Here are a few photos from
Monday’s group of students.
Univserisity of Southern Queensland
Griffith University
Early offer scheme – UQ Ipswich
France Trip News
We now have 11 students for the France Trip for September
2014. Very shortly the booking will be made, so if there is any
student still interested who has not yet paid a deposit please
contact Miss Sparks in B Block.
Candice Sparks
French teacher
The Sunshine Coast Public Health Unit has been notified of a
confirmed case of Whooping Cough (Bordetella Pertussis) in a
Year 8 student attending Noosa District State High School –
Cooroy Campus.
For more information click on the buttons below:
The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus is offering Year
12 students in state and non-government schools within the
Ipswich region and Western suburbs of Brisbane the chance to
obtain guaranteed entry into its degree programs in 2014.
The Early Offer Scheme has been introduced to provide
simplified entry procedures (securing access to the Campus)
to these students, to assist them in their transition to
post-secondary education.
The Scheme provides benefits to these Year 12 students by
offering them a place at one of Australia’s leading universities
and helping them to reduce the stress often felt by secondary
students in securing enrolment in their chosen degree. The
Scheme reflects the commitment by The University of
Queensland to students in Ipswich and the surrounding region.
These students will also be able to take part in a special
familiarisation program for the Ipswich Campus.
Federal State School is helping the people of the Philippines
after the recent devastation of the typhoon.
Calculations may change slightly and some students who do
not currently qualify for youth allowance may begin to qualify.
Any qualification for Youth Allowance means that student gain
access directly to equity scholarships. Centrelink manage this
program of scholarships.
We are currently taking donations of sheets/clothes/shoes to
help out. One of our parents will be travelling to the Philippines
in early December and would like to take donations of clothes,
shoes and sheets to the Philippines.
If you are able to help please bring your donations to the
Federal State School Admin Office, 40 Middle Creek Road,
Federal 4568. Ph: 5480 8600 during school hours 8am-4pm
before December.
So far we have received many bags of items. Please no
furniture just shoes, clothes and sheets.
Thank you
Federal State School
Mrs Bronwyn Rolstone-Wood
Administration Officer
Universities offer scholarships for students. Some of these are
related to academic ability however others are based on
different criteria around income and equity. A range of links are
provided below about scholarships at some institiutions.
Centrelink Youth Allowance
Centrelink Healthcare cards
Students at the end of Year 12 begin to qualify for the above
card independantly of their parental income. This card may give
some discounted rates at TAFE and also allow students to
generally gain bulk billed doctors appointments and reduced
cost medications.
If you need information about the early entry scheme and
scholarships at other institutions search the institution’s web
site to find further information or see the Guidance Officers
at school for further information. Please see Centrelink at the
end of the year to check on your students eligibility for Youth
Allowance and Health Care Cards.
University of Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
Free Breast Cancer Screening in
Eden Rehabilitation Centre
50 Maple Street, Cooroy
25 Nov – 11 Dec 2013
All women aged 40 years and over are invited to attend this
free service.
Women aged between 50-74 are strongly encouraged to
A doctor’s referral is not required.
Phone 13 20 50
Anyone using or thinking about using the service is reminded
that it is still a trial and passenger numbers play a key role in the
continuation of this route.
Flexilink operates slightly differently to ordinary public transport
services—passengers must book their seat two hours prior to
travel by calling 1300 511 163. Suncoast Cabs operates the
service to a schedule, however if there are no bookings, the
service does not run, making it cost effective and relevant to
community needs.
There are no designated stops along the route. At the time of
booking the operator will advise you when and where along the
route they can pick you up safely. If you require a wheelchair
accessible vehicle, please advise the operator at the time of
Trips on Flexilink services cost just $2, or $1 for Concession/
BreastScreen Queensland is the only nationally accredited
breast cancer screening service in the State. Appointments
are one-to-one with a female health professional and with
state-of-the-art equipment, and they take only 30 minutes.
Having a regular breastscreen every two years is the best way
to detect breast cancer early and gives you a better chance of
successful treatment and recovery.
BreastScreen Queensland also offers free breast screening
throughout the year in Noosaville.
For bookings or further information phone 13 20 50.
If you have any questions regarding the SEQ Bus Network
Review please contact TransLink External Affairs by email at
[email protected] or phone 07 3338 4438.
If you have any unused uniforms at home and would like to sell
them through the uniform shop, please send them in. Turnover
of second-hand items have been reasonably quick and
especially at the start of the year with the new enrolments. So
pop the items through the washing machine and send them in
with your student or bring them in and you may get some extra
money for the up-coming holiday break!
Share your home with an International student.
For your opportunity to be part of this cultural exchange
experience please complete this form and return to Noosa
District State High School.
The Lake MacDonald to Cooroy trial Flexilink service has been
extended until 31 December thanks to funding from the Public
Transport Levy.
Kari Porter | Project Officer | TravelSmart Sunshine
Check the school calendar on the left of your newsletter page.