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How to setup Tag-based VLAN on VigorSwitch G2240
VigorSwitch supports features of Tag-based VLAN (802.1q) and Port-based VLAN, 256 active
VLANs and VLAN ID 1~4094. VLAN configuration is used to partition your LAN into small ones
as your demand. With proper configuration, you can not only improve security and increase
performance but greatly reduce VLAN management. The following example shows the Tag-based
VLAN configuration with the frame tagged by specific VID ingress and out port 9.
1. Setup VLAN mode as Tag-based and click Apply.
2. Add a new VLAN group with VID 5. Click the Add new VLAN button.
3. In the Create VLAN Group page, please check Port 9 ~ 16 to join such group (VID 5) and
click Apply.
4. Now, VID 5 with specified Port Members will be shown as follows.
5. Click the Ports function to modify the PVID as 5 and modifying the Port 9 as Trunk for tagging
VID when the frame sent out the port.
6. Allow tagged frame onto Port 9 by checking the Ingress Filtering box and select tagged on
Frame Type.