How To Properly Transport Your Vehicle VEHICLE TRANSPORT

By the frame
By the axle
BK AH5210DR-K2
Around the tire
BK TH047
Over the tire
BK TH051
Through the wheel
BK TH050-K4
How To Properly Transport Your Vehicle
Understanding Basic Car Tie Down Assemblies
By the Frame – From the onset of mass vehicle transportation
in the early 1960’s until 1990, all cars and trucks were
transported by inserting a specialized hook into a designed
hole in the underbody frame. Proper tie down required the
use of a chain and a ratcheting mechanism to mechanically
pull the frame down to the deck of the transport. In doing so,
the vehicles suspension is compressed and is held in place
with the suspension locked. Today, strap tie downs equipped
with the same frame hooks, make it much easier than the
conventional chain systems.
Larger vehicles such as SUVs, large pick –ups, and trucks
are usually best suited for the frame tie down. Consider the
location of the frame hole in relation to the anchor point
on the trailer. If there is suitable clearance and proper angle
(no greater than 60 degrees), this should be considered as
a suitable device.
By the Axle or Control Arms – This popular method of
transporting sports cars, race cars and older vehicles with
single straight axles, allows the secured vehicle to ride on it’s
own suspension. VULCAN offers individual axle straps in 22”
and 36” lengths, separate snap hook tensioning straps, as well
as complete kits for proper and safe vehicle tie down.
Around The Tire – For more conventional trailers where
installation of the track is not feasible, VULCAN introduces its
newest car trailer tie down TH040 system. The TH040 is ideal
for trailers with outboard anchor points. This system is great
if you have a need to trailer different size vehicles; the design
fits just about any size tire from compacts to SUV’s.
Over the Tire – Three-cleat straps have become a mainstream
product for securing almost any automobile for transport.
Several systems are available through Balkamp. An excellent
option for low clearance vehicles is the TH051 system. This is
the ideal system for commercial car hauler trailers with “pooch
deck.” The pooch deck is an aluminum or metal platform that
sits underneath vehicle. The holes in the deck serve as anchor
points for the strap. Once in place, the strap simply wraps
around the tire. The ratchet device can be placed behind or in
front of the vehicle. Once properly in tightened and in place,
the tire becomes like a part of the deck. It’s as easy to use as a
standard ratchet strap.
Through The Wheel – Perhaps the simplest form of auto
tie down is the VULCAN through the Wheel TH050 system.
Designed originally for exotic imports, this system has proven
very versatile. Excellent for any vehicle with smooth wheels,
the non-abrasive straps can be fed through the wheels and
tensioned to any outboard anchor point. These products are
common for use on flatbed wreckers and adapt perfectly to
open car-hauling trailers.
Remember, always consult the vehicle owners manual for proper tie down
and towing locations on your vehicle. Always secure any automobile by
four points. Only use assemblies designed for the purpose of hauling an
automobile. Get your vehicle where it needs to go safely.
T ie D own Assembl ies
Adjustable Loop Car Tie Down Kit
Patent pending pocketed cross strap adjusts to fit any tire, from small cars to large trucks.
Unique patent
pending tire cleat
makes installation
a snap
Patent Pending Pocketed Cross Strap Adjusts To Fit
Almost Any Tire From Small Cars To Large Trucks
• Fits almost any tire, attaches easily to anchors on your deck
• Self-Adjusting basket snugs around the tire for quick loading
• Cross-strap pockets for fine adjustment of loop strap position
• Patent pending “four-way” rubber cleat for secure tread grip
• Soft harness reduces the risk of vehicle damage
• Vehicle rides on its own suspension, eliminating shock transfer
• Thick yellow webbing is cut and UV resistant
• Complete it includes 4 loop straps, 4 ratchets with snap hooks & storage bag
• Set of two replacement straps also available
• Meets or exceeds all DOT specifications
Note: Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.
Complete Car Tie Down Kit (4 straps & 4 ratchets w/snap hooks)
Adjustable Loop Straps Only (Set of 2)
Axle Tie DownCombo Straps
Easy Way To Secure
Vehicle Axles
• No more fumbling around
under the vehicle
• Snap hook end loops
around the axle
and clips back to the D-ring
• Ratchet end attaches to your deck
for quick tensioning
• Twisted snap hook with spring loaded latch
• 9.5' length for additional clearance
and easy positioning
• Available with snap hooks or chain tails
• Standard assemblies include thick yellow
webbing that is cut and UV resistant
• Includes free cordura wear pad to extend product life
• Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations
Includes storage bag
Note: Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.
AH5210DR-K2 Set of 2 Combo Straps
Complete Axle
Tie Down System
Includes Four Axle Straps And Two Ratchet Straps
• Complete kit designed to haul large or small vehicles by the axles
• Includes two 22" and two 36" axle straps
• Two snap hook ratchet straps for quick, secure hook ups
• Flexible 1-ply axle straps include full body wear pads
• Thick yellow webbing is cut and UV resistant
• Complete kit includes (2) 22" axle straps,
(2) 36" axle straps, (2) 8' ratchet straps
and (1) reusable draw string storage bag
• Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations
Note: Always secure any vehicle for
transport by four points.
storage bag
Complete Axle Tiedown Kit (complete set)
Includes 4 ratchet
buckles with heavy
duty snap hooks
Exotic Car Tie-Down Set
The Only Way To Secure Valuable, Low Clearance Vehicles
• Specifically designed for low profile vehicles with exotic rims
• Harness has virtually no metal parts, reducing the risk of vehicle damage
• Long 12’ straps to get away from the vehicle for easy, damage-free tensioning
• Bold, professional look is ideal for high-end towing applications
• Standard assemblies include thick yellow webbing that is cut and UV resistant
• All hardware is plated to resist the elements
• Straps available in sets of 4, or as a complete set of 4 straps and 4 ratchet
buckles with snap hooks
• Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations
Note: Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.
Standard Exotic Car Tie-Down Straps (4 straps)
Standard Exotic Car Tie-Down Straps (4 straps & 4 ratchets w/snap hooks)
Universal “Fast-Strap”
Frame Hook Tie Down
Twisted T/J Combo Hook Fits Into Any Vehicle Frame
• Secure connection between the vehicle and trailer deck
• 72" long strap allows for easy positioning
• T/J combo hook fits any vehicle frame transport hole
• Unique twisted head for easy frame hole entry
• Forged alloy steel for extra durability
• Buckles with snap hooks mate easily with D-rings
• Thick yellow webbing is cut and UV resistant
• Factory welded coupling links are strong and durable
• Meets or exceeds all DOT specifications
Note: Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.
T/J Tie Down Strap w/Snap Hook Ratchet (72")