SLS How to set up a guest account to photocopy

How to set up a guest account to photocopy
About this Guide
This guide shows you how to use the online guest
registration service for photocopying at the library.
1 Go online
2 Type in your details
3 Register
Go online
Type in your details
Go online and visit this web address:
Type in your name and email address into the first two
fields on the screen.
You’ll then need to create your username. You can
choose your own username, but bear in mind it will be
prefixed with ‘guest-‘.
Click on the 'Register
here for guest
photopying' link.
When your have entered all your information,
click Register.
Your account will now be created.
Use the username and password you created to add
credit your account at one of our pay stations.
Next, create your password.
You can then log in with these details to the terminals
next to the copiers and start copying.