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The Newspaper of Riverside High School and its Community
30 June 2006
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Mrs R House
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Uniform Sales 8:30-1:00pm
Science/Engineering Challenge
Rock Music – Camp Clayton
Gr 8 Performance Techno Bully 2pm
Uniform Sales 8:30-1:00pm
AFL Trip to Melbourne
Uniform Sales 8:30-1:00pm
Uniform Sales 8:30-1:00pm
Australian Maths Competition
Staff have been busy this week looking at student
progress under the three key elements of the Essential
Learnings which are being assessed this year. This is in
preparation for the Federal government’s A-E report
card and our own mid-year reports, and whilst the
news in the media this morning indicates that changes
are likely, we will be proceeding as planned for mid
year assessments. In many cases there will not be a
change from the ratings gained at the end of last year.
Parents will have noticed that there is not a great deal
of ‘room to move’ within 5 standards from Kinder to
Grade 10. In some cases students will have moved
their rating either up or down, and whilst we would
want students to be moving forward, this does not
always happen in the 6 month period (4 months of
teaching time) between report cards. In addition, there
are factors which affect student progress. Often
students take time to adjust to new or more demanding
levels of work which they may experience in going
from one grade to another. This is especially so from
Grades 6 to 7 and from Grades 8 to 9. Often too, social
disruptions come into play and these can be to do with
school, home, sport, friendship groups and the like. In
addition, December was the first time that Tasmanian
teachers reported student progress using the key
element progression markers and I know that we are
more confident about using them this year. Please
remember that we will have a parent-teacher evening
Ms A Markham
Ms C Franke
Mr Jared Stocks
Grade 7:
Grade 8:
Grade 9:
Grade 10:
Mr R Lewandowski
Mrs G Phair
Mrs D West
Mrs C Elliott
the week after reports go home and I strongly urge you
to make a time to speak personally with teachers. If
this is not possible, email or phone are both good
options. I am also available at any time; please call the
main office for an appointment.
There are some great things happening at school next
week. Student teams are involved in Australian
Business Week, which actually started at the end of
this week (thank you to our mentors who are giving
their time for this); outdoor education excursions are
heading off to Ben Lomond; our music students are
about to embark upon the annual Rock Music Camp at
Turners Beach; and the 2006 Science and Engineering
Challenge gets underway on Friday. In addition
Fashion Parade rehearsals have commenced and winter
sport rosters are continuing in earnest. It is wonderful
to be able to offer so many opportunities and even
more pleasing that so many students seize the chance
to make the most of what’s available!
Congratulations go to a number of students who are
excelling in the sporting arena. First of all, splendid
news for Liam McGrath (9C) and Jack Edmondson
(9D) who will be representing Australia at the World
All Style Martial Arts International meet on the Gold
Coast from 29 June till 3 July. This is a wonderful
achievement for both boys who practise many hours
and now have the chance to test their skills against the
best in the world. Go Liam and Jack!!
Well done also to students representing Tasmania in
forthcoming Australian Championships. Ben Webb
(10F) and Tom Claridge (9G) are travelling to
Brisbane from 21 July to compete in the U/16 Football
National titles, whilst Nicole Papageorgiou (10B) and
Alecia Blair (10B) will be competing in the Under 17
Soccer Nationals in Coffs Harbour from 5 July. Good
luck to all athletes!
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In staff news, whilst Mrs O’Shannessey is Acting
Assistant Principal for Ms Diplotti (on leave), Ms
Batty will be acting in the Senior Teacher role and Mrs
West will take on the Grade Co-ordinator role for
Grade 9.
Our redevelopment news this week is that the
conditioning room annexed to the gym is nearing
completion and should be ready to use as the students
change to their second course choices at mid-year.
Weight Training students will be the first to use the
room and we will be eagerly awaiting their opinion.
Our new locker area is also almost complete and the
school colours on the outside certainly brighten up
what was a dull space. The first floor of the music area
will be the next change to become visible within the
next couple of weeks. It certainly is exciting to see
these changes!
(Mrs) Roxanne House
On Thursday 22nd of June, a group of Grade 9 students
gathered at the University of Tasmania and had the
once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting the
Australians of the Year for 2006. The winners for 2006
were Toni Hoffman, local hero, who stood up for her
beliefs and ensured patients’ advocacy in her role at a
Bundaberg hospital; Sally Goold, senior Australian of
the Year, who was the first indigenous Australian to
become a qualified nurse and Professor Ian Frazer who
discovered a vaccine for cervical cancer. It was an
interactive forum where the students had the
opportunity to have their many questions answered by
the guest speakers. It was fantastic to be able to gain an
insight into these great minds, and we all learnt a lot
about their experiences. We would like to thank Ms.
Batty for enabling us to listen to these inspiring
Kristie Giblin, Grade 9
Giuseppe Hobson sells icecreams; only cones, but with
each cone you get two large scoops, with twenty
flavours to choose from.
How many choices does that provide?
The best written solution, showing how you arrived at
your answer, will win a prize.
Please bring to Room B19 – Mrs L Nuttall
WOW DAY 2006
Grade 9 students will be participating in World Of
Work (WOW) Day on 6 October, Term 3. Students
have found this day to be exceptionally valuable in the
past. Some students have gained part-time work as a
result of the skills and understanding gained. Many
students come away from the day with a better idea of
what they are interested in and hence increased focus
and determination is the overriding outcome.
The organisation of such a day will take considerable
time. Students will be required to approach a business /
industry / service provider of their preference and
determine if that employer would be interested in
participating in WOW Day. The student is to then pass
this information onto their Home Group teacher and
official permission forms and invitations to participate
in the program will be sent out.
This program has been successful in the past due to the
commitment of the employers in the Launceston area.
We look forward to their continued support.
Ms Donelle Batty, Grade 9 Co-ordinator
Riverside High School is piloting an innovative new
project. The project aims to improve the nutritional
intake of school students in order to promote good
health and prevent diet-related health problems.
What is Wicked Vegies!?
The Cancer Council Tasmania will implement a
nutrition-focused project Wicked Vegies! in Tasmanian
schools, over two years (2006-2007). The project,
which started this year, aims to contribute to the
reduction of obesity and other diet-related health
problems by promoting increased consumption of
vegetables and fruits.
Who is the project for?
The project is particularly suitable for high schools
interested in promoting fruit and vegetable
consumption, where Home Economics is part of the
school curriculum.
What does the project aim to achieve?
By encouraging increased consumption of fruit and
vegetables, Wicked Vegies! aims to improve the
nutritional intake of school students in order to
promote good health and prevent diet-related health
Why should your school participate in Wicked
A comparison of children’s eating habits between 1985
and 1995 show that children are eating more energy in
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the form of cereal based foods (like pastries, cakes
biscuits, muesli bars, pizza, pies), confectionary and
sugar-based products.
Fruit and vegetable consumption is a national issue
with many Australians eating below the recommended
intake of both fruit and vegetables. The National
Nutrition survey (1995) identified that the
consumption of fruit and vegetables amongst children
and adolescents fell way below the recommendations.
As well as the nutritional benefits of eating fruit and
vegetables, health benefits include a protective effect
and prevention of chronic diseases such as heart
disease, stroke, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity
and certain cancers.
It is well known that dietary habits established in
childhood are likely to be taken into adult life. With
diet related disease continuing to rise in Australia it is
imperative that good eating habits are established early
in life. The Wicked Vegies! Project intends to support
the establishment of such healthy practices.
Eat Well Tasmania
The Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc
The Department of Education
The Department of Health and Human Services
(The Community Nutrition Unit)
National Heart Foundation (Tasmania)
Who can help and support the school in the project?
Contact Persons:
Glen Paley, Wicked Vegies Project Officer
Kay Gunn, Health Promotion Coordinator, TCCT
The Cancer Council Tasmania, 180-184 Collins Street,
Hobart 7001
Phone: 6233 2375
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
(Mrs) Rita Cawley, Co-ordinator Wicked Vegies!
Riverside High School Working Group
How does the project link to the school curriculum?
Wicked Vegies! engages students in investigating,
designing and producing snacks or meals that are fast
and easy to prepare. Whenever possible locally
produced fruit and vegetables are the main ingredient.
The Essential Learnings Curriculum requires students
to develop understandings about health and wellbeing.
Through the key element outcome Maintaining
wellbeing students will understand the interdependence
between the dimensions of wellbeing and how their
choices contribute to the overall wellbeing of
themselves and others.
Wicked Vegies! Partnerships
The Cancer Council Tasmania is supported by partner
organisations in the planning, development and
implementation of the project. These include:
Outdoor Education Ben Lomond Ski Exc (AJ,AB) (7:30am departure)
Grade 9/10 Australian Business Week (ABW) 28/6-4/7/2006 (AC)
Grade 9/10 Fitness Applied, Theogenes (RG) Pd 3 & 4
Grade 9/10 Catering, Cataract Restaurant (RC) 11:40-1:10pm
Grade 9/10 Fitness Applied, Hoblers Bridge to Home Point (RG) Period 3 & 4
All Schools Cross Country at Symmonds Plains
Grade 9/10 Australian Business Week (ABW) 28/6-4/7/2006 (AC)
Outdoor Education Ben Lomond Ski Exc (AJ,AB) (5:15-5:30pm back RHS)
Grade 9/10 Australian Business Week (ABW) 28/6-4/7/2006 (AC)
Grade 9/10 Sport – as rostered Period 5 & 6
Uniform Sales 8:30 – 1:00pm
Rock Music Camp Clayton (7:30 for 8:00am departure)
Outdoor Education Ben Lomond Ski Exc (AC, CE) (7:30am departure)
Grade 8 Self Defence, Beach House Fitness (DW) 1:30-3:00pm
Grade 8 Striking Games, Casino (AJ) 1.30-3.00pm
Grade 9/10 Science Engineering Challenge Elphin Sports Ctre (WB) 9:30-3:15pm Rock Music Camp Clayton (4:30–
5:00pm arrival back to RHS)
Outdoor Education Ben Lomond Ski Exc (AC, CE) (5:15-5:30pm back RHS)
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