How To Set Network Sharing for  Amiko SHD‐8900 Alien 

 How To Set Network Sharing for Amiko SHD‐8900 Alien Netw
work Mountiing on Amiko
o SHD‐8900 Alien e Windows P
PC omputer and
d browse to tthe desired ffolder to be sshared ck on the deesired folder,, and select PProperties (o
or press Alt+Enter) erties, go to SSharing, and click on Advvanced Sharing nced Sharingg, enable the
e „Share this folder” optio
on, and set a
a Share Nam
me for the sha
ared folder.
can be different tthan the folder’s name, however for easier installaation please do not use any speciaal character, such
h as ’á’ or ’ä’, or sspaces. www emissions de Premissio
ons, add a use
er that can aaccess the Sh
hared folder. er the user haas been adde
ed, select thee user, and ccheck to Full Control – A llow ur Alien Main Menu > Settings > Net Settings >> Network Haard Disk o 6 different network shaares on Your Alien, by sw
witching betw
ween Networrk Drives (U: / V: set up up to
: / Y: / Z:) the Service TType to CIFS ut: Your Shaare Name (whhich has been set o n Your Windows PCC) o
o The IP address of yo
our Windowss PC o The Username (which hhas been set to havve Premissions for thhe Shared folder)
o The Passsword for the Windows U
Username (this is optional) www 3. Select Sttatus, and seet it to Active
e 4. If all setttings were co
orrect, you sshould see A ctive in the SStatus: Now Yo
ou’re able too view the ne
etwork drive, in the File LList: sible problem
ms: ‐ Yourr firewall is b
blocking the ccommunicattions betweeen Your PC an
nd the Amikoo SHD‐8900 A
Alien ‐ Yourr Windows crredentials (U
Username) arre containing
g special cha
aracters (suchh as ’á’, ’ä’, ’’~’, etc…) ‐ The selected useer does not have premissiions to accesss the desired
d folder www