Supplier Partnership Opportunities In: Expectations

Marshall & Ilsley
Corporation strives to
create mutually beneficial
business partnerships
with businesses owned by
minorities, women, and
disabled veterans.
We recognize that working
with a wide range of suppliers,
consultants, and professionals
strengthens the communities
we serve.
Our commitment is to actively
promote a healthy social and
economic environment for both
the company and its small
business partners while
leveraging the diversity of
our clients, suppliers, customers,
employees and stakeholders,
regardless of race, gender,
cultures, religion, age, nationality,
disability, or sexual orientation.
Our corporation strives to work
with our customers, suppliers,
and employees in a fair and
ethical manner.
Supplier Partnership
Opportunities In:
• Information Technology
• Professional Services
• Facilities
• Construction
• Travel and Entertainment
• Marketing Services
• Operational Supplies
How to Qualify
To be eligible as a diverse supplier partner, a
business must be a for-profit enterprise of any
size, be physically located in the U.S., and be
51 percent owned, managed, and controlled
by one or more individuals who are minorities,
woman or service disabled persons.
To become a Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
supplier, you must complete the online Supplier
Registration Form. Go to
M&I purchases a variety of products and
services for over (400) locations nationwide.
Our suppliers demonstrate business practices
that mirror M&I’s commitment to quality.
We expect that our suppliers will have the
capability to provide quality goods and
services, at competitive prices and deliver on
time. Our suppliers are expected to conduct
their businesses in an ethical and professional
manner; thereby building a partnership that is
honest and mutually beneficial.
• Your application will be entered into our
supplier database.
Certifying Agencies
• You will receive an e-mail confirmation that
our Supplier Registration Team received your
• National Minority Supplier Development
Council (NMSDC)
Registration Process
For the purposes of this definition, a qualifying
enterprise would be at least 51 percent owned
by persons who are:
• African American
• Hispanic American
• Native American
• Asian/Pacific Islander American
• American Women
• Service Disabled Veteran
Certification is a necessary element of our
diversity endeavor. To qualify, you must be a U.S.
citizen and certified by a third party agency as an
organization that is owned by a minority, woman
or service disabled veteran.
• Your application will be given consideration
when a sourcing event is initiated that your
company could potentially fulfill.
Completing the registration process does not
guarantee that your company will receive
a request to bid or a contract from Marshall
& Ilsley Corporation, nor does it imply that
your company has any type of procurement
relationship with Marshall & Ilsley Corporation,
now or in the future. Supplier relationships
are established through a fair and competitive
selection process. This process is designed to
ensure optimum quality service and value for
Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, its customers,
clients, and suppliers. Information provided by
your company for this registration will be treated
in a confidential manner and will be subject
to reasonable and prudent safeguards against
improper disclosure.
• Women’s Business Enterprise National
Council (WBENC)
• The Association for Service Disabled
Veteran Suppliers (SDVS)
• National Women Business Owners
Corporation (NWBOC)
Message from the CEO
For over 160 years, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
has been committed to providing its customers
with superior products and services. Our ability
to do so is based on the expertise of our M&I
associates, the strength of our product line,
and our mutually beneficial relationships with
business partners in the communities we serve.
About M&I
The Marshall & Ilsley Corporation is a diversified
financial services corporation headquartered in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin with over $57 billion in
assets. M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank is the largest
Wisconsin-based bank. In addition, M&I has
locations in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Florida,
Minnesota, Indiana and Nevada.
M&I also provides trust and investment
management, equipment leasing, mortgage
banking, asset-based lending, financial planning,
investments, and insurance services from offices
throughout the country and on the Internet at M&I’s customer-based approach
has made it a nationally recognized leader in the
financial services industry.
Marshall & Ilsley Corporation stock is traded on
the NYSE under the symbol “MI.”
©2010 Marshall & Ilsley Corporation Member FDIC 10-966-004
These business partners include a large network
of suppliers that help ensure we have the
resources we need to provide our customers
with the level of service they have come to
expect from M&I. Working with suppliers that
offer the best blend of price, quality, and service
enables M&I to remain competitive in a rapidly
changing financial services industry.
We strive to ensure that the diversity of our
supplier base mirrors the diversity of the
communities we serve. Therefore, M&I is
committed to developing mutually beneficial
relationships with locally owned companies
that share our philosophy of doing business,
including our commitment to The Golden Rule –
treating others as we would want to be treated
ourselves. As a result, we’re able to provide
our customers with the exceptional level of
service they have come to expect from M&I and,
ultimately, that’s good business for all of us.
Mark F. Furlong
President and CEO
Committed to Supplier Diversity
and the Community