Points update 8/20/11

Points update 8/20/11
The Mini Stock cars were corrected from the week prior, in the posting yesterday. I had added a
duplicate column of points to because of the cars that failed tech inspection. I removed the duplicate
column prior to doing the pionts this week. Sorry for the confusion and if you have any questions please
let me know.
One young lady in particular left the race track Saturday night with a whole new outlook on life. Thanks
to each and every one who donated their time, money and kindness so that Autumn Waff could have a
night to always remember. She had a great time and had no idea that she would be riding around the
track in a race car, waving the green flag for the start of a race, launching balloons with the hope for a
cure for cancer, and receiving a most generous gift of money from the racing family at Raceway 5. We
were happy at the start of the night when we raised $125 from the balloon launch, only to be taken back
at the generosity of the fans and drivers with the passing of the helmets which collected over $580! To
top it all off, Jim and Annette Mazur added the extra to make it an even $1,000 for 12-year-old Autum
When it comes to victims of cancer, we all have a soft spot in our hearts because of lost loved ones or
watching a friend or family member go through the treatments to get better. It is not fair to see them
suffer, especially young children.
So, a huge thank you goes out to all attendees at the track on Saturday night, the Mazurs, the
announcers who made her feel special, the drivers that collected for her, Ferris for showing her around,
Bill Weller for the awesome ride, and her friends and family that surrounded her with love.
We will keep you posted on her battle in the future. For now, she is undergoing treatments at Strong
Golisano's Children's Center, starting Football Cheerleading and she looks forward to going back to
school soon.
We did manage to raise $253 for the American Cancer Society as well through the pink ribbon collection
in the pits. Thanks to Sarah and Theryn for their donated time as well. We are truly blessed and extend a
sincere thank you to all!
Jay and Brenda Cox and Autumn Waff
The Farnsworth Racing Family
New clay Equals Great Racing at Raceaway5
Eleven new loads of clay on the track this week and boy did it pay off. It’s only fitting that they clay was
red, cause the track was on fire last night. Jim and Annette Mazur are looking to the future. One effort
to give the track a legitimate chance of succeeding over the long haul is adding clay to the track.
Everyone knows, you need to keep the fans coming back to be successful. To do that you need to
provide some great racing. Well the track took another big step in that direction with the new racing
Countless hours of track prep this week and there was definitely more bite in the track. Talking with
several drivers, they were all pleased. Some even mentioned that they had to adjust on the car to keep
it from pushing for the feature. Very little dust, held the moisture and provided more grip than Jim
holding onto a dime.
On AJ's Automotive, Marx Signs and Designs. American Cancer Society Night, cars battling on the track
was not the most important battle. There was a beautiful eleven year old girl names Autumm who was
there. She is currently battling brain cancer and shows more bravery than all drivers combined. There
were balloons and stickers for sale to help raise money for Autumn’s family to help offset the cost of the
The Super Stock driver went through the stands with their helmets and I am very proud to say that
between the drivers and fans, they raised just over $700. Oh and we weren’t done yet. Jim and Annette
Mazur stepped up and made it an even $1000. Its nights like this that makes me proud to be associated
with the track and family. Well the family I have no friggen choice and usually deny it with a passion. But
the fans and drivers really know what it important and dug deep to help a family out.
Special thanks goes out to number 69 Street Stock driver Bill Weller who started the night driving
Autumn around the track in his race car for a couple laps. I’m sure Autumn will remember that well into
her nineties. I would also like to take a quick moment to wish Annette’s father Jim a speedy recovering.
I’m sure the nurses are also routing for the “speedy” part. Jim too has put in countless hours helping and
painting everything from the guard rails to himself.
Then it was time for some racing and Autumn got to wave the green flag to start us off. The Mini Stocks
were the first to take to the track and Sara Johnson was able to hold of all challengers and win the first
heat race. I would like to add that the top three drivers were all girls tonight. I say that for all you ladies
out there that are thinking of racing and don’t think you can hang with the boys. Next up were the
Street Stocks and Doug Jones along with John Gagner were first to cross the line in their heats. At this
point we’re thinking, “hey, the track is holding up and these cars look fast.
In the Bandit’s class, Carl Stevens won his first heat of the season. Can I get a whoop whoop. the video.
Tyler Walker won the Sprint heat while Jon Rivers (big shock) and Tommy Kemp took the checkers in
their Late Model races. When it was the Sportsman turn, Ricky Newton and “Zeke the Streak “ were
After the Late Models drivers went through the stands collecting money for Autumn and her family, it
was time to strap in and hold on for the feature events. Tonight the Dickinson’s Auto Service Mini
Stocks were the first feature of the evening. Val Stephens started outside pole and in typical fashion; she
took off to lead the first lap. Tonight she could not shake the 94j of Sara Johnson though. Sara tried for ll
laps to get around Val. Finally on the last lap, coming out of turn 4, Sara was able to take her Lightning
Chassis Mini Stock to her first feature win. Hand still in a cast from a wreck in turn in July didn’t slow her
down a bit. Sara really wanted to thank her family who has been so supportive and encouraging all year
long. You go girl!!
It was the Yassess Trucking and Construction Street Stocks were up next. This would turn out to not
only be one of their best races, but one of the best features of the season in my opinion. It was Doug
Jones in the 87 car that came from the seventh starting spot who was able to get to the finish line first
though. After a few initial cautions in which the drivers were learning how to deal with the new grip,
they settled in and got racing. Ron Mogavero started on the pole but it was Byron Dewitt that led the
first four circuits. Mark Loveland was right there the entire time until he was finally able to get by. No
leader had it easy to night with someone right there trying to take the spot away. Mark and eventual
winner Doug Jones were nose to tail or door to door for 14 laps. Behind them, Bill Weller and Butch
Zimmerman put on one of the best shows of the evening. Bill would be right beside him in the corner,
but Butch was able to pull away on exit. This went on for over half the race. The 20 and 53 cars, 75x and
the 24 and so on and so on. It was hard to find what race was the best to film and we learned, that grip
it a good thing
The A-1 Self Storage Bandits came out and Cameron Vargo started on the pole and led the first lap.
Mikaela Rivers was able to get by him and led the next 5 circuits until the 57 of Carl Stephens finally
worked his way around her on lap 7. Carl was able to keep his Visual Impact, Paulys Pizza, Mini Stock
out front for the final trips around. It was nice to see Carl back on the track and with the support of his
family, Carl could be around for quite some time yet.
For the Original Pizza Logs Sprints, it was Mickey Ciliberto taking his first feature win on the season.
Mickey has piloted his 20c sprint machine to 3 runner-up finishes, and it was nice to finally break
through. Mickey started on the pole but was passed by Adam Tiffany who was able to hold the top spot
for 11 laps. That until the restart on lap 12 and Adam took the green flag and drove straight into the pits
with an apparent mechanical issue. From there it was all Mickey and his 20c car that led the final laps to
the checkered flag.
It was the Johnnys Bar 360 Late Models turn and they did not disappoint. It was Brian Kotarski in his
new car that led the field to the green flag. Brian showed that the new car was just as fast as the old one
as he led up to lap 8 when Jon Rivers finally got by after another great battle. Brian brought out the
second caution of the event with a flat tire, but came back out before the green and rocketed back up to
finish fourth. Tonight was Jon’s night when at times he led the pack by nearly a straight away. The ABW
Electric, Pro-Speed car was hooked up and Jon demonstrated again, that he is one of the best drivers
out there.
A special note about Tommy Kemp and the # 28 car. Tommy has notably had one of the roughest
seasons of any driver. Between more flat tires than politicians have empty promises, accidents not of his
doing and the occasional mechanical issues, Tommy had only finished on the lead lap twice this year.
Tonight like most nights, his car really fast. However finally some good luck came his way and he was
able to take the Monster Energy Drink, Alice’s Place to a second place finish. A special thanks from
Tommy to his parents and crew for all their time and effort.
To finish the night up, out came the Grease Lightning Sportsman. At the start of the feature the clouds
were rapidly moving in and it real lightning was in off of the south and east. That helped make the
decision to cut the feature to 20 laps for fan consideration and safety. It was Ray Smith in the 22t getting
by the car of Gary Donelly to lead the first 13 laps with the 12z trying everything to get past. Once Ray
Bliss was able to make the pass he was able to hold of the 22t car and take the Rockers Delight, Bliss
logging machine to Victory lane.
In closing I would like to say that so often in the past, a new promoter comes in and does the same old
thing that was done for years. It’s so refreshing to see new promoters come in and continually strive to
make improvements week after week. The Mazur’s and track staff are never satisfied and want the fans
and driver alike to come to a local track and enjoy what they love doing. They are determined to make
Raceway5 one of the best track around, and are willing to put in the serious effort needed to make it
Giddy up!
A note from Saturday's Sponsor
This week's race at Raceway 5 is sponsored by AJ's Automotive and Marx's Vinyl Signs & Designs. The
sponsorship is not only a way to help out the Mazur Family and their new adventure, but also to bring
awareness to a terrible disease that has touched all our lives – Cancer.
The American Cancer Society is an organization that relies on donations in order to find a cure and offer
support for local programs that cancer patients benefit from. This week we will be fundraising for a
great cause during the races but also bringing special perks to the drivers who will be providing our
entertainment for the night. We will be selling pink ribbons for the cars in order to be included in a
random draw for additional purse money. We will also be honoring a local teenager who is currently
battling cancer on a daily basis. Together, we can make a difference for one person and acknowledge
that we all have memories of loved ones that have suffered because of this non-discriminating disease.
Each and every life is worth the effort and donation. We look forward to a memorable night!
Results from August 13th
Once I receive the pictures I will put them up on the site
Dickinsons Auto Service Mini Stock Feature Winner
Sara Johnson won her first feature event tonight at Raceway5. Sara tried for ll laps to get around Val,
and it finally happened on the last lap. Coming out of turn 4, Sara was able to take her Lightning Chassis
Mini Stock to her first feature win. Hand still in a cast from a wreck in turn in July didn’t slow her down a
bit. Sara really wanted to thank her family who has been so supportive and encouraging all year long.
Dickinson Auto Service Mini Stock
Car #
Sara Johnson
Val Stephens
Chris Leon
Rich Zellner
Samantha Burch
Darryl Carnes
Tom Urban
Yasses Trucking and Contruction Street Stock Feature Winner
It was Doug Jones in the 87 car that came from the seventh starting spot to finish first. Mark and second
place finisher Mark Loveland were nose to tail, or door to door for 14 laps. This was anything but and
easy victory. This is Doug's second feature win this year, and a well deserved one.
Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stock
Car #
Doug Jones
Mark Loveland
Butch Zimmerman
John Gagner
Bill Weller
Ron Mogavero
Matt Pfalzer
Mark Green
Pat Power
Dave Bansmer
Andy Bunk
Bobby Dickinson
John Zimmerman
Byron Dewitt
Steven Austin
Darryl Moyer
David Downs
A-1 Self Storage Bandits
Carl Stephens was able to notch his second feature win tonight. Carl started 5th on the field but was
second by lap 3. He was finally able to catch and pass Mikaela Rivers on lap 7 and on for the checkers.
Carl wanted to thank his family and sponsors Visual Impact, Paulys Pizza
A-1 Self Storage Bandits
Car #
Carl Stephens
Brian Monahan
Mikaela Rivers
Cameron Vargo
Riley McPherson
Original Pizza Logs Sprint 600 Feature Winner
Mickey Ciliberto (it really was him this time) finally made it to Victory Lane tonight. I say "finally"
because Mickey has finished 2nd three times this year. Mickey started on the pole but lost the lead to
Adam Tiffany. After a lap 12 caution that saw the leader go the the pits on the restart, Mickey took over
the top spot. Great Job Mickey and crew.
Pizza Log Sprint 600
Car #
Mickey Ciliberto
Keith Heater
Adam Tiffany
Tyler Walker
Cory Grenzy
Johnny's Bar 360 Late Model Feature Winner
Jon Rivers won another feature tonight at Raceway5. Jon started fourth but weaved his way through the
field to lead on lap 8. After a couple laps the race was for second place as Jon's car was really hooked up
tonight. This will help pad his points lead as the 012 managed a 5th place finish. Some of Jon's sponsors
are Pro-Speed and Cheez's Racing Engines.
Johnnys Bar 360 Late Model
Car #
Jon Rivers
Tommy Kemp
Jim Johnson
Brian Kotarski
Dave Dubois
Jason Bridges
Carl Shetler
JJ Mazur
Bob Babbitt
Rich Hale
Grease Lightning Modified Feature Winner
Ray "Zeke the Streak" Bliss won another feature tonight on the new clay. It took Ray Bliss over half the
shortened (20 laps instead of 25) feature race to pass Ray Smith for the lead. Finally was able to get the
top spot though on lap 14. This will definetely add to his already commanding points lead over the rest
of the field. Some of Rays sponsor are Bliss Logging, Home Town Video, and Everman Farms.
Grease Lightning Modified
Car #
Ray Bliss
Ray Smith
Ed Cain
Dan Norton
Matt Richmond
Rob Richmond jr
Don Merriam
Tony Pangrazio
Gordon Hermanson jr
Gary Donnelly
Chris Brown