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How To Setup Scanning to Network Folders 1. Create your network Share or browse to the share you would like to use so you know the path. For this example I created a folder called “Scans2” on the root of the “C” drive and shared it with administrators and domain users. 2. This is the folder path for the Scans2 folder. 3. Now open the Sharp’s web interface by typing the IP address into a web browser. Click “Address Book” on the left, then click “Add.” 4. Change the Address Type to “Network Folder.” Fill in the criteria like it is below, but pertaining to your network, then click “Submit.” 5. To enter an Email Destination, leave the Address Type on “Email” and fill in like below, click submit when finished. 6. The address book with the two different types of destinations is displayed. The user will choose which one they’d like the scanned document to go to from the panel. 7. From the machine’s touch screen, go to the “Image Send” mode at the top. Choose which destination the document needs to go to (it can broadcast to several if you choose) then touch the Start button. 8. If any changes need to be made to the file format, touch “Condition Setting” after choosing the destination. Changes to the file format, resolution, color made, original settings (2-­‐Sided originals for example), etc can be done from here.